No Pro Needed: 6 Concrete Repairs You Can Fix on Your Own

Don’t let concrete’s durability and strength fool you; it’s easier to work with than you think! With the right products, you can handle your own concrete repairs with ease. This content has been brought to you by Quikrete. Its facts and opinions are those of
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Tough Stuff, Easy Fixes

Concrete repairs can seem intimidating. Most concrete structures, whether they’re stairs, a patio, or a wall, are big and give some DIYers the impression that a pro is needed for the job. But, if taken for what they are (small problems, of course), most repairs are well within the wheelhouse of the average DIYer.

Knowing the proper techniques and having the right products on hand will ensure that these repairs are simple fixes. Quikrete has easy-to-use products that specifically target different concrete problems. Check out the following repairs to learn about which you can handle and what Quikrete products you need to get the job done.

Stop Leaks in Basement Walls

Water leaking through a crack in a basement wall is sure to incite panic in any homeowner. But don’t worry, with Quikrete Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement you can put a stop to active leaks before any major water damage can occur. The high-strength formula forms a putty-like consistency when blended with water that makes it quick and easy to patch cracks—it sets in just three to five minutes. After a week you can paint over it, so there’s no evidence you ever even had a leak in the basement. And if you doubt its capability, it’s even suitable for concrete swimming pools!

Watch this video to see Quikrete Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement in action.

Resurface a Tired Patio

Concrete is incredibly tough, but the elements do take their toll on its surface. Oxidation from the reinforcing steel within, along with rain and freezing temperatures, and just general age can cause spalling or chips in the surface. Give your patio a fresh look with Quikrete Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer. Rather than having to tear out and replace an old patio (a costly project that might require professionals), by applying this special blend of cement on top of the existing concrete it’s possible to make thin repairs to the surface, so it looks like a brand new patio. Best yet, the process is easy. Check out this video for step-by-step instructions on how to apply Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer.

Fill Vertical Cracks in a Foundation Wall

No one would blame you for feeling nervous about a crack in a foundation wall (after all, it does hold up your house). But a crack in a concrete surface is a fairly typical problem, and there’s a product designed to solve it. Quikrete Advanced Polymer Non-Sag Sealant is suitable for vertical applications like foundation walls, as well as masonry materials, including poured concrete, block, and brick. It works quickly, too, permanently sealing vertical cracks in 20 minutes.

Watch this video to check out what it can do.

Fill and Seal Cracks in Front Walkway

Cracks occur in sidewalks for a variety of reasons, including freeze-thaw cycles, ground movement, and improper pouring conditions. Whatever the reason, it’s important to fill and seal those cracks to keep bugs, grass, and water out. Quikrete Advanced Polymer Sealant is ideal for the job, as it’s textured to blend with the sidewalk and adheres well to masonry surfaces. All you need is a caulk gun to dispense the sealant. Once dry, it forms a flexible bond between cracked surfaces to allow them to shift without breaking the seal.

Seal the Driveway

For a surface that sees a lot of abuse from vehicle tires, grease, snowplows, and other hazards, driveways are responsible for a lot of a home’s curb appeal. Protect your freshly poured investment from those driveway-destroyers with Quikrete Acrylic Concrete Cure and Seal. This liquid sealant can seal new or existing concrete and protects against acids, grease, oils, food, salt, and more. There are even sheen choices like semi-gloss or satin finish, depending on your preference. Apply the sealant to the driveway using a brush, roller, or garden sprayer.

Repair Crumbling Corners

The corners of concrete steps, slabs, and patios always seem to show the first signs of wear, crumbling over time. While replacing the whole slab might be a massive undertaking, repairing and reshaping the corner isn’t. With Quikrete Polymer Modified Structural Repair mix, you can sculpt and shape a repair to match the existing surfaces. And, since it’s suitable for vertical and horizontal repairs, rebuilding all three planes of a corner is a breeze.