DIY Repurposing

Redecorate Your Home for—and with—Pennies

You can get all the luster of a metallic surface without breaking the bank. The trick? Use pennies. Incorporating the coins into your design as a material can save money per square foot, and because the small copper "tiles" vary in appearance, they create a unique dimensional texture that looks luxurious. It may take some patience to lay out each penny individually, but the resulting statement piece will definitely amp up your DIY cred. So, gather up all those pennies weighing down your change purse or rattling in your car's cup holder, and flip through to see the creative projects you can make with them.

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A Nice Reflection

For an unconventionally gilded frame, consider outlining your entryway mirror with pennies. This blogger adhered $9 worth of coins to a mirror’s plain, flat frame with strong glue as a farewell tribute to the Canadian penny when it was phased out of circulation.

A Horse, of Course

Faux animal heads are a big trend in home decor. Take yours to the next level by covering it with a range of slightly tarnished pennies that, from afar, mimic the coloring of animal skin. Just be sure to properly mount the bust to the wall, because the metal coins will add a lot of extra weight.

Take It for 'Granite'

Granite countertops can cost hundreds—even thousands—of dollars. This kitchen countertop, however, which consists of rows of pennies sealed in a two-part epoxy resin, averaged out to just $7.50 per square foot. Now that’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Alcove Ambitions

An architectural feature found in many homes, an alcove can often present a design challenge for homeowners who are unsure what to do with the shallow space. Here’s a “cents”-able solution: Tile the area with pennies to create a bold, shimmering backdrop that even enhances the cove’s display lighting. 

Dollar Menu

A coating of copper coins can turn a simple papier-mâché base into an industrial-looking piece of art. This apt message required two layers of pennies to cover the narrow lines in the block letters, and then an application of clear spray paint to seal and protect.

A Bright, Shiny Statement

From a distance you would never guess that this luxe-looking desk is simply a plywood construction covered in pennies. Pro tip: Before attaching the coins to the desk with epoxy, dunk each penny in a tarnish-removing solution to bring out its brilliance.

Look for Lincoln

This expansive, penny-tiled floor is the perfect showpiece in the home of a mosaic artist. Upon close inspection, you might notice that each one of the hundreds of coins sits face-up with Lincoln looking in the same direction. The entire installation was grouted and then sealed with a polyurethane floor sealant for protection.