Survive a Small Bath with 10 Space-Saving Organizers

Long on practicality but short on square footage, a mini bathroom can be a major design challenge. Much of small bath is monopolized by immovable fixtures (we’re singing your song, toilet), and wall and floor space may be limited too. So where can you stash all your everyday bathroom essentials? Wash away your tiny-bath woes with these smart storage solutions that you can buy or DIY.

BUY: Hang It All

Shower Storage

This super-efficient shower curtain works overtime as a storage unit. Mesh pockets stow an expansive collection of grooming products while allowing water to drain and air to circulate, keeping your necessities dry and tidy in this functional organization station. Available at Wayfair; $27.99.

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DIY: Basket Case

Bath Toy Storage

Here’s another way to get double duty from a shower curtain rod: Install one within easy reach of the bathtub, hang a few plastic baskets from shower curtain rings, and your family’s bountiful collection of bath toys gets a handy new home.

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BUY: Rack 'n’ Rolls

Toilet Paper Storage

If you’re renting your home (and its tiny bathroom), you need clever storage solutions that won't put a hole in your wall (or wallet)! That's where this clean-lined chrome number comes in handy. It easily hooks over the rim of the tank to keep extra toilet paper within reach. Available on Amazon; $13.64.

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DIY: Stitched Solution

Toilet Paper Roll Holder

This homemade toilet paper holder can squeeze extra rolls into even the tightest bathroom. The clever fabric design ties onto the existing paper holder and adds a touch of pretty pattern to the space.

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BUY: Shelf Life

Bathroom Shelf

A handcrafted wall-mounted unit lends some woodsy chic to a minuscule bathroom along with a hefty amount of storage. Hooks and shelves are neatly combined into one compact, multifunctional piece. Available on Etsy; $85.

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DIY: Rustic Rope

Rope Shelves

Create a charming nautical-themed shelf using cleat-style hooks, rope, and varnished boards. Simple to pull off and entirely practical, it’s a low-budget project that can be customized to fit any open wall space.

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BUY: Instant Hook

Shower Hook

The power of suction allows this shiny hook (sold in sets of two) to hold its load without screws or nails. Use it inside a vanity cabinet to hold cleaning brushes, or stick it on the shower wall to catch wet washcloths. Available on Amazon; $13.99.

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DIY: Shore Thing

DIY Shower Hook

Here, a creative homeowner turned a beach-combing find into a bath hook. Pressed into a blob of moldable silicone glue, a length of coral lends organic style—no drilling required—and provides a hangout for a bath puff or other lightweight item.

BUY: Put This Baby in a Corner

Bathroom Organizer

Designed to be tucked into the teensy nooks and crannies of your average space-deprived bathroom, this shelf unit stows a ton of stuff in a very small footprint. Load it up with extra towels, grooming tools, and bath potions.

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DIY: Streamlined Perfection

Bathroom Shelves

Nothing makes efficient use of tight space like custom-built shelving. With simple white shelves mounted on matching brackets, this DIY project demonstrates how to outfit a small bath with built-in storage and sleek style—and do it all without blowing the nest egg.

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