Thank You For Entering Bob Vila’s 3rd Annual $3,000+ Kitchen Appliance Giveaway!

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Thank You For Entering!

Thank you for entering Bob Vila’s 3rd Annual $3,000+ Kitchen Appliance Giveaway! Now that you’ve entered, click through to read more about maintaining your kitchen. 

Organize Your Kitchen

Any kitchen could benefit from a little re-organization. Check out these 21 brilliant hacks for an organized kitchen, and learn how to minimize the clutter while maximizing surface and storage space.

Clever Kitchen Hacks

Are you feeling a little stir-crazy in your kitchen? You don’t have to take on a complete overhaul to free yourself from its confining style. Instead, read about these 10 kitchen updates you can do in a day. 

Get Your Cleanest Kitchen Ever

During your next cleaning spree, rely on these unusual tips to get your cleanest kitchen ever. You’ll save money while getting a spotless cooking space! 

Would Your Kitchen Pass a Health Inspection?

You may think you keep a clean kitchen, but all of those nooks, crannies, and corners are perfect hiding places for bacteria and other nasty bugs. Check out this slideshow on 11 health code violations hiding in your kitchen