The 10 Most Surprising Things You Can Buy at Sam's Club

Everyone knows about the bulk toilet paper and large bottles of ketchup you can get from Sam’s Club. But a lot of people don’t realize that the popular chain offers a much wider selection of products. From cool gadgets to fine jewelry there’s a lot you can snag from Sam’s Club—even if you don’t have a membership. Check out these 10 seriously surprising buys you can get from the wholesale club.

Patio Furniture

Inexpensive Patio Furniture

The best metal patio furniture lasts for years and years. The catch? It usually doesn't come cheap. That said, shopping at Sam's Club sometimes turns up exceptions. For instance, though priced under $100, the Soho Leisure Set pulls no punches in construction quality. From the lounge chairs to the ottomans to the side table, each piece boasts a fully welded steel frame, topped with a long-lasting, rustproof powder coat to preserve the bright, bold finish (your choice of Mango or Teal). In other words, you get a lot bang for the buck, and no small amount of casual summer style. Available at Sam's Club; $99.97.

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Aerial Drone

In the technology section of Sam’s Club, shoppers will find the Parrot Mambo Minidrone. The gadget features two fun accessories: a “Cannon” that shoots lightweight pellets, and a “Grabber” that lifts objects that weigh less than four grams. Control the drone from your smartphone via an app connected with Bluetooth Low Energy, and perform acrobatic tricks with the advanced flight controller. The Parrot Mambo Minidrone provides high-tech fun for the whole family! Available at Sam’s Club; $119.88.

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Sporting Goods

Outdoor Sporting Goods

When you stop by the wholesale club to grab trail mix for your next weekend adventure, take a detour to the store's outdoor sporting section. Sam's Club has plenty of outdoor gear to inspire your wanderlust, such as the Lifetime Payette, designed especially for beginner kayakers. The surprisingly lightweight boat is outfitted with convenient handles, making it easy to haul out of storage and to the waterfront. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, these kayaks promise summer after summer of lakefront fun. Available at Sam's Club; $599 for two.

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Leather Furniture

Leather Sofa Sam's Club

Thanks to this big-box store's unbeatable prices, you can afford to furnish your living room with more luxurious pieces for little more than the price of IKEA furniture—and no one would be the wiser. Take this oversized chair and storage ottoman set from Abbyson Living: The rich color and sheen of its bonded leather upholstery make it an extremely attractive—not to mention comfortable—addition to a living room or study. Available at Sam's; $399.

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Electric Fireplace

SEI Electric Fireplace

Who'd ever think you could purchase something as intangible as coziness from a wholesale shopping store? An electric fireplace delivers just that in both warmth and character. Much more charming than a standard space heater, this model from SEI boasts a classic wooden mantel with oak finish as well as a brick interior that encases its very realistic firebox. You'll quickly forget that you're warming up not by an ordinary fire but by a plugged-in heater and LED bulbs guised as artificial burning logs and their glowing embers. Available at; $449.

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Engagement Rings

Sam's Club Engagement Rings

Everyone knows that Sam's Club is the perfect place to score deals on groceries and home essentials, but did you also know that the store boasts a wide array of luxury jewelry at bargain prices? From diamonds to sapphires, from princess cut to solitaire, you'll find almost as much variety here as at a traditional jeweler. These are no Cracker Jack rings, either; some cost upwards of $50,000! Available at Sam's Club; from $249.

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Innovative Tools

Worx Leaf Blower

You wouldn’t necessarily expect to find outdoor maintenance equipment for sale at the same store you go to for laundry detergent, but Sam’s Club frequently offers deep discounts on products from the top tool brands. Case in point: the Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Muncher & Vacuum from Worx. Boosted by a powerful, high-capacity fan that shares the same underlying technology as a jet engine, the electric three-in-one combo gives you three good ways to clear twigs, leaves and other debris off any outdoor surface, be it your driveway, patio, pool deck or small lawn. Available at Sam's Club; $129.86.

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Home Office Equipment

Affordable Home Office Equipment

If you’re trying to create a functional workspace, look no further than your nearest Sam’s Club. The warehouse chain sells everything you need for a home office, including filing cabinets, desks, computers, scanners, and printers—like the Epson Expression Home XP-434 Small-in-One All-in-One Printer. It relies on wireless technology to print directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Users will love the printer’s individual ink cartridges, built-in memory card slot, and 100-sheet paper capacity. Available at Sam’s Club; $39.88.

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Hot Tubs At Sam's Club

Shopping at a Sam's Club usually involves navigating crowds, long check out lines, and a busy parking lot—not exactly a vision of relaxation. However, your favorite warehouse store might hold the secret to at-home R&R—thanks to their selection of spas and hot tubs that can turn your backyard into a peaceful retreat. One of the most popular options is the Everlast Prosperity Spa, which boasts a full-body lounger, two captain’s chairs, and a total of 55 jets that provide hydrotherapy from head to toe. It has room for up to six people, but after a day of shopping you might want to keep it all to yourself. Available at Sam’s Club; $3,999.00.

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Activity Trackers

Fitbit Charge 2

Wearable technology, especially devices that monitor your health and fitness, has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years. If you’ve been itching to hop on this trend, take a walk through the electronics section on your next trip to Sam’s Club. While the store isn’t selling these products in bulk, they do offer great deals and special offers. When you purchase the Fitbit Charge 2 bundle—which tracks your steps, measures your heart rate, guides your breathing, and more—it comes with an additional strap, an accessory that is usually sold separately. Soon you’ll be able to see all the steps you rack up as you shop up and down the aisles of the massive store. Available at Sam’s Club; $129.88.

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