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The Best Place to Buy a Rug for Your Home in 2023

Shop for bold, room-transforming rugs or pretty, neutral floor coverings in every shape and size at these top rug retailers.
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The Best Place to Buy a Rug Options


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A new rug can make a big impact and bring instant personality to home decor. These stylish floor coverings are among the easiest and most affordable ways to add color and texture to a room.

There’s a rug out there for every floor, but the abundance of choices can make rug shopping seem overwhelming. This list of the best places to buy a rug helps to narrow down the choices so you can find the perfect floor covering. Read on for the top places to buy a rug for any space, budget, or style.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: Ruggable

1. Ruggable

Known for: Ruggable’s main draw is its machine-washable rug designs; washing a Ruggable rug is as easy as detaching the rug pad and throwing it in the washer.
Editors’ Choice: The Cambria Ruby Rug (available at Ruggable) is intricate but subdued to bring a rich and subtle pattern to any room.

Ruggable carries a wide range of trendy rug designs in a variety of colors and patterns. Its online store stocks everything from soft, fluffy neutrals to flat-weaved boho patterns. While the brand’s pretty patterns are an appealing draw, Ruggable’s main focus is its washable rug design.

The company’s goal is creating gorgeous, clean spaces, and Ruggable’s rugs feature the company’s patented Rug System. Each rug comes in two pieces: a lightweight rug cover on top of a nonslip rug pad. The outer low-pile rug cover is stain resistant, water resistant, and machine washable.

Since all Ruggable rugs are washable, rug materials and textures are limited. However, the company more than makes up for it with an array of colors, patterns, and designs. If you’re searching for a rug that can take a spill, Ruggable is a great place to start.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: Wayfair

2. Wayfair

Known for: Wayfair stocks a huge variety of furniture and decor options at reasonable prices, including a sea of rugs in several designs and colors.
Editors’ Choice: The Mistana Katie Damask Cream/Light Gray area rug (available at Wayfair) is an affordable pick available in over 30 versatile sizes.

Wayfair is a go-to furniture and decor marketplace for cost-savvy shoppers. The popular online retailer sells everything from gorgeous dining room table sets to humble area rugs. Wayfair stocks thousands of brands, which means you’ll find area rugs in endless designs, patterns, materials, and colors. The company carries styles for both indoors and outdoors to dress up all areas of a home.

To narrow down the search, Wayfair has a number of categories and filter options on its website. Most of Wayfair’s rug options are machine-loomed and made from synthetic materials, which helps keep costs affordable. However, those looking for more luxurious rugs can browse the “One-of-a Kind Rugs” section. This section houses Wayfair’s upscale and hand-crafted brands and is just one example of the various rug types available at Wayfair.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: Rugs USA

3. Rugs USA

Known for: Rugs USA has thousands of rugs in on-trend designs—plus fast shipping times and a 30-day return policy to make sure you find the right pick.
Editors’ Choice: The Blue Distressed Herringbone Area Rug (available at Rugs USA) has a classic herringbone pattern ideal for a living room, a bedroom, or a nursery.

Rugs USA stocks thousands of internationally inspired rug designs at a variety of price points. The retailer carries rugs for every room of the home and in every size, from small doormats to oversize area rugs.

Rugs USA aims to make decorating affordable and easy. By working closely with factories and artisans, it can offer a vast online selection while keeping wholesale prices. The brand also tries to make finding the right rug simple with fast delivery and a 30-day return policy.

To narrow down the perfect rug for a room, shoppers can sort through rug options in their online store by color, style, and size. And for those in the market for lighting or seating, Rugs USA also sells lighting and poufs.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: Revival

4. Revival

Known for: Revival makes it simple to find stunning handmade rugs from around the world, and delivers them right to your home.
Editors’ Choice: Make your space truly unique with the one-of-a-kind Ady Vintage Moroccan rug (available from Revival), which was hand knotted in Morocco.

Revival brings one-of-a-kind handmade rugs right to your door. The company was founded on the idea that unique rugs shouldn’t cost a fortune. This idea grew into partnerships with artisans, partners, and suppliers to bring accessible handmade rugs from Turkey, Morocco, and India to the U.S. market.

By focusing on the art of handmade rug making, Revival also places focus on quality. The brand carries rugs that are made to last for decades, with a little love and care. For those on the lookout for matching decor, Revival also offers a curated selection of furniture and home goods to complement its floor coverings.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: Target

5. Target

Known for: Target carries a variety of rugs in designs, materials, and brands that are affordable and durable for everyday life.
Editors’ Choice: The Bixel Tufted Rug (available at Target) features a trendy, geometric pattern in a plush material that is machine washable for easy maintenance.

Target has a seemingly endless array of trendy and budget-friendly rug options. Sizes range from small kitchen runners to large patio outdoor rugs in bold, neutral, traditional, or contemporary designs. As a national retailer, its stores stock a range of rug brands, with different materials, styles, and price ranges available.

Known for their affordability and accessibility, Target stores can be found nationwide, or shoppers can browse their varied rug collection online. Target caters to everyday living and their rug options are no different, with a variety of easy-to-clean and durable options made to handle daily wear and tear.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: West Elm

6. West Elm

Known for: West Elm’s trendy and sophisticated design style is present in its rug collection, with a variety of elegant rugs ideal for modern homes.
Editors’ Choice: The Ikat Border Shag Rug (available at West Elm) is handcrafted in India using high-quality New Zealand wool, which gives it a luxurious, handwoven look.

West Elm is an excellent choice for those looking for a modern or a contemporary-style rug. Their rug styles adhere to West Elm’s chic and classy reputation, and they offer a range of rugs for stylish homes. Rugs come in a range of sizes and patterns, with many designs leaning toward a more subdued and clean design.

A number of West Elm’s rugs are handcrafted by global artisans, and the company also offers an ample selection of Fair Trade–certified rugs. The elegant feel of their rugs results in a higher price tag, but the brand is a popular pick for those looking to upgrade their interior spaces.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: Amazon

7. Amazon

Known for: Amazon offers a wide array of decor options, and their rug selection is no exception with thousands of rugs and runners available.
Editors’ Choice: The Tess Cozy Soft & Plush area rug from nuLoom (available at Amazon) is made from synthetic materials to create a plush, affordable, and stain-resistant rug.

As one of America’s most popular retailers for just about anything home related, it’s no surprise that Amazon also stocks rugs. The online retailer carries a wide selection of floor coverings, ready to ship to your door.

As an online marketplace, Amazon stocks countless rug brands, which means varying sizes, materials, and prices. With a bit of searching, customers can find plenty of excellent deals on trendy rugs from brands like nuLoom and Safavieh. While most rugs on Amazon are machine-made, they do come in plenty of colors and textures to provide comfortable rugs without the high price tag. Best of all, many rug retailers on Amazon offer free shipping, making the rugs even more affordable.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: World Market

8. World Market

Known for: World Market is known for its internationally inspired designs, which carries over into their range of bold and eclectic rugs.
Editors’ Choice: The Multicolor Diamond Tufted Wool Tangier Area Rug (available at World Market) is handcrafted with a mix of bold colors to make a cheerful centerpiece in any room.

World Market was created in the late 1950s to fill shoppers’ desires for unique items from around the world, and this original goal translates into their rug options. They stock a decent variety of rugs that take inspiration from abroad, bringing globally inspired pieces of handiwork to any room in a home.

World Market’s designs tend to lean toward the creative and eclectic, with several bold, patterned rugs to make a statement in your home. Neutral and subdued patterns are also available to add a subtler pop of personality to a living space.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: Overstock

9. Overstock

Known for: Overstock sells surplus, closeout, and new home goods, including affordable rugs and runners to help shoppers snag quality goods at discount prices.
Editors’ Choice: Overstock carries the Safavieh Madison Avery Boho Chic distressed rug (available at Overstock) in a huge range of pretty colors and versatile sizes to suit any room.

For excellent deals on a plethora of popular brands, shoppers may want to browse Overstock’s well-stocked website. The tech-driven online retailer makes it simple to browse and shop a range of home decor brands, including popular rug brands, making affordable home goods more accessible. The store has a diverse selection of rugs at a discounted price, ranging from kitchen runners to oversize area rugs.

Overstock carries rugs to suit any home style, from traditional to modern, and in a range of materials and weaves. To narrow down the search, their website includes options to sort by rug type, size, materials, shape, weave type, and even pile height to find the ideal rug for your needs.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: Boutique Rugs

10. Boutique Rugs

Known for: Boutique Rugs carries tens of thousands of rugs in a cost-friendly price range, from synthetic, modern runners to traditional, 100 percent wool area rugs.
Editors’ Choice: The Kittredge Area Rug (available at Boutique Rugs) has a beautiful traditional design and is made of 100 percent wool, offering a classic rug aesthetic for a reasonable cost.

For those looking to shop the latest rug trends, Boutique Rugs provides stylish rugs for an accessible price. With its large assortment of rugs, the online store has an option to suit any decor style.

To sort through the brand’s inventory, shoppers can browse by color, size, style, or material—and Boutique Rugs offers nearly anything that might strike a shopper’s fancy. From traditional designs to boho-chic, or from synthetic materials to 100 percent wool rugs, Boutique Rugs carries an ample selection at affordable prices. Plus, with free shipping, a generous return policy, and frequent deals, Boutique Rugs is an excellent option for the cost-conscious shopper.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: Crate and Barrel

11. Crate and Barrel

Known for: Crate and Barrel is a top retailer for on-trend furniture, rugs, and decor with a modern and sophisticated edge.
Editors’ Choice: The Erria Indigo Rug (available at Crate and Barrel) features a lush blue color and simple, asymmetrical patterns to make a subtle statement.

Popular for its mix of timeless and trendy aesthetics, Crate and Barrel offers various stylish rug options. The retailer’s on-trend styles will fit right into a variety of spaces, from traditional and romantic rooms to clean and simple modern homes.

Crate and Barrel carries a number of rug sizes and materials, from narrow runners to large area rugs, in flat weave or plush textures. With current trends in mind, the store carries several neutral designs and subdued, statement patterns to suit contemporary rooms. For those who are unsure about how a rug will suit their space, they can buy a rug swatch to inform their decision. Stunning rugs are just one of many home decor offerings available at Crate and Barrel, and shoppers can choose from a curated selection of furniture, accessories, and decorations to create a cohesive style.

The Best Place to Buy a Rug Option: Home Depot

12. Home Depot

Known for: At Home Depot, shoppers can find durable and affordable rugs made to withstand everyday living.
Editors’ Choice: The Star Moroccan Indoor/Outdoor area rug from Hampton Bay (available at Home Depot) features a colorful pattern and a stain-, soil-, and UV-resistant material to withstand the elements.

Home Depot is best known for selling home improvement products, but the national retailer also sells a great selection of high-quality home decor. Its offerings are surprisingly robust, rivalling many of the best rug brands on this list. Home Depot stocks everything from doormats to whole-room area rugs.

Many of Home Depot’s rug options are durable and cost-friendly and created by well-known home brands like Hampton Bay and Martha Stewart Living. They carry an array of options made from easy to clean and low-maintenance synthetic materials to hold up to daily life. In stores and on its website, Home Depot carries both functional and trendy rugs for indoor and outdoor spaces.