The 17 Coolest Gadgets We Saw on Kickstarter in 2017

Of all the weird and wonderful gadgets that debuted on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2017, the cream of the crop dazzled us with their daring designs and their ability to fulfill a practical need we never knew we had. Click through for our picks of the must-have products that got funded (or are still being funded) on Kickstarter this year.

Luminoodle Task

Luminoodle Task Light

This flexible, 3,600-lumen light can wrap and bend to illuminate any corner of the house, garage, yard, or campsite. Thanks to its built-in magnetic sliders, you can snap the light onto virtually any surface—your car, your closet, or even the exterior of your house—to shed light where and when you need it most.

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Point Alarm

Point home alarm

Whether the hazard is smoke, a break-in, or humid conditions that could lead to mold growth, the Point home alarm and companion app will alert you to the possible danger. The compact, easy-to-mount device doesn't require a camera or the installation of a security system; instead, it uses environmental sensors to detect problems.

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Yeehaw Wand

Yeehaw Wand

Like magic, with the Yeehaw Wand you can make objects appear out of thin air! Simply wave the wand in front of an object to capture its image, build it out using the intuitive companion app, and then either play with your creation virtually or print it out with a 3-D printer—no programming or design experience required.

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Embr Wave

Embr Wave

Ditch your personal fan or space heater for this tiny thermostat that lives on your wrist. At the press of a button, the wearable Embr Wave emits cool or warm waves onto your skin to boost your comfort.

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Waylens Secure360 with 4G

Waylens Secure360 with 4G

Avoid a vehicle intrusion, an accident, or even a tow-away by equipping your four-wheeler with this automotive security dash camera that affords a 360-degree field of view in and around your car. When the camera detects unusual car motion or movement, you'll get an alert via the companion app so you can take action to stop it.

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The Ollie Chair

The Ollie Chair

A perfect option for in-a-pinch seating whether you're at home or away, the Ollie Chair transitions from an ergonomically friendly seat to a flat, portable, and easy-to-stow packet in seconds. The built-in lumbar support offered by the shape-shifting aluminum-and-teak sitter makes it a practical and beautiful buy for small-space dwellers, commuters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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An affordable alternative to high-priced camera-equipped drones, this autonomous flying phone case camera lets you capture memorable life moments from unbelievable heights. Simply detach the case from your phone and let it loose; you can then control its flight directly from your phone.

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MiniS Magnetic Speakers

MiniS Magnetic Speakers

Get the party started in the living room, the patio, or on the road with these portable magnetic Bluetooth speakers that offer up to 33 feet of wireless connectivity. The speakers have magnetic backs, so they can be mounted on any metal surface. With the addition of magnetic stickers, they can be positioned on any surface, even if it's not magnetic.

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This green alternative to plastic wrap has a flexible surface that conforms to the size and shape of any cup, bowl, jar, or other kitchen vessel, so you can seal up pretty much anything at a moment's notice. Because the universal lids are BPA-free and made with environmentally friendly silicone, they're even safe to use for covering half-eaten fruits or vegetables.

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While a honking horn or a hand gesture can be lost in translation on the road, this solar-powered car device lets you send clear and friendly messages to your fellow drivers through animations. If there's an accident or a pedestrian crossing up ahead, or if you simply want to say thanks for a lane change, you can politely communicate it to other drivers in seconds with CarWink.

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Keep porch pirates at bay by having your delivered packages safely locked up with the help of BoxLock Home, a smart padlock that fits onto any locking storage bin and opens only for you and delivery drivers. The driver opens the lock by scanning the tracking number of your package with the BoxLock. He then places the package inside the bin and locks it up again to keep your deliveries safe and secure until you return home and take them out. 

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If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen...and head to a park or campsite, where you can use GoSunGo to whip up your next culinary creation. This battery-free and portable solar-powered stove doesn't need wood, propane, or kerosene. Instead, it leverages the power of the sun and an insulated vacuum tube to cook food or boil liquid whenever and wherever hunger hits.

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Circadia Sleep Trainer

Circadia sleep trainer

When counting sheep fails, you can count on the Circadia sleep trainer to help you get the shut-eye you need. The wall-mountable contactless sleep system captures and analyzes your biometric signals and environment as you sleep. Together with its app, it uses this information to help you improve the quality of your sleep over time.

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Glow Home Energy Tracker

Glow home energy tracker

If your energy bills are steadily climbing and you don't know why, consider monitoring your everyday energy use with Glow. The tabletop device monitors energy consumption throughout your home, using color-coded signals to tell you when you're using too much power, and even forecasts your monthly energy bill so you can take active steps to reduce your energy consumption and spare your wallet.

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Prynt for Android

Prynt for Android

Want to nab the retro look of a Polaroid print, but don't want to splurge on a Polaroid camera? Plugging your smartphone into the pocket-size Prynt device instantly turns it into a Polaroid-style instant camera that prints vivid photos from your own camera roll using zero-ink sticker paper.

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DECCO Toddler Monitor

DECCO toddler monitor

A dream for parents with active toddlers, the DECCO monitor uses motion-sensing technology to alert you via an app if your toddler leaves his or her room. Since the BPA-free monitor can be hung on doors of any style, it's adaptable enough for use in a bedroom, playroom, or even a hotel room when you're out of town.

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Tertill Weeding Robot

Tertill weeding robot

Green thumbs can take a permanent vacation from weeding duty if they park the solar-powered Tertill robot in their weed-ridden flower or vegetable gardens. Brought to life by an inventor of the Roomba, the self-charging, chemical-free device hunts for and chops down weeds—which it considers anything shorter than an inch—while leaving taller plants unharmed.

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