The 6 Biggest Myths About Central AC

It's a common refrain: How in the world did people survive before air conditioning? In the modern era, homeowners around the country depend on—and thank the heavens for—central air-conditioning systems that provide much-needed comfort during the hottest months of the year. Some, however, view central air as a mixed blessing. While on sweltering days it certainly does seem essential, the relief it offers is accompanied by some unappealing sacrifices. Well, that may have been true in the past, but in recent years HVAC technology has marched steadily ahead, leaving behind it a host of outdated assumptions. Click through now to find out what's changed and to discover how cool central air conditioning has become! This content has been brought to you by The Unico System. Its facts and opinions are those of

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Myth #1

Installation requires a ton of remodeling.
Especially if you live in an older home—one that was not built to accommodate networks of bulky air ducts—you may hate the idea of any project that would involve extensive, conspicuous remodeling, including adding dropped ceilings or soffits. For years, though, if you wanted to put in central air, you had no choice but to sacrifice the architectural integrity of your home. That’s no longer the case. Thanks to high-velocity HVAC like The Unico System—technology designed around flexible, small-diameter ducts—central AC can be remarkably unobtrusive, fitting neatly into your home without diminishing the charm that made you fall in love with it in the first place.

Myth #2

It costs a small fortune to run central air conditioning.
A primary explanation for the high cost of home cooling has always been that ducts are notoriously prone to air leaks. The resulting energy loss often compromises overall system efficiency by a whopping 25 percent or more. Because of the deficiencies of traditional rigid metal ductwork, homeowners with central air probably pay more than is strictly necessary each and every month. With the Unico System, by contrast, there’s no leakage, no wasted energy, and no superfluous expense, in large part because the mini ducts are encased in dual-layer insulation. You pay only for the climate control you enjoy, and no more.

Myth #3

Central AC makes a racket.
If you’ve ever spent time in a home with conventional cooling, you know it’s always easy to tell, simply by listening, whether the system is on or off. If, like most people, you prefer your home environment to be a refuge of peace and quiet, the noise of a traditional setup can be a constant, inescapable nuisance. Here’s the good news: Nowadays, not all central air-conditioning systems are noisy. For instance, the Unico System, from its air handler to its innovative ducts, comes equipped with an array of sound-deadening components and design features to ensure whisper-quiet performance. In short, you cannot hear Unico at work, but you can certainly feel it!

Myth #4

Every system performs the same way.
Conventional air conditioning provides satisfactory cooling but isn’t as effective in controlling humidity. That matters. Why? High humidity makes the AC work harder and longer to achieve a comfortable temperature. Unico sets itself apart by removing 30 percent more moisture from the air than older technology can manage. Of course, lower humidity translates to greater comfort, but it can also mean extra savings. After all, with less moisture in the air, you can set the thermostat a few degrees lower. As each degree represents a 3 percent reduction in energy consumption, the Unico System can actually help you minimize monthly AC costs.

Myth #5

Air-conditioning components are an eyesore.
The Unico System proves that’s not always the case. In fact, the system manages to remain almost completely out of sight. Indoors, the compact outlets are the most visible part of the system, feeding cool air from the mini ducts into the living spaces. Slotted or circular in shape, and available in a virtually limitless range of standard or custom finishes, the outlets can be positioned inconspicuously on ceilings, floors, or walls. That way, in stark contrast with the ugly, grilled vents that accompany traditional central-air setups, Unico can mesh perfectly with your decor, taking nothing away from the aesthetics of your home.

Myth #6

HVAC appliances either cool or heat, not both.
That used to be true, but now it’s a myth, thanks to ductless mini-split systems like Unico iSeries. In the winter, a single iSeries outdoor unit harvests heat from outdoor air and sends it indoors. In the summer, it does the opposite, taking heat from the home and expelling it outside. All the while, the technology maximizes efficiency: Rather than turning off and on in a cyclical, power-hungry pattern, the iSeries saves energy by running continuously at a low power level. Eco-friendly, easily installed, and able to be zoned, the system offers both heating and cooling for year-round climate control, in one room or the entire house, for either new or existing construction.