The 8 Best Paint Colors for a Restful Sleep

You might think that any color you love will work well in a bedroom, and that may well be true. If, however, you're someone who has trouble falling asleep (or waking up on time), you may benefit from a paint makeover that will put your mind and body to rest at the end of a long day. So, as beautiful as bold hues can be, to achieve a more serene environment it's better to stick with softer shades and classic neutrals. And if your bedroom doubles as a work space, you don't have to sacrifice an energizing color scheme in order to create calm before bedtime. Simply concentrate color around your desk or worktable—a cheerful poster on the wall, for example, or family snapshots set in bright frames near your computer—and choose a soothing palette for the rest of the room. Click through to see our top picks for restful bedroom paint colors. Sweet dreams!


White Bedroom

With variations from pure white to cream to every shade in between, white is often the first color that comes to mind when we think of a peaceful palette. White rooms look clean and fresh, making them inherently restful to weary eyes—and spirits. Embellish a white bedroom with floral or lace-edged bedding for a more romantic look, or add clean lines and modern furnishings for a more contemporary feeling.

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Pale Blue

Blue Bedroom

A crystal-clear sky, a picturesque waterfront setting—pale shades of blue, like this one, call to mind calming images that help set a restful tone in the midst of a hectic home. Amp up the relaxation factor by bringing in all-white bedding for a cloud-like bed, or floral prints to create a garden retreat indoors.

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Sage Green

Green Bedroom

All the rage in exterior paint these days, sage green has proved just as popular indoors. In bedrooms, this color evokes images of gardens, grass, and all the gifts of nature—a reassuring contrast to our fast-paced, technology-driven lives. Pair this color with white bedding or trim and warm, honey-toned wood for an especially pleasing result that will make you want to crawl into bed—and stay there!

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Beige Bedroom

Not long ago, sophisticated gray looked like it would displace dependable beige as America's favorite go-to neutral. Today, however, homeowners are once again recognizing the beneficial qualities of this classic neutral paint color. When choosing the best shade, lean toward warmer tones of sand and straw that will glow in lamplight and beautifully reflect the morning sun to help you welcome the day.

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Seashell Pink

Pink Bedroom

Think pink bedrooms are just for children? You won't once you see how sophisticated this color can look when mixed with furnishings, fabrics, and accents that are decidedly grown-up. To maximize the restful qualities of pink, choose a barely there shade for the walls, and mix in other soft colors for bedding, carpets, and upholstery while avoiding overly graphic patterns. Warm wood tones and muted metallics look extra pretty when paired with pink.

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Gray Bedroom

Know those foggy days when you feel like staying home and curling up with a good book and a cup of tea? A charming gray bedroom can satisfy that same longing for creature comforts. As popular as gray has become in interior design over the years, it can be tricky to find the perfect shade because the undertones range widely from cool to warm. Be sure to view paint samples in both natural and indoor light before making your final decision.

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Purple Bedroom -

This wonderfully versatile member of the purple family has been popping up everywhere in home design, from spacious living rooms to tiny powder rooms and everywhere in between. For a sophisticated look, choose accents with clean lines and neutral fabrics in white, cream, or gray, or drape everything in a luscious shade of lavender, as seen here. Thought to be conducive to creativity and imagination, a shade of purple in the bedroom has the added benefit of sparking inventive ideas as you start your day.

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Black Bedroom

An exception to the "pale shades" rule of restful paint colors, black has become a fashionable option for bedrooms in recent years. Ranging from warm charcoal gray to jet black, it's a color choice that recalls the night sky, thereby immediately setting the mood for sleep. To prevent an overly heavy look, combine black with an abundance of white fabric and furniture. Delicate black-and-white fabrics, such as gingham and toile, also soften the overall effect.

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