The Beauty of Bamboo: 9 Exotic Looks in Flooring

Bamboo is one of the hottest trends in flooring. This extremely hard material can take stain just like wood, so it's a natural choice for floors. Bamboo is also sustainable. It's a fast-growing grass that can completely regenerate itself in four years. So, when you choose a bamboo floor, you can rest well knowing that your selection is eco-friendly as well as beautiful.

  1. Bamboo for the Whole House

    Bamboo Flooring Ideas

    Bamboo flooring delivers a sleek, subtle, exotic look without forcing any sacrifice in practicality. Best of all, bamboo often costs less than traditional American hardwoods. For these reasons and many others, homeowners are increasingly choosing bamboo not for any one room in particular, but all around the house. They are spurred in part by the variety of new looks offered by such vendors as Lumber Liquidators. Click through now to see the beauty of bamboo firsthand!

  2. Anji Handscraped Bamboo

    Handscraped Bamboo

    A stand-out selection for the color variation of its boards, Anji Handscraped Bamboo also boasts a handscraped finish, which imparts an aged look and sense of history. Aesthetics aside, homeowners appreciate handscraped finishes for their ability to hide minor scratches and dents in high-traffic areas subject to wear and tear.

  3. Tiger Hill Strand Bamboo

    Tiger Bamboo Flooring

    The special construction of strand bamboo makes it twice as hard as oak, which means it's an ideal choice for an active home where children and pets, or both, are present. Richly stained Tiger Hill Bamboo lends a refined look to any space, while its 30-year warranty gives peace of mind.

  4. Siegel Click Bamboo

    Click Bamboo Flooring

    Would you like to save money on installation by doing the work yourself? The click-together design of Siegel Strand Bamboo requires neither nails nor glue, making DIY installation faster and easier. Constructed from old-growth bamboo for maximum hardness, the Siegel floor—unique in its hints of deep, subtle red—looks totally at home in contemporary interiors.

  5. Carbonized Bamboo

    Carbonized Bamboo

    The appealing deep color of carbonized bamboo is created by heat treatment that caramelizes the material's sugars, yielding a darker tone. Choose Strand Carbonized Bamboo to warm up a space without overpowering the furniture or making the room look oppressively dark.

  6. Dao Click Bamboo

    Strand Bamboo, Dao

    Another click-together option that can simply float over the subfloor, Dao Click Bamboo has a luxurious reddish-brown shade that perfectly complements an interior with lighter-hued furnishings and walls.

  7. Silver Strand Handscraped Bamboo

    Silver Bamboo

    Coolly elegant with its subtle texture and gray finish, Silver Strand Handscraped Bamboo is produced by compressing fibers under extreme heat and pressure. As a result, the density of strand products surpasses even that of conventional bamboo. You get the best of both worlds—beauty and resilience—together.

  8. Golden Ultra-Strand Bamboo

    Golden Bamboo

    Who wouldn’t love sitting down to work in a home office like this? The Golden Ultra-Strand Bamboo floor goes a long way toward fostering a bright and cheerful mood. Crafted of extra-fine fibers, this ultra-strand floor boasts the usual hardness, but an uncommonly smooth texture.

  9. Zebra Strand Bamboo

    Zebra Bamboo

    Truly exotic-looking, the Golden Zebra Strand Bamboo floor draws the right kind of attention, adding interest wherever it's installed. Isn't it wonderful to know that this endlessly stylish material is also renewable and widely viewed as a green flooring choice?

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