The Best Paint Colors for a Home Office

Spruce up your work space and boost your productivity by coating the walls with one of these beautiful colors.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Paint colors for home office

Working from home has its benefits. No commute. More time with family. No dress code. But then there are the drawbacks: interruptions, distractions, lack of interaction with colleagues, and maybe even a less-than-ideal work space. When you're working from home, you need to do everything you can to enhance your focus, productivity, and, possibly, your patience. Paint can help.

The color of the walls in your work space is about more than just aesthetics. In fact, the color you pick can affect your mood and motivation in ways that help you do more and better work. Whether you need to increase focus or decrease anxiety, there’s a color for you. Read on for the best paint colors for your home office.

Watery by Behr

Watery by Behr for home office

Blue infuses a room with peace and calm, plus it helps to stimulate the mind. Cool blue tones help with focus and promote productivity. Tax preparers, actuaries, clerks, and auditors can benefit from working while surrounded by blue. Watery by Behr may bring to mind that beach vacation you’re working toward, but it will also help keep you on task.


Secret Meadow by Behr

Secret Meadow by Behr for home office

Green is tranquil. It reduces eye strain and improves work efficiency. Particularly if you work long hours or perform repetitive tasks, go for green. Secret Meadow by Behr is a full-flavored green with natural tones of foliage, lichen, and moss. This is an outstanding choice for an overall calming effect.


Surfboard Yellow by Behr

Surfboard Yellow by Behr for home office

Yellow stimulates creativity, excitement, and innovation. Designers, writers, artists, and engineers benefit from a healthy dose of yellow in the office. Surfboard Yellow by Behr, a bright and cheerful shade with a fresh feeling, works well for a whole room or as an accent color.


Ebb Tide by Pratt & Lambert

Ebb Tide by Pratt & Lambert for home office

Transform your office into a cool, calm space. Blue helps to evoke feelings of peace and security, which may make Ebb Tide by Pratt & Lambert an especially appealing paint choice for those who work under pressure. This color softens the ambiance of a room (and may soften your mood), while projecting a sophisticated image.

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Pratt & Lambert

Council Bluff by Pratt & Lambert

Council Bluff by Pratt & Lambert for home office

Gray is the on-trend neutral of the moment, synonymous with sophistication and style. This no-nonsense color provides a blank canvas on which to project your unique design style—or not, if you prefer a clutter-free workspace. Council Bluff by Pratt & Lambert is an excellent choice to promote an atmosphere of deliberation and thoughtfulness in the office as it emits dependability and practicality.

Pratt & Lambert

Million Dollar Red by Benjamin Moore

Million Dollar Red by Benjamin Moore for home office

Red, the color of vitality and passion, promotes action. It stirs up excitement! In a job that involves collaboration or hosting clients, Million Dollar Red by Benjamin Moore can help bring people together. It's also an excellent accent color if you're trying to enhance the visibility of a particular space within the office.

Benjamin Moore

Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore

Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore for home office

White makes a space feel open, clean, and spacious, so it's a good choice for making a small room feel larger. Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore is a soft, creamy shade that brightens a dark room without harshness and establishes an easy neutral background for decorating. If you go with white walls, bring in plenty of color with artwork, rugs, and other accessories.

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Benjamin Moore

Blue Danube by Benjamin Moore

Blue Danube by Benjamin Moore for home office

New to working at home? Blue could be right for you—think clear blue skies and calm blue water. Blue Danube by Benjamin Moore is a cool blue that can lend calm and focus to a large, open space. Paint the whole room, or use Blue Danube for an accent wall or door.

Benjamin Moore

Downing Sand by Sherwin-Williams

Downing Sand by Sherwin-Williams for home office

Greige is a perfect color for multiuse spaces, large or small, which means it works as well in the family room as in the home office, and it’s easy to decorate around. Whatever your space, gray-beige is a can’t-lose choice. Downing Sand by Sherwin-Williams is a classic, warm-toned greige that feels comfortable and fosters focus and productivity.


Naturel by Sherwin-Williams

Naturel by Sherwin-Williams for home office

Gray can be cool, neutral, or cozy. The warm undertones of Naturel by Sherwin Williams give a room a clean, crisp look without seeming stark. It's just right for making an open space feel comfortable. Add colorful furniture and artwork to change up the mood.


Silver Sage by PPG

Silver Sage by PPG for home office

Gray walls create a lighter, more open impression in spaces with little natural light. Silver Sage by PPG, a lightly green-toned gray, combines the calming effect of green with the airiness of gray. This is an especially good pick for home offices in small spaces.

PPG Paints

Rain Drop by PPG

Rain Drop by PPG for home office

Blue can work like gray, only with more charisma. Case in point: Rain Drop by PPG, a pale, neutral, hazy aqua-green that offers a neutral, appealing background with a little something extra. This is a great color choice for those who like to dress up for work in the home office. It will convey a professional look while setting a light mood.

PPG Paints

Golden Opportunity by PPG

Golden Opportunity by PPG for home office

The solution to rainy days and long winters, Golden Opportunity by PPG brings the benefits of both yellow and red to the home office. The color stimulates energy, optimism, creativity, and passion. A rich golden accent wall may be just what you need to beat the Monday blues.

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PPG Paints

The Power of Paint

home office paint color ideas

Painting your home office will not only make it look better, but it can help you work better too.

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