The Best Things to Get for Your Backyard from Sam’s Club

‘Tis the season for backyard cookouts, neighborhood pool parties, and relaxing in the sun. In order to take advantage of the summer’s best activities, however, you need the proper tools — or a membership to your local Sam’s Club! From grills to patio furniture, here are 10 coveted summer buys from the warehouse chain.

  1. From Bench to Table

    From Bench to Table

    Short on space in your backyard? Then pick up this double-duty furniture piece, which converts from a bench to a table in mere seconds. The weather-resistant polystyrene finish won’t fade or chip, making it a low-maintenance alternative to wood. Homeowners can also purchase two benches and push them together for a picnic table set-up. Available at Sam’s Club; $138.16.

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  2. Barbecue Smoker

    Barbecue Smoker

    The LP Gas Smoker turns any homeowner into a barbecue connoisseur. The device cooks food at low temperatures for long periods of time, lending a smoke-flavored taste to your dinner. Grillers will love the two-door design (which effectively controls heat and smoke), sausage hanger, tempered glass window, and handy heat indicator. Available at Sam’s Club; $199.88.

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  3. Going Green

    Going Green

    These days, more than ever, gardeners have to watch out for temperature fluctuations that can shorten the growing season or severe rains that can flood the garden. To provide your plants with some protection from extreme weather, consider adding a greenhouse to your backyard. This 6-foot by 8-foot option provides a warm, dry, and sunny spot for plants to take cover when the weather is rough. It's the ideal location to start seeds before the ground is warm enough to plant, and it allows you to continue harvesting garden vegetables after the fall frosts arrive. Available at Sam's Club; $516.87.

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  4. Rocking Away

    Rocking Away

    Rocking away on the front porch is an idyllic summer pastime, as long as your rocker can stand up to the rigors of outdoor life. Where ordinary wooden rocking chairs fail, this aluminum and all-weather wicker chair endures. With a built-in drink holder, the rust-resistant and fade-resistant piece can stand up to humidity, sun, and wind. Available at Sam's Club; $189.98.

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  5. Grills To-Go

    Grills To-Go

    Savor this deal on a high-performance tabletop gas grill from cookware giant Cuisinart. Compact but not cramped, its cooking grate can heat eight burgers, six to ten chicken breasts, or bulk package of hot dogs at once. The foldable grill is portable, too, so you can break it out for a backyard barbecue one weekend and tailgating the next. You might as well buy your burgers in bulk while you've got that Sam's Club shopping cart going. Available at Sams Club; $86.98.

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  6. Take a Seat

    Take a Seat

    Have you ever thought to check Sam's Club's aisles for garden seating? If not, you'll be missing out on treasures like this arched pergola with a hanging swing. The cedar sitting place for two needs some assembly, but will prove to be rather low-maintenance going forward. (Cedar is resistant to decay and stains and eventually ages to an attractive gray.) Available at Sam's Club; see website for local availability and pricing.

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  7. Light Up the Night

    Light Up the Night

    Light up your walkway without having to pay for expensive landscaping or high electric bills! These solar LED lights from Sam’s Club charge throughout the day and illuminate for up to eight hours at night. Made of durable stainless steel with an oil-rubbed finish and glass lens, they look far more impressive than their pricetag suggests. Available at; $19.88.

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  8. Propane Fire Table

    Propane Fire Table

    There’s nothing like basking by the glow of a fire on a summer night, but getting it all set up is a pain, from gathering the firewood to maintaining the flame throughout the evening. But with this handy propane fire table, you can achieve a warm bonfire without the work! The propane tank is hidden from sight under a sleek tabletop, which doubles as a convenient spot to set down your drinks and s’mores supplies. Available at; $159.91.

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  9. Four-Wheeled Helper

    Four-Wheeled Helper

    Loose bricks, landscaping material, this week’s groceries... you can haul up to 1,000 pounds of whatever you want in the 48” x 24” Sandusky Jumbo Crate Wagon. When it’s time to unload—or when you’re transporting something oversized—simply fold down the sides of the wagon, or remove them entirely. Made of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel, the Jumbo Crate Wagon is a durable, rust-resistant yard stalwart with a nearly infinite number of practical uses. Available at Sam’s Club; $99.98.

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  10. Powerful Pressure Washer

    Powerful Pressure Washer

    It’s by no means the heaviest-duty outdoor cleaning tool money can buy, but with a pressure output of 1,800 pounds per square inch, the Karcher Tru Pressure Electric Pressure Washer packs plenty of punch for everyday jobs. Requiring no more than five minutes of setup time, it’s an easy-to-use, homeowner-friendly tool, enhanced by clever conveniences and add-ons—including the 11” surface cleaner, the perfect spruce-up solution for decks, porches, and patios. Available at Sam’s Club; $149.98.

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