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The Best Ways to Update a Bathroom for Only $20

It's where you primp and prep in the morning, or else where you unwind with an at-home spa treatment after work. The bathroom is where we begin and end our days, so it's no surprise that homeowners request bathroom remodels more than any other type of renovation. Unfortunately, those big bathroom updates can cost thousands in materials and contractors fees. If you're craving a little fun, function, and organization in your bathroom, you don't need to drop a fortune on a full remodeling project. Take home one of these affordable solutions to give your bathroom a little boost, and prove that it doesn't have to cost much to update your space.

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Turn your shower time into a full-on jam session with the SoundBot HD Waterproof Speaker, which boasts advanced digital sound and Bluetooth technology. The device pairs wirelessly with smartphones, laptops, and tablets for up to six hours of streaming time, and it also has a built-in microphone for phone calls. Thanks to a detachable suction cup and water-resistant surface, the speaker can attach directly to the shower wall—allowing users to spice up a dull morning with their favorite tunes! Available on Amazon; $17.99.

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Mouthwash Caddy

Plastic bottles of mouthwash look unsightly on bathroom counters, but sometimes there’s no better place to store bulky containers that are too large to fit in medicine cabinets or vanity drawers. Simplify your hygiene routine and streamline your space with the InterDesign Gina Mouthwash Caddy. The caddy comes with two pieces: a plastic dispenser with a brushed nickel pump to hold mouthwash, and an attached holder for disposable cups. Refill the shatterproof caddy whenever supplies run low, and keep that clunky extra-large mouthwash bottle hidden in a more covert location—out of sight, yet available for refills. Available at Target; $12.99.

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Bath & Shower Suction Cupholder

Many people enjoy a soak in the tub as a way to unwind, while some prefer to relax with a glass of wine. So why not indulge in both at the same time? This suction cupholder firmly sticks to the side of the shower or tub providing a sturdy place to rest your glass while you bask in your at-home spa experience. The cupholder can also work for cans, coffee cups, or shampoo bottles (if that’s what you really want to use it for). Available on Amazon; $13.95.

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When space is limited inside the medicine cabinet, maximize every square inch you have with these magnetic containers. They’re perfect for organizing smaller things like makeup, clippers, and Q-tips, which always seem to roll off the shelves when you open the cabinet. The dividers inside the pods are removable, too, so each storage unit can accommodate small items of many dimensions. Available at
The Container Store
; $9.99.

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Don’t let drain clogs bog down what should be a relaxing shower. The TubShroom‘s innovative design promises to save you and your plumbing pipes from ever having to touch harsh chemical-based drain cleaners or call in a pricey plumber. This small device works by catching clogs before they start—all without interrupting your shower. Simply switch out your standard drain cover or existing mesh hair trap for this snug-fitting silicone mushroom, and any loose hairs—yours as well as Fido’s, whenever the tub turns into a dog-washing station—will wrap around its bottom lip out of sight. Meanwhile, water continues to flow freely through the top drainage holes, sparing you from having to clean out the collected hair after every shower. Just unplug and wipe off once every other week. Available on Amazon; $12.99.

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Rolling Toilet Paper Dispenser

Tidy up the situation beneath the sink by storing a six-pack of toilet paper rolls (any size from single to jumbo two-ply) in this stylish nickel rolling toilet paper dispenser. When one gets pulled to replace the roll in the bathroom, another slides into position for next time. Plus, the 12-½-inch-tall unit continues to maximize storage space with a mesh top that makes for easy stacking of extra shampoo bottles, acrylic makeup organizers, and boxed tissues. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond; $14.99.

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Acrylic Dual Canister Set

Open the door of your medicine cabinet, and what do you see? If you’re anything like the average homeowner, you’re likely greeted by the alarming sight of sheer chaos—a kaleidoscopic array of countless personal care products, all in different sizes, shapes, and packaging styles. To introduce a more peaceful visual order—and to make it easier to find and grab whatever you’re looking for—stock up on clear, acrylic canisters. Not everything you need in your bathroom can fit into an organizer like this. But for everything else—small, everyday essentials like Q-Tips and cotton balls—nothing beats these simple, see-through, apothecary-style jars. Available at The Container Store; $9.99 per set.

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Sliding 2-Drawer Vanity Organizer

Consider yourself lucky if your bathroom vanity offers space-smart storage. Too often, standard, builder-grade vanities offer only one large, undivided cabinet, accessed through a pair of out-swinging doors. What’s the trouble? In the bathroom—a space that’s important as it is small—you need to make the most of every available inch. But the lack of shelving and pull-out drawers in the average vanity cabinet makes it mighty difficult to use the full height of the under-sink area. No problem: Take matters into your own hands. With drop-in, two-tiered organizers like these, you can make the vanity you have much more like the vanity you want. Available at The Container Store; $19.99.

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Dust-Proof Toothpaste Dispenser

According to researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the average toothbrush contains more than 10 million bacteria, including germs that find their way into the air with every flush of the toilet. This toothbrush holder is designed to protect your toothbrush from little nasties, while the vented design allow bristles to dry out between brushings for a more sanitary experience. The holder comes with a matching toothpaste dispenser, providing you with a convenient, mess-free way to brush. Available on Amazon; $19.99.

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Style Station

Is there any good place to store a hair dryer? This essential morning tool is cursed with bulky design and a mess of cords that make it a challenge to store it in a vanity drawer. That’s where an over-cabinet storage unit like this style station comes to the rescue. With three handy storage slots, this caddy can corral a hair dryer as well as a straightener, curler, or styling gel and spray. Simply slip your gadgets into the organizer, tuck it behind a bathroom vanity cabinet door, and keep it out of sight until you truly need it. Available at the The Container Store; $19.99.

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