Smart Toilets and Quartz Showers: 14 Bathroom Trends Designers Predict for 2024

Inspired by wellness, nature, and personalized style, these design trends are expected to be everywhere in 2024.
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An airy white bathroom has wood floors and a free standing curved tub in front of a large window.

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Today’s bathrooms are far more than utilitarian spaces for bathing and brushing teeth. In 2024, experts predict spa-like sanctuaries for wellness and relaxation. So, it makes sense that current bathroom design trends reveal that homeowners are also dedicating more space to their washroom. According to the 2024 trend report from Houzz, 22 percent of homeowners enlarge the primary bathroom during a renovation, commonly stealing from nearby closets or bedroom space.

Along with added features and space comes an increase in investment. According to Houzz’s report, small bathroom remodeling costs are up 50 percent. However, that doesn’t seem to be deterring renovators. Thumbtack, a site that matches homeowners to contractors for their renovation projects, reports bathroom remodels are up 21.7 percent year over year, even with an average cost of a full bath between $245 to $466 per square foot.

Sarah Storms, principal designer and founder of Styled by Storms, says: “Don’t be afraid to invest in rooms that are just for you. The bathroom should have the same consideration as your living room.”

With such a significant undertaking, it’s important to get it right. Before embarking on an overhaul, consider the latest styles and the expected 2024 bathroom trends for inspiration.

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1. Modern and Organic

Luxury Bathroom Interior With Bathtub, Toilet, Mirror And Vertical Garden

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) trend report, which is based on feedback from 536 industry professionals across North America, says that modern design is on the upswing. This trend is showing up in the bathroom as clean lines and natural influences. Kristen Childs, a lead designer at DNA Design in Montclair, NJ, says she’s seeing a trend to more natural elements in the bathroom and throughout the home. “Items that connect the space to nature in some way, whether it’s in the hewn stone tiles or artwork made of preserved moss,” she says.

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2. Personalized and Unique 

Copper Sky Design + Remodel Photographer: Marc Mauldin
Photo: Copper Sky Design + Remodel | Photographer: Marc Mauldin

Homeowners want their bathroom space to feel special. According to the latest NKBA trend report, 70 percent of homeowners are willing to take more risk when designing or renovating their bathrooms. Childs has noticed this trend as well. She says, “We are seeing some bold color choices and fun wallpapers in the bathrooms that reflect the client’s personality.”

Among bathroom tile trends, custom vanities and handmade tiles are also on the rise. The Houzz report found that most bathroom remodels—62 percent—feature a custom or semi-custom vanity. “Don’t be afraid to invest in a little luxury, such as beautiful wallpaper, chic accessories, or spa-like scents,” says Storms.

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3. Wellness and Spa Features


Among NKBA survey-takers, 78 percent reported focusing on health and wellness as a driving design factor. Bathtubs are being swapped out for larger showers with additional spa-like shower features such as seats, steam, body sprays, hand-held showers, and rain shower heads. New this year, designers say they are seeing an increased demand for refrigerators in the bathroom, which are also on the rise, providing a spot for wellness essentials for self-care.

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4. Patterned Tile Design

Credit Nathan Holden © Mountainwood Homes
Credit Nathan Holden © Mountainwood Homes

“Even neutral bathrooms are getting upgrades with pattern tile flooring,” says Storms. “It gives the room personality and elevates the look.” It can be a simple border or an all over design, she says.

According to Houzz, herringbone is a popular choice for the shower floor, where this style is replacing large format tile, pebbles, and stone. However, Zellige tiles, made from clay and glazed in Morocco, continue to be popular for their unique look featuring imperfect shapes and color variations.

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5. Doorless Showers

The interior of a bathroom decorated with marble and gold-colored equipment in a modern house

Following suit with the trend toward more modern design, 70 percent of professionals reported a preference for an open layout between the shower and the rest of the space. This includes continuing the floor throughout the space for a seamless look. If glass is used, it is frameless, putting the shower’s interior on display.

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6. Integrated Technology


The coming year will see an increase in technology in the bathroom. According to the NKBA report, touchpads outperformed hand-only controls, signaling the growing trend. Toilets are also getting smarter, with features such as seat warming, automatic open and close, self-cleaning, and remote-controlled bidets.

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7. Wood Vanities

Wood vanity
Photo: parsons i.d. | Photographer: Shanna Hickman

The Bathroom Trend Report from Houzz found wood as the top choice for vanity bases, which is no surprise considering the trend toward more natural materials. Fluted patterns are also on the rise. Respondents to the NKBA survey predict wood tones that are light and natural over darker choices. White followed as a close second and gray also remains popular.

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8. Quartz

Bathroom with Quartz
Photo: Dan Arnold © Hsu McCullough

NKBA members—81 percent—say that quartz will be the top vanity counter material in the coming year. That’s no surprise, considering its versatility and durability, especially for wet surfaces. Mimicking its popularity with coherent kitchen countertops and backsplashes is a trend toward continuing the quartz into the shower and tub area for a modern, seamless look.

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9. Sustainability

Swanson Homes + Carbon 6 Interiors Swanson Homes + Carbon 6 Interiors | Artisan Home Tour | No. 12 - 900 Tuckborough Ct, Medina, MN 55340
Photo: Credit Spacecrafting Photography ©

Houzz found that 87 percent of homeowners are choosing more sustainable options for their bathroom renovation, both for their cost-effectiveness and environmental impact. Upgrades include LED light bulbs, water-efficient fixtures, and energy-efficient features such as light dimmers and shower timers.

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10. Greens


According to NKBA members, green is the top pick in bathrooms (35 percent), edging out white by 4 percent. That’s no surprise, considering 65 percent report that evoking a sense of nature and serenity is the most important goal when choosing a color.

Storms is seeing Emerald greens, along with other jewel tones, such as aubergine, plum, lapis blue, and browns. She says they can bring a beautiful richness to the space, especially through tile.

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11. Wallpaper


Designers and renovators continue to bring in color and impact through wallpaper. Patterns range from floral to geometric, from moody to whimsical. Storms commonly uses wallpaper in her designs as a simple way to add personality to a space. Choose vinyl wallpaper for the best performance in a wet and humid environment.

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12. Separate Water Closet


In a spa-like bathroom, minimalism reigns supreme with the toilet kept tucked out of sight. So, it’s no surprise that 71 percent of NKBA professionals say a separate space for the loo is in high demand. Both with or without doors, water closets are a must-have addition if the space allows.

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13. Black Fixtures


While nickel or brushed gold remain popular in faucets, the NKBA reports black as the leading finish choice, especially in a matte finish. Childs loves to add timeless black accents to the bathrooms she works on. “Matte black fixtures often help to ground a more colorful/fun bathroom scheme and add a sense of demureness to the design,” she says.

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14. Accessibility

Bathroom for people with disabilities in modern setting

According to the Houzz survey respondents, aging at home is top of mind. Up 54 percent from the previous year, 66 percent of remodelers are incorporating accommodations for aging family members or those with additional needs. Top features include grab bars, nonslip flooring, a curbless shower, additional lighting, higher toilets, wheelchair-accessible doors, and lower vanity heights.