Front Yard Inflatables: Delightful Holiday Decor or Tacky Eyesore?

The holidays are supposed to be a time to come together. However, our readers can’t seem to agree on whether inflatables help or hinder the good cheer.
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Luxury Brooklyn House with Christmas Lights at night, New York.

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A live Christmas tree or a fake one? Santa Claus or Saint Nick? Festive holiday garments or ugly Christmas sweaters? The holiday season is filled with disagreements. And, based on a recent poll we posted on social media, you can add Christmas inflatables to the list of disputes. Many of our readers have nothing but positive things to say about inflatables. For example, one poll respondent shared, “I love them! There are so many cute ones to choose from. Many of my neighbors use them too!” However, not everyone shares this same sentiment. If you’re curious to see how your fellow Bob Vila readers feel, read on to see the full results from our poll.

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Yay: 21.4 percent say, “I love holiday inflatables!”

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220 people responded to our polls on Instagram and Facebook. Of those, 47 people responded that they “love holiday inflatables.” However, this works out to just 21.4 percent of all respondents. Surprisingly—or, perhaps not surprisingly to some—holiday inflatables aren’t all that popular.

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Nay: 77.7 percent say, “Holiday inflatables are tacky!”

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Big Christmas or Halloween decorations just aren’t for everyone. In fact, a resounding majority of the respondents to our poll—over three-quarters of the 220 people who participated—said that they think inflatables are tacky. Some were dead-set against them under any and all circumstances, with one person commenting, “I don’t care for holiday inflatables especially when they’re dead, flat on the ground in the morning.”

Other respondents were a little more open to the idea of inflatables—but only under certain circumstances. “They are tacky by themselves unless you are creating a good scene with multiple ones,” shared one of our readers. Another said that inflatables can be “cute if you have children around or grandchildren—otherwise it’s a little cheesy.”

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If not inflatables, then what?

Two statues of reindeer decorated for Christmas with red wreaths glow with white fairy lights at night on a suburban front lawn.

In addition to asking our readers their opinions on inflatables, we also polled them to discover what their favorite yard decor was. While over half of the respondents selected “something else” besides inflatables from our poll options, light up reindeer was the next most popular choice. 112 people responded to the poll, and 39 of them chose this option. Who knows? Maybe they think these will make it easier for Rudolph to guide Santa’s sleigh to their home. Seven of the 112 respondents (or about 6 percent) selected light projectors as their favorite yard decor.

Do you like icicle lights or multi-color bulbs?

Lighted Christmas yard decorations in the neighborhood

Another question on our Instagram poll was, “What’s your outdoor lights preference?” Of the 362 people who saw the poll, 115 people responded. 36 percent (or 41 people) said that they prefer multi-color bulbs, while 64 percent (or 74 people) voted for white icicle lights. Either of these can brighten up your front yard and make it festive. You could also use the two different light types together—with icicle lights along your roofline and multi-color bulbs over your bushes and trees.

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Is there a big ribbon or classic wreath on the front door?

Waiting for Christmas - Red Wooden Front Door Decorated with Wreath, Garlands, Dwarfs, Gifts,...

In addition to decorating their yard—with or without inflatables—and hanging lights along their roof, many people also get into the holiday spirit by decorating their front door. One of the questions in our poll focused on this, asking our readers, “What do you hang on your front door?” Of the 116 people who responded, a whopping 96 percent shared that they stick with a classic wreath when adorning their door for the holiday season. Just 4 percent of respondents stray from tradition and shared that they opt for a big ribbon when decorating their entryway.