The Quickest Projects You Can Complete with Concrete

Check out the fun, functional, and (yes!) fast decor and garden accessories you can create with concrete to add style to your space, indoors and out.

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  1. The Convenience of Concrete

    The Convenience of Concrete

    A strong, durable construction material popular with contractors, concrete is actually very DIY-friendly. Even homeowners with limited concrete experience can transform the material into creative projects that add real value to a home.

    While you do have to give concrete a chance to fully set, big-impact projects take little effort when you start with the right mold and mix. The unique, useful, and stylish items you’ll see here—from tables and lamps to outdoor accessories—can be pulled off in a weekend, thanks to easy-to-use Quikrete products and all the how-to info you’ll need. And because concrete is so darn durable, you’ll be enjoying your creations for years to come. Now, that’s time well spent.

  2. Tip-Proof Dog Bowl

    Tip-Proof Dog Bowl

    Got a messy mongrel? Concrete bowls are just heavy enough to keep Fido from tipping them over, whether you use them as is or as a base for metal bowls. Use a plastic container as a mold, cutting it down to size if necessary. Drill two holes on each side and thread through pieces of rope to serve as handles. Then, mix up some Quikrete 5000, pour it into the mold, tap to banish air bubbles, and firmly press a dog bowl into the wet concrete. When it's set, cut away the plastic and serve that pooch in style. Watch how it's done in this video tutorial. via Quikrete and Home Made Modern

  3. Pretty Pathway

    Pretty Pathway

    Keeping off the grass just got a lot easier! Build a fab faux cobblestone path in only hours with the Quikrete Walkmaker (an ingenious two-foot-square reusable plastic mold), an 80-pound bag of Quikrete Crack Resistant Concrete Mix, and a splash of Quikrete Liquid Cement Color for a decorative touch. After mixing up a wheelbarrow full of concrete, simply sit the form on the ground, fill, and smooth before you lift it off for the next square. The mold doesn't need to stay in place for the concrete to keep its shape as it cures, which means that you'll be at the end of your path in just a couple of hours.

  4. Fire 'Em Up!

    Fire 'Em Up!

    Transform a blah backyard into the setting for a memorable bash with in-ground DIY copper tiki torches that are always at the ready. To securely support each torch, dig a hole, then fill partway with gravel and the rest of the way with Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix. This unique mix requires no more effort on your part—just add the pole (or, in this case, a length of PVC pipe to hold the torch) and water. After just a few hours, insert the torch, fill with fuel, and light up the night. via Quikrete and Home Made Modern

  5. Posh Planter

    Posh Planter

    The gray gradient created by layers of concrete lends subtle nuance to this impressive indoor/outdoor planter. The varying shades come from blending separate batches of white Quikrete Countertop Mix with different amounts of Quikrete Liquid Cement Color. Fill the mold (made from nested plastic planters) from darkest to lightest, or vice versa, and be resigned to live with air bubbles in the concrete, because shaking to release them could diminish the ombré effect. Check out this video for more detail on molding the perfect new piece. Then, get growing! via Quikrete and Home Made Modern

  6. Garden Guard

    Garden Guard

    Landscaping looks enviably tidy within defined borders—and it’s smart to build them out of durable concrete, which won’t rot, warp, or deteriorate. While you’ll find detailed instructions in this video tutorial, the project essentially involves digging a trench four to six inches wide, then positioning ¼-inch plywood forms and staking them securely. Prepare and pour Quikrete Crack Resistant Concrete Mix into the forms, smooth with a trowel, then seal. Once the concrete is set, remove the forms and admire your killer curb appeal.

  7. Special Effect

    Special Effect

    For stone-cold style, add this lamp to your decor. You'd never know it, but a plastic spaghetti canister serves as the mold for the base, with a piece of PVC pipe centered inside to leave space for the wiring. Fill with Crack Resistant Quikrete Concrete and cut away the plastic when set. Mix marbleizing medium, available at art supply stores, with acrylic paint and spoon over the base, tilting this way and that to create the swirled effect. A touch of gold adds refinement. via Yuni Min

  8. Hang On

    Hang On

    They say it’s hip to be square, but these geometric coat hooks are even hipper, lending sleek style and organization to any wall you choose. To make your hooks, glue a template to cardboard, paint it, and then cut it out and fold to form a mold, leaving room for a bracket that will attach the finished hook to the wall. Seal the paper mold with duct tape so your concrete won't seep out. After it has cured for at least 20 hours, your modern hook—or, as we like to think of it, three-dimensional wall art—is ready to hang.

  9. Hold the Phone

    Hold the Phone

    So you wrecked a work glove and now have a single lying around? Put it to use in a whole new way to create this handy cellphone stand. A small batch of concrete poured into the glove gives it enough life to arrange into a position that will display your device. Once the concrete is set, remove the glove and you’re good to go, with a handy-dandy piece of art you can enjoy while reading recipes, streaming videos, or following DIY tutorials. via Catie Chiro

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