These 8 Vanished Home Trends Have Returned

When we said goodbye to old trends of the 1970s, like crunchy orange shag carpeting, or to the dark, omnipresent wood veneer paneling of the 1980s, many of us would never have imagined that these trends would come back. But they have—and they're better than ever. Find out which old trends are proving that they deserve a second chance.

Never Say Never

Vintage Style Dining Room

“Just wait long enough, and it’ll come back in style.” It’s true for home trends as well as clothing fashions. Once-passé brass is making a comeback, as are bold wallpaper, shag carpet, and wall paneling. Everything old is new. Again.

Record Cabinets

Vintage Record Cabinets

For many, vinyl LPs never get old. But even the cabinets that once stored them in dens and living rooms are coming back into fashion. A record cabinet from the 1950s or '60s offers great storage and simple lines that work well with the modern minimalist design and decor we’re enjoying this decade.

Tin Ceilings

Tin Ceiling Tiles

Once a staple in 19th- and early-20th-century buildings, tin ceilings are making a comeback in home design. Now available in 30-gauge steel, which is more durable and stands up to a variety of finishing treatments, tin ceilings can add that extra distinctive pop to any room.

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Bold Wallpapers

New Wallpaper Designs

In the 1990s, we all spent long weekends stripping away the heavy floral wallpaper of the 1980s. But wallpaper is returning, in bold, modern patterns. And the best part is, even if you can’t commit to it in large quantities, you can still find a place for it. Bring a visual pop to a room by papering a single wall or the back of a bookcase for an accent.

Brass Accents

Brass Faucets

From hardware to faucets to light fixtures to range hoods, brass is back... but with a sleek, modern look. The color and warmth of brass serve as counterpoint to cool-toned finishes and minimalist design. And there's a place for brass in almost any room, be it the kitchen, bathroom, or living space.

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Shag Carpeting

Shag Carpet in Living Room

Wall-to-wall shag was a decorating staple of the 1970s. It's back, this time in area rugs that can cozy up any room. Today’s updated shags are manufactured to show fewer footprints and vacuum marks, making them a great option for active and family lifestyles.

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Wall Paneling

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Wood paneling has returned with a vengeance. And not without reason. It’s a warm and earthy complement to cooler modern styles. Don’t be afraid—the dark composite panels you remember from your youth have given way to stunning accent walls of reclaimed wood, and paneling hung horizontally rather than vertically.

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Shaker Cabinets

Painted Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are back in—and starting to replace the high-gloss minimalist cabinets installed in kitchens over the last few years. No longer just for farmhouse-style kitchens, the new look for Shaker is sleeker, with painted finishes and simpler hardware.

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Painted Finishes

Painted Dresser

Painted finishes on furniture are cool again. The new trend invites you to be adventurous with bold, bright colors. This is great news for thrift store shoppers and tag sale aficionados. Nearly any vintage piece can be tailored to suit your design style with an inexpensive makeover and updated hardware.

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