These Are the Places with the Best Weather in America

From scorching heat to bone-chilling cold, unbearable weather conditions wreak havoc throughout the United States. Yet some fortunate towns enjoy blissful climates in all seasons, making them ideal vacation or retirement destinations. We scoured climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) regarding cloud cover, sunlight, and temperature to pinpoint 20 cities with the best year-round weather patterns. Time to start packing for your next weekend getaway!

  1. Jackson, Kentucky

    Weather in Jackson, Kentucky

    Named after our nation's seventh president, Andrew Jackson, this Kentucky city boasts a humid subtropical climate. Every year, Jackson sees only 14 days above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, no more than 80 days below 32 degrees, and 170 clear or partly cloudy days—perfect for a casual baseball or soccer game at Douthitt City Park!

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  2. Wallops Island, Virginia

    Weather in Wallops Island, Virginia

    Despite its location on the notoriously frigid Eastern Seaboard, this community experiences no more than 72 below-freezing days each year. But Wallops Island doesn’t suffer from too much heat, either; the thermostat surges above 90 degrees on just 13 days every year. Take advantage of the weather by visiting NASA's Wallops Flight Facility, a rocket launch site on the island. 

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  3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Weather in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Oklahoma City’s moniker, "The Big Friendly," reflects both its affable residents and pleasing weather patterns. In fact, the affordable capital city offers one of the most temperate climates in the Midwest, averaging only 71 days at or above 90 degrees, 76 days below freezing, and a whopping 235 clear or partly cloudy days every year.

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  4. Vero Beach, Florida

    Weather in Vero Beach, Florida

    Can't take the Florida heat ? Then set your sights on Vero Beach, which experiences only 59 days above 90 degrees and one day below freezing annually. Also, because the sun shines roughly 232 days each year in this Atlantic Coast city, it's almost always the perfect time to visit the three public beaches!

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  5. Hilo, Hawaii

    Weather in Hilo, Hawaii

    Thanks to its tropical rainforest climate, Hilo never reaches the scorching temperatures you might expect in a town that overlooks two volcanoes. Instead, the mercury rises above 90 degrees on average just once per year, and the town enjoys clear or partly cloudy skies on 168 days to boot.

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  6. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

    Weather in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

    Home to the 1,273-person community of Buxton, Cape Hatteras sits on a bend of the barrier islands of the Outer Banks. But while the waters of the Outer Banks, the site of countless shipwrecks, are known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic, Cape Hatteras itself is a calm and temperate place. The forecast most days calls for clear or partly cloudy skies, and temperatures rarely go above 90 degrees or below freezing.

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  7. Santa Maria, California

    Weather in Santa Maria, California

    Sunset Magazine touted Santa Maria as the source of  "The West's Best BBQ"—and, appropriately, it has a climate that's perfect for enjoying a cookout. Not only does this city near the California coast enjoy 286 clear or partly cloudy days each year, but temperatures veer outside the range of 90 degrees and freezing on only 21 days.

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  8. Miami, Florida

    Weather in Miami, Florida

    From Little Havana to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami’s attractions are flooded with abundant sunshine during 70 percent of daylight hours. When temperatures rise above 90 degrees—which happens roughly 67 days each year—the city's residents can retreat to nearby beaches, such as Lummus Park, Surfside, or Hobie.

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  9. Bishop, California

    Weather in Bishop, California

    With only 75 cloudy days annually, Bishop served as the film backdrop for Wild West flicks like "Will Penny" with Charlton Heston and "Three Faces West" with John Wayne. Nowadays, Bishop is known as a resort town, thanks in part to the 90-degree-plus temperatures it receives for 91 days each year. 

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    Wikimedia Commons via Bishopvisitor

  10. Stockton, California

    Weather in Stockton, California

    Though Stockton was founded in the wake of the California Gold Rush, its temperate climate and sunny skies probably make today's residents feel as though they've struck the mother lode every day. The perfect weather also encourages the city’s 307,000 residents to catch a game at Banner Island Ballpark or take the kids to Pixie Woods, a popular children's attraction in the area.

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  11. West Palm Beach, Florida

    Weather in West Palm Beach, Florida

    Thanks to West Palm Beach's tropical rainforest climate, you can explore its 17 historic neighborhoods without breaking a sweat—as long as you avoid touring on the 72 days each year when temperatures exceed 90 degrees. 

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  12. Key West, Florida

    Weather in Key West, Florida

    Located 90 miles north of Cuba, Key West avoids the searing heat and humidity that plague mainland Florida's tourist hot spots like Fort Myers and Orlando. The four-mile-long island experiences 49 days of 90-degree-plus temperatures, no days below freezing, and 259 days of clear or partly cloudy skies each year.

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  13. Los Angeles, California

    Weather in Los Angeles, California

    City dwellers caught in the region's notorious traffic can roll down their windows to indulge in Los Angeles’s best feature: its weather. In a typical year, Los Angeles enjoys sunshine during 73 percent of daylight hours, clear or partly cloudy skies 263 days per year, and temperatures that practically never dip below freezing.

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  14. Long Beach, California

    Weather in Long Beach, California

    Sunny blue skies are the norm in this Southern California town, which boasts 278 days unobstructed by clouds each year. What’s more, the city averages only one day of freezing temperatures annually—perfect for those looking to escape the cold!

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  15. Kahului, Hawaii

    Weather in Kahului, Hawaii

    Kahului's malls and markets are a mecca for fashionistas in need of retail therapy. But if you opt instead for outdoor attractions like Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary or Kanaha Beach Park, rest assured that neither the heat nor the cold will mar your day. That's because, on average, the island town sees no more than 23 days of 90-degree temperatures and zero days of freezing temperatures each year.

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  16. Lihue, Hawaii

    Weather in Lihue, Hawaii

    Neither extreme heat nor bitter cold plague this tropical town, where temperatures always linger at near-perfect levels. But since Lihue receives sunshine during 58 percent of daylight hours, you'll want to settle down in the shade of one of its famous palm trees to get a little shelter from the rays. 

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  17. Sacramento, California

    Weather in Sacramento, California

    Sacramento's tree canopy, thought to be the largest in the nation, deserves some credit for the city's moderate year-round temperatures, which are both a boon for local residents and a draw for tourism. Expect to dress lightly when you visit such attractions as the State Capitol, the California State Railroad Museum, and Sutter's Fort State Historic Park.

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  18. San Francisco, California

    Weather in San Francisco, California

    Want to visit the Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman's Wharf? If so, you'll probably reap the benefits of San Francisco's typically sunny days and cloudless skies. If you happen to visit during a rare rainfall—they occur just 67 days per year—simply don a windbreaker until the skies clear up again.

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  19. Honolulu, Hawaii

    Weather in Honolulu, Hawaii

    Honolulu's motto, "Haʻaheo No ʻO Honolulu," which translates to “The Pride of Honolulu,” might as well refer to its trifecta of desirable weather conditions: cloudless skies, moderate temperatures, and plenty of sun. Expect a picture-perfect forecast if you’re planning a tropical trip to Hawaii’s capital city!

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  20. San Diego, California

    Weather in San Diego, California

    Water sports enthusiasts love San Diego’s deep-water harbor, world-famous waves, and idyllic weather conditions. The city sees sunshine for 70 percent of daylight hours, and because temperatures never dip below 32 degrees in an average year, swimming or surfing outings are rarely spoiled by the forecast. 

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