These Companies Want to Make Your Home Improvement Projects Easier

Are you moving into a new place and need help getting things done? Or maybe you’re ready for a design refresh, but you’re not sure where to start? These 10 companies stand ready to help you achieve your home improvement dreams, with projects that meet your needs and let your vision shine.

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Havenly—Digital Design Help à la Pinterest

Are you aching to change up your living room decor, but you’re struggling with basics like paint colors and furniture arrangement? Havenly’s online design service will work with you to turn your dull, outdated room into something that’s uniquely you. The service operates within your budget and offers a variety of product options to make your design dreams a reality

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TapPainter—Try Before You Buy

Is it time for a little color swap? Before you spring for a can of paint and get to work, the TapPainter app for iOS lets you visualize the new color in your interior space so you can make sure it’s exactly what you want. It’s easy: Just snap a picture of the room, then try on a variety of paint colors from known brands. The app harnesses the power of physics to produce accurate color representations. 

Decorated—Curated Home Decor in a Box

Do you like to update your decor frequently but lack the budget for repeated design overhauls? Consider signing up with Decocrated. Every three months, you’ll receive a subscription box filled with curated items to enhance your space and keep it on trend. The small accessories are designed to work together seamlessly and blend in with most decorative styles. 

Stikits—Budget Wood Upgrades with a Sleek, Finished Look

Wood is a timeless design material that’s not going out of style anytime soon. With Stikits, you can easily bring the warm look of wood to a variety of surfaces throughout the home. Use these peel-and-stick reclaimed wood planks on walls, ceilings, and backsplashes. You can even give your old IKEA furniture a new look, assemble a headboard, or jazz up your coffee table. Best of all, you won’t need power tools or DIY expertise for installation. 

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Clare—All-in-One Paint Set

If you’re new to DIY, it can be a challenge to figure out what tools you need when it’s time to tackle a new project—for instance, painting a room. Why spend time at the hardware store gathering up what you think you might need when you can purchase a convenient kit that has it all? Clare paint kits include the painting basics—roller frame and cover, paintbrush, metal tray, and plastic tray liner—all for just $25.

IKEA – Headache-Free Kitchen Upgrade

Renovating a kitchen is no easy task. A kitchen remodel is, after all, one of the most time-consuming and expensive projects a homeowner undertakes. Not to worry! IKEA kitchen services can help you achieve your dream kitchen. They offer planning, measurement, and installation services; pick what you need or use all three to take a little more of the pressure off your shoulders.

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Photo Measures—Measurements in Your Pocket

Do you carefully write down your room dimensions before you head to the furniture store, only to lose the scrap of paper before you even get there? Or worse yet, do you skip the writing altogether and assume you’ll remember the measurements? With the Photo Measures app (available on iOS and Android devices), you’ll never again have to jot down figures on paper. Take a photo of a room or object, then add measurements and notes right on the photo. You’ll always have the measurements on hand, whether you’re at the hardware store or talking to your contractor.

Tempaper Designs—Beautiful, No-Fuss Wallpaper Solutions

The right wallpaper can really make a room, whether it covers just an accent wall or the entire space. But wallpaper is a commitment. Putting it up can be time-consuming and painstaking, and when you tire of the look, removing it can be an irritating chore. Tempaper has come to the rescue with its line of self-adhesive, repositionable, removable wallpaper. With more than 200 trendsetting designs, this peel-and-stick paper is ideal for apartment dwellers who need an easily removable wallcovering option.

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Smith—Let the Contractors Come to You

Finding a trustworthy, reputable contractor has always been a challenge, but the Smith Home Remodel & Repair app or website can help you avoid disaster and disappointment. After you upload details and photos of your home improvement project, the service matches you with multiple professionals within 24 hours. The app also allows users to easily compare quotes and pick a contractor without all the fuss.

Home Depot—Window Treatments Taken Care Of

Choosing window treatments can be an overwhelming prospect. You have to measure accurately and decide on a style of window treatment, and then you have to deal with installation. The myriad product options make it tough for even the most design-savvy homeowner to proceed with confidence. Fortunately, The Home Depot offers a convenient measure-and-install service with Kirsch Custom Window Coverings that leaves the detail work to professionals. The hardware giant also provides other home service programs for those who need a little more style help in dressing their windows.

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