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11 Products That Will Finally Bring Your Home Peace and Quiet

These smart buys will help restore calm to your home.

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Create Some R&R at Home

Your home is your sanctuary from the world, so it’s natural that you want it to be a zen place when you walk through the door. But the existing noise levels, lighting, temperature, and even smells of your house might make you feel uneasy or on edge rather than relaxed in your residence. To boost feelings of calm and comfort at home, scoop up these items that will soothe the senses.

Drown Out the Annoyances

Is the sound of crickets, passing cars, or the TV in the next room keeping you up at night? Turn on the Lectrofan sound machine to dampen the disturbance and fall asleep fast. With the push of a button, the AC- or USB-powered white noise maker plays 10 fan sounds and 10 ambient sounds at your preferred volume to mask environmental sounds and help you snooze in silence. Available on Amazon; $45.95.

Create the Right Ambiance

Whether you’re hard at work, reading, or unwinding before bed, different tasks demand different levels of lighting. Enter the Philips Hue Smart Dimming Kit—a wireless dimming system that allows you to control the light output of 10 Philips Hue smart bulbs from a switch or a separate Philips Hue Hub. The kit includes one energy-saving white bulb to get you started; just stick the dimmer to a wall, screw in the bulb, then choose from one of four lighting modes ranging from a bright “focus” mode to a soft “relaxed” mode. Available on Amazon; $29.99.

Block It All Out

While ordinary curtains boost interior aesthetics, these triple-weave blackout curtains block UV rays, keep the heat and the cold out, and even reduce outdoor noise—all for an affordable price point. The grommet-top design of the polyester curtains means you can hang them on any standard curtain rod, while six curtain sizes and 20 colors allow you to customize the look of the window treatment to suit any interior design scheme. Available on Amazon; $46.95.

Simulate the Sun

Forgo the incessant beep of an alarm clock and start rising to the soft glow of a natural sunrise with this wake-up light alarm clock from Phillips SmartSleep. The clock emits light that simulates the color and ambiance of the sun, gradually waking you up to the vibrant hue of a sunrise and sending you off to sleep with the subdued light of a sunset. It also offers five wake-up sounds and an FM radio, and doubles as a light therapy lamp to maintain your energy and well-being even on cloudy days. Available on Amazon; $107.99.

Make a Buffer

A gap between the bottom of a door and the floor, however small, is an invitation for irritations. With exterior doors, this opening allows in cold air and encourages heat to escape, spiking your heating bills and reducing your indoor comfort. Inside, this space lets voices carry and lights glow regardless if the door is closed. This under-door draft blocker from deeToolMan keeps in the heat and blocks those other annoyances. All you have to do is push the insulating tube under the door and stick the adhesive strip to the base of the door. Available on Amazon; $16.99.

Stop the Slams

Escape the daily din of cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, and home office slamming shut with the help of these sound-dampening bumpers from GorillaGrit that are designed to provide a quiet close for cabinet components. The button shape of each bumper absorbs and dampens sound, while the rubber material cushions the impact area to prevent a more sonorous slam and prolong the life of your cabinets. The clear, self-adhesive bumpers stick to a range of cabinet materials, from wood to glass, and with 100 in a pack, you can stick the extras to the bottom of vases and other accents to stave off furniture scratches. Available on Amazon; $9.97.

Add a Gentle Touch

For a sleek solution to noisy cabinet doors with self-closing hinges, install this cabinet door adapter damper from Rok in the upper corner of a cabinet frame with a single screw to ensure quiet cabinet closures. The high-grade plastic accessory with a brushed-nickel finish offers a tension rod to control the cabinet closing speed and a built-in front bumper with a cushion for scratch protection. It supports a wide range of door sizes and weights, so you can quiet the noise in any room of the home. Available from the Home Depot; $58.99 for a 25 pack.

Provide a Little Padding

Wood floors look great, but when it comes to soundproofing they’re subpar. Whether you’re in the other room or on another level, it’s inevitable that you hear clacking heals, creaky steps, and noise bouncing off the hardwood. While a rug softens the sounds, this extra thick rug pad from Rug Pad USA provides an added barrier to really drown out the noise. Place it under your current rug for a plush step and noise buffer. Available on Amazon; $35.50.

Soothe Your Senses

Create a serene, spa-like atmosphere in any room with this five-in-one multi-use aromatherapy device. Add water and essential oil to the unit to use it as an aroma diffuser, an air purifier, or a vaporizer with two mist modes. Use pure water in the 500-mL tank to use it as a humidifier that adds moisture to the air in dry conditions. When using it as a night light, select from seven LED light colors ranging from brighter light for study and work to softer light for slumber. Available on Amazon; $35.99.

Light a Candle

Light the aptly-named Peace + Tranquility jar candle from Chesapeake Bay Candle to let the sweet scent of jasmine waft through the air. Enhanced with essential oils, the soy wax candle helps deodorize the interior with a clean, refreshing scent that neutralizes odors, while the frosted glass allows the flame to be seen from all angles of a room. The tabletop candle boasts a self-trimming wick and enough wax to burn with beauty for up to 50 hours. Available on Amazon; $10.99

Pop in Some Plugs

For when you want to tune others out, but not be in complete silence pop these earplugs from Vibes in your ears. The silicone ear plugs have noise-attenuating filters that screen out noise at specific frequencies to drown out harmful sound while affording crisp audio at other frequencies. The form-fitting, low-profile ear buds fit into ears of any size or shape, while the glass outer shells offers a discreet appearance that no one will notice. Available from The Grommet; $23.98.

How To Create A Peaceful Home

A peaceful home is a happy home.