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Tiny Bath? 8 Space-Smart Color Choices

With smart design choices, even a small bathroom can speak volumes. One of the easiest and most effective ways to amp up a bathroom's appeal is through the judicious use of paint. In fact, some homeowners feel more comfortable experimenting with a bright or unusual palette in a tiny, contained setting than they might in a larger, more public room. Scroll ahead to see 8 examples of small bathrooms where color makes a strong statement.

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Brown / photographer Nat Rea

A sophisticated spin on cottage style, this powder room combines a pretty light brown shade on the upper walls with white beadboard down below. The classic pedestal sink and twin sconces add elegance to the small space.


Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

Citrus shades really pack a punch in a petite bathroom. These homeowners chose a bright tangerine as a focal point for their modern bathroom, keeping the rest of the design minimalist with a simple mirror and boxy floating vanity.

Ocher / photographer Ron Blunt

While straw yellow and ocher are often associated with country bathrooms, this interior turns the hue on its head with a more modern approach, drawing from the color of bar soap. Clean lines and uncluttered surfaces underscore the room’s overall style.

Charcoal Gray

So often we paint tiny nooks white to make them appear larger, but opting for a dark, dramatic wall color like this one—Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain (2134-30) can feel just as serene and space-expanding. It’s all in the details: The hue feels extra glamorous with a detailed mirror, vessel sink, and fringed towel.

Lime Green

Not sold on committing to four full walls of a powerful color like lime? Consider painting just one accent wall in the room—or even in the shower. This energetic look was created by back-painting glass.

Navy Blue

Highlight architectural details like a slanted ceiling using bold, contrasting paint for the walls. Navy blue pops against the white of the ceiling, tub, and white woodwork, elevating this small setting to master-bath status.

Lemon Yellow

The cheerful quality of lemon yellow is undeniable, especially when the color is paired with white details and a classic black-and-white tile pattern on the floor. Consider the color of the room your bathroom opens onto—here, fresh yellow pairs especially well with the soft gray of the bedroom beyond.

Hot Pink

A bold pink commands attention in any room. Prevent the hue from overpowering a small space by balancing its strength with ample white in tiles, woodwork, and textiles. If you’re renovating a modest bath with a linen closet, consider removing the closet and using the space for a double vanity with storage underneath.