Welcome Home: 10 Great Gifts for the New Homeowner

They’ve just moved in, and you’re invited. But what to bring? Here are some of our favorite housewarming gift ideas to help them celebrate their new home.

  1. Seal the Deal

    Return Address Stamp

    Whether it’s used to notify friends of the move or to send a thoughtful thank-you for the great housewarming gift, a box of plain stationery accompanied by a custom stamp will always come in handy.

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  2. Throw Some Comfort

    Throw Blankets

    A cozy cotton throw is a pleasing addition to a new living room or guest room. Because the decor or color scheme may vary, choose a throw with neutral tones like one of these herringbone chenille blankets from Pottery Barn.


  3. Play by the Numbers

    House Numbers

    Help them make a streetside statement with house numbers that stand out. From painted tile to modern metal, the plethora of styles to choose from ensures that you'll find something that suits both the recipients and their neighborhood.


  4. Give to the Garden

    Garden Markers

    If your new homeowners are gardening types, a gift of garden herb markers will help them identify their homegrown harvest year after year. These ceramic stakes work for both outdoor gardens and potted plants.

    etsy.com via fromArtisanHands

  5. Hammer It Out

    All-In-One Tool

    A new home usually comes with lots of little fix-it projects. Give them an all-in-one tool like a classic Swiss Army Knife or this Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool Axe to help tap, tighten, or tug those odd jobs into place.


  6. Welcome With a Wreath

    Succulent Wreath

    Considered a symbol of both welcome and strength, a wreath is a lovely gift for a new homeowner. A living variety like this succulent wreath should last much longer than a traditional evergreen wreath, and can even be transplanted for a happy life in a windowsill container.

    petalandprint.bigc artel.com

  7. Artistry on Display

    Art Print

    Chances are there’s a blank wall or an unadorned corner that needs some inspiration. A tasteful piece of wall art that pays homage to home sweet home will be a long-lasting reminder of their early days in their new abode.


  8. Door-to-Door Delivery

    Welcome Mat

    Nothing puts a personal stamp on a new home like a welcome mat sporting the family initial. And because the doormat from the old place probably didn’t make it onto the moving truck, a fresh replacement will certainly be appreciated.


  9. Offer a Blank Slate

    Cheese Board

    With a new place in which to entertain, your new homeowners will love some unique serving pieces to grace their celebrations and let them really strut their stuff. Just like the new house, this cheese board offers a blank slate on which your friends can make their own imprint.


  10. Bestow a Stowaway

    Seagrass Baskets

    No matter how much purging occurred before the move, there's always going to be more stuff to stash. These simple, stealthy sea grass storage ottomans lend themselves to almost any decor and help manage life’s miscellany.


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