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Wow-Worthy Window Films: 11 Top Picks

Drop the drapes, bump the blinds, and shirk the shutters. Instead, check out these wow-worthy adhesive window films that bring style, comfort, and privacy to your home.

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Monterey Sun Stained Glass


French doors looking a little lackluster lately? The diamond-accented grid pattern of the Monterey Sun Stained Glass Privacy window film will bring some class to your glass. The design works well with traditional, modern, country, and urban decor alike. Prices range from $20.95 (8″x86″) to $95.95 (48″x96″).

Little Village


Bring some whimsy and privacy to a kid’s room with the Little Village print from designer Emma Jeffs. Both PVC- and phthalate-free, this window film protects against UV rays without releasing harmful chemicals in the process. Priced at $86 for a 40″x50″ sheet.

Avalon Etched Glass


If you want a sophisticated, upscale look and improved privacy, but you’d still like some visibility through your windows, consider the Avalon Etched Glass film. It filters UV rays and is easy to trim to size. Prices range from $28.50 (24″x48″) to $84.95 (48″x96″).

Atlantis Stained Glass


If you crave the look of stained glass without the cost or commitment, consider the Atlantis Stained Glass window film. Aqua tones paired with white create a beautiful leaded-glass pattern that offers opacity with maximum privacy, day or night. Priced from $26.95 (24″x43″) to $89.95 (48″x86″).

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Add style and privacy to any room with the Moroccan-inspired Otto window film by designer Emma Jeffs. Finally, the look of patterned tiles without the commitment! PVC- and phthalate-free, this pattern is eco and aesthetically friendly, and ready to be shown off anywhere from a kitchen window to a front door. Priced at $86 for a 40″x50″ sheet.

Color Tint


Coordinate your windows with your decor by using a Color Tint Window Film, available in eight hues—from Dusty Rose to Sky Blue—in either privacy or see-through styles. Adding color highlights to your home has never been easier. Privacy priced from $9.95 (24″x14″) to $42.95 (24″x86″); see-through priced from $9.95 (24″x14″) to $75.95 (48″x86″).

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Tucson Semi-Private


Chevron motifs may be in style at the moment, but we say they’ve always been a classic. Featuring frosted chevrons covering over 85 percent of the design, the Tucson Semi-Private film provides privacy both day and night. Prices range from $29.95 (24″x48″) to $86.95 (48″x96″).

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Naples Etched Glass Border


For windows, doors, and mirrors that could use a little definition, the Naples Etched Glass Border adds a decorative floral accent. Each package contains two 4″x48″ borders. Priced at $12.95.

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Tudor Leaded Glass


Enjoy the timeless elegance and historic style of the Tudor Leaded Glass window film. The see-through version features a leading line grid on a clear film. The privacy version combines a light frost with the leading grid to obscure visibility. Either way, take pleasure in both the beauty of the design and the UV protection it affords. Priced from $19.95 (8″x86″) to $79.95 (48″x86). 

Orleans Leaded Glass (See-Through)


Privacy isn’t the only function of a full-size window film. Case in point: Orleans Leaded Glass in the see-through style will add architectural detail to any glass surface. Available in a range of colors, including gold, black, ruby, and frosted lead lines. Priced from $19.95 (8″x78″) to $74.95 (48″x78″).

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Eden Etched Glass Corner Accent


If your window and view are nearly perfect but need a little something extra, accent them with a corner film. The Eden Etched Glass Corner Accent adds a custom flair to windows, doors, and even glass tables. Each package contains four corners. Priced at $12.95.

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