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Is the Jolie Shower Head Worth the Investment? Check Out Our Review!
I live outside the city: not quite in the country with rolling acres, but definitely in a rural enough location to ha...
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The Best Freestanding Tub Faucets of 2023
Stand-alone tubs are hugely popular, and they demand equally stylish freestanding tub faucets to complete a coordinat...
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Types of Toilets to Know for Your Next Bathroom Renovation
While toilets aren’t the most popular topic of conversation, they’re something we all use on a daily basis. Some toil...
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The Best Shower Kits
Whether folks hop into the shower to rev up for the day or to relax into the evening, they deserve a personal experie...
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9 Types of Bathtubs Every Homeowner Should Know
Whether you are remodeling an existing bathroom or adding a new one to your home, the type of bathtub you install can...
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Go for (Brushed) Gold: 10 Gold Fixtures for Your Kitchen or Bath Reno
Hoping to set your space apart from the rest? For a winning kitchen or bath design, consider adding modern brushed gold fixtures.
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The Best Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure of 2023
Few things in life are as relaxing and rejuvenating as a hot shower, just as few things in life are as disappointing ...
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The Best Toto Toilets of 2023
Toto is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of toilets and toilet technology. Established in 1917...
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The Best LED Ceiling Lights
Light-emitting diode (LED) technology offers bright illumination while using a fraction of the electricity used by in...
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What’s the Difference? Chrome vs. Brushed Nickel
Updating hardware and fixtures such as faucets, taps, and cabinet pulls can change the look of your kitchen or bathro...
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The Best Shower Filters of 2023
A home’s water supply may contain heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and bacteria, according to the Centers for Disease C...
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The Best Night Lights of 2023
A night light is no longer just a simple plug-in used in a child’s room to soothe fear of the dark. The best night li...
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The 11 Best Shower Faucets to Add Style and Function to Your Bathroom
A shower faucet is an integral part of any bathroom. The best shower faucet for a bathroom should suit personal taste...
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The Best Bathroom Faucets of 2023
Bathroom faucets are one of the most heavily used fixtures in a home, often used throughout the day from washing in t...
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Bob Vila Radio: Replacing a Shower Diverter
You know that little knob on top of the bathtub spout? It's tiny but not insignificant, as it performs the vital role...
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Master Bathroom Tub, Tile, and Low-Flow Toilet Installation
In the master bath, Bob reviews the appropriate design choices made by homeowner and contractor Nick Beasley for this period home. A new low-flush toilet is insta...
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Installing Custom Shower Doors, Bath Hardware, and CO Detectors
Bob reviews the bathrooms, discusses the importance of carbon monoxide detectors, and highlights some fun touches in the basement, such as his mini wine cellar an...
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Building a Privacy Fence and Touring the Completed Kitchen
Bob reviews the progress of his western red cedar custom fence, designed to provide privacy and block the carport from the neighbors’ view.
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Retrofitting a Gas Light
Bob meets electrician Barry Driscoll, who is retrofitting an old gas light fixture to make a modern electrical one. Then Bob meets with lighting consultant Penny ...
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Installing Tumbled Marble Tile in the Shower
Tile is installed in the master bathroom’s shower area. A flashback reviews the waterproofing work that was done to prevent leaks.
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Touring the Kohler Showroom and Factory in Kohler, WI
Bob tours the showroom with the founder’s great-granddaughter, and then visits the factory to see how the vitreous china is manufactured.
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Reviewing the Front Porch, and Installing Interior Columns and a Vanity
Bob reviews the Victorian design elements of his front-corner porch and the interior columns that echo the exterior ones, and then watches the turn-of-the-century...
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Planning Exterior and Interior Lighting, Storage Solutions, and Interior Decorating
A high-tech lighting control system is reviewed, as well as furniture, storage, and decorating choices in various rooms.
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Installing Exterior Lighting
Landscape lighting is installed in the front and back yards.
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Building a Template for a Kitchen Countertop
Scott Lawyer makes a template for a Corian kitchen countertop and installs the sink section, Andrea Johnson discuss Corian colors.
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Plumbing Fittings and Faucets, Energy Star, Whole-House Surge Protection
Bob works with Bob and Dan Gerry to install kitchen sink fixtures. Then the ceiling fan is put in and a Square D All House Surge Arrester is installed.
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Ultra Low-Flow Toilet Installed
Lenora Campos shows Bob a Toto energy-efficient toilet.
Tag icon video
Installing Bathroom Fixtures
Bob meets with Lenora Campos of Toto USA, the largest toilet manufacturer in the world. Campos introduces Toto's Mercer line of residential fixtures, giving speci...
Tag icon video
Toto Low-Flow Toilet
Bob meets with Lenora Campos from Toto USA, a leader in water technology and the largest toilet manufacturer in the world. Campos introduces Bob to the dual-flush...
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Reviewing the Penthouse Living Area & Kitchen
Bob surveys the interior decorating of the penthouse apartment, as well as the top-quality materials and appliances in the kitchen. Also, Bob learns about the dif...
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Demolition Review and Shower Installation
With much of the demolition having been completed, Bob walks through an open, loft-like space, which was dark and cramped feeling pre-demolition. Carlos Leuchtman...
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Installing a Toto One-Piece Toilet
Bob watches the installation of a low-flow Toto toilet with a sleek design. The installation is simple, thanks to a special flange that reconfigures the tradition...
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Installing Moen Faucets in the Bathroom Vanity
Carlos Leuchtmann of Blue Ridge Plumbing joins Bob to install a faucet and handles from the Moen Kingsley line.
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Installing the Dishwasher, Sink, and Garbage Disposal
Plumbing and heating contractor Doug Buchanan is ready to install the Kenmore Elite dishwasher and the Kohler Dickinson sink (with garbage disposal).
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Installing a Pedestal Sink
Mario Taormina of N. Pagano Plumbing installs the Totl pedestal sink in the bathroom of the Manhattan Brownstone.
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Reviewing the Bathroom Tile and Fixtures
Bob looks at the finished wall tile from Shaw in a second-floor bathroom at the Vermont farmhouse project site.
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Installing Recessed Lighting Fixtures
Barry Driscoll (from Driscoll Electric) is installing some new Lightolier recessed fixtures specially designed for use in remodels.
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Tour of the Home's Exterior, Lighting Design, and Completed Kitchen
Bob tours the exterior of the completed Victorian restoration project house, remarking on the color scheme, breezeway, and artist's studio. Inside the house, Bob ...
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Bathroom Fixtures Installed
Dave Kohler installs a Kohler lavatory in the Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build project house.
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Lamp Making and Landscaping
Bob explores the practice of custom lamp making and learns more about the outdoor fireplace.
Tag icon video
Tiling the Shower
Bob touches base with Eddie Zywusko, the mason and tilesetter, working in the loft apartment's L-shaped shower.
Tag icon video
Marble Countertop Installation
Bob checks in with Greg Rockland, the plumber installing a marble countertop in the loft conversion unit.
Tag icon video
Lighting Design Discussed
Bob exhibits a complete proper lighting plan of the loft project and looks on as a suspended track lighting system is suspended in the bedroom. Also, lighting des...
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Lighting Plan
Bob goes over the lighting plan with designer Markus Earley, then meets with electrician Tony Zwain to learn how electricity is distributed throughout the building.
Tag icon video
Installing Recessed Lighting
Ed House (from Cliff Electrical Contractors) is installing recessed lighting.
Tag icon video
Wheelchair-Accessible Toilet Installation
Bob talks with Gerry Folan, the plumber who is installing a specially designed wheelchair-accessible toilet. Phil Boggs (from Kohler) discusses the unique feature...
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Mahogany Deck and Kitchen Appliances
Carpenter Bob Ryley works on the mahogany deck, while new kitchen appliances are installed and the lighting and cabinets undergo examination.
Tag icon video
Bathroom Remodel
Pat and Roger Simons, the owners of the second house in the Elmwood project, review the goals of their bathroom remodel.
Tag icon video
Final Tour of the Completed Second Home in the Project
The second home in the Elmwood project, a Colonial Revival, is complete, after the second-floor bathroom gets a new vanity, new doors for the laundry closet, and ...
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Installing High-Gloss Laminate Cabinets and Surell Countertops
Cabinetry and countertops are brought in for this attic conversion project, and fiber-optic lighting is installed.
Tag icon video
Plumbing in the Bathroom and Wiring in the Kitchen
Plumber Kevin Hanley reviews the installation process for a pedestal sink and antique toilet in the new half-bath. And electrical wiring is pulled through the wal...
Tag icon video
Restoring the Vintage Bathtub With Synthetic Porcelain
Bob discusses the chemicals and process used to clean and restore the home's vintage bathtub. And a new finish of synthetic porcelain is applied to the pedestal s...
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Installing a Wood Kitchen Countertop
Bob and carpenter Cortney Lofton install a counter around a new apron-front Kohler sink.
Tag icon video
Adding Adjustable Legs and Toekick to the Bathroom Vanity
Bob meets with contractor Bill Wilcox, who is assembling the bathroom vanities, giving them legs and a toekick.
Tag icon video
Installing Track Lighting
Track lighting is installed in the automotive portion of the garage, and Bob reviews the bulbs, hardware, and mounting techniques used.
Tag icon video
Progress Update and Pedestal Sink Installation
Bob reviews progress in the kitchen, where pantry space and a tin ceiling have been installed, and where contractor Bob Ryley continues working on the staircase. ...
Tag icon video
Shirley-Eustis Colonial Governor's Mansion Tour
Bob meets with Lynn from the Shirley-Eustis Colonial Governor's Mansion Association. Together they tour the Federal-style home, noting an Irish crystal chandelier...
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Unfinished Kitchen
Bob reviews the new staircase in the entry hall before he and contractor Larry Landers tour the kitchen, pointing out where furniture, appliances, and fixtures wi...
Tag icon video
Recessed Lighting Installation
Bob lays out the lighting design for the kitchen. Electrician Steven Bradley shows Bob how to install a high-hat light fixture, from the mounting to the wiring to...
Tag icon video
Installing the Lavatory
Bob observes plumbing contractor Steve Bottazzi install a lavatory (faucet and sink) in a bathroom vanity.
Tag icon video
Installing New Bathroom Fixtures
Since the bathroom has been gutted, plumbers begin to install new fixtures.
Tag icon video
Installing the One-Piece Vanity
Bob helps carpenter-contractor Bob Ryley install a new one-piece acrylic vanity.
Tag icon video
Wiring the Colonial Lantern Fixture
After taking stock of progress that's been made, Bob begins wiring a hanging light fixture for a special colonial lantern in the front hall.
Tag icon video
Hooking Up the Refrigerator Ice Maker
Bob has finished wiring the Colonial-style light fixture in the entryway and, back in the kitchen, the refrigerator ice maker is hooked up.
Tag icon video
The Merchandise Mart
Bob heads to the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago, the largest wholesale design center in the city, to see a selection of bathroom fixtures at K & B Galleries...
Tag icon video
Replacing the Toilet
Plumber Dan Macias replaces the old toilet with a new, high-efficiency model.
Tag icon video
Joining Copper Plumbing
Plumber Tom Higham demonstrates how to join copper plumbing for the bathroom lavatory.
Tag icon video
Building the Bathroom Vanity
Carpentry contractor Bob Ryley builds a bathroom vanity, as Bob goes over some of the floor work with artisan Terry Maiche.
Tag icon video
DIY Light Fixture
General contractor Ron Gan builds an inexpensive do-it-yourself lighting fixture in the bathroom.
Tag icon video
Selecting Light Fixtures
AJ Paron-Wildes (from joins Bob to talk about selecting lighting fixtures. Depending on the room or activity, different fixtures are recommended.
Tag icon video
Sink and Faucet Installation
Frank Lowry of FJ Lowry Plumbing and Heating installs the a Franke tri-flow Corinthian faucet, now that the countertop and sink are in place.
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