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How To: Remove Black Mold
As a naturally occurring and pervasive substance in our world, mold exists in a variety of different forms—many of wh...
How To: Get Mold Out of Carpet
Untreated dampness on carpet—whether caused by a persistent leak, overzealously watered plants, or a not-quite-houset...
Solved! What To Do About Black Mold in the Bathroom
Q: I just went to clean our rental property after the tenant moved out, and I found black mold in the bathroom. Yuck!...
Bob Vila Radio: Do's and Don'ts of Mold Removal
No doubt the best way to manage mold is to prevent it. But if your basement floods and mold gets a head start, there'...
How To: Clean a Shower Curtain
Though your shower curtain performs a valuable service, preventing water from cascading across your bathroom floor, y...
How To: Remove Mold from Wood
Wood, which naturally soaks up and retains water, makes an ideal environment for mold and mildew. If you're dealing w...
How To: Get Rid of Mildew Smell
Among household odors, mildew undoubtedly ranks among the worst. And unfortunately, it's all too common, lurking in t...
How To: Kill Mold
For those who live in a damp climate—or in a poorly ventilated home—mold can be a cause for concern, not only because...
The Dark, Dirty Truth About Household Mold (And How to Rid Yourself of It)
<p>There are few homeowner problems more terrifying than mold. While thousands of molds are part of the natural environment, ghastly examples of it can be lurking...
Quick Tip: Mold Prevention
Because today's new houses are built to allow less air infiltration than older homes, mold growth has become a concer...
Bob Vila Radio: Humidity Gauges
An exhaust fan is a must in a bathroom, because it whisks away the humidity that can allow mold and mildew to grow. N...
How To: Prevent Mold and Mildew
Mold is more prevalent today because the focus on improving energy efficiency resulted in more airtight homes that do...
Quick Tip: DIY Mold Removal
Can You Tackle Mold Removal on Your Own?Mold problems are present in about 4 out of 10 American homes. With the often...
From Wreck Room to Rec Room: Drying Out the Basement
One lesson I learned fast when I bought a house is that a homeowner’s number-one enemy is not the mortgage—it's the w...
Bob Vila Radio: Mold Removal
Four out of ten American homes have a mold problem. If you’ve got an area less than 10 square feet and your household...
Bob Vila Radio: Basement Waterproofing
There’s no such thing as a waterproof basement.  The key is to minimize the water that gets in and get it back out ag...
Bob Vila Radio: Mold Problems
It’s estimated that 40 percent of American homes have a mold problem. LISTENListen  to BOB VILA ON MOLD PROBLEMS, or ...
How To: Dry a Wet Basement
A basement water problem can be as obvious as there being several inches of floodwater standing at the base of the st...
Insulating the Roof and Installing Mold-Resistant Drywall
The roof of the new addition is being insulated – in an environmentally conscious way – to retain the heat from the radiant heating system. Moisture- and mold-res...
Fiberglass Windows, Sliding Glass Patio Doors, and Mold-Growth Prevention
Fiberglass windows and sliding glass patio doors are installed. A trailer is brought in to remove moist air and bring in dry, clean air to prevent mold growth whi...
Finishing Touch: Master Bath Custom Corian Tub Surround
A Corian tub surround is installed in the master bathroom, custom fit through a digital photo template system. Steps are taken to prevent water seepage and bacter...
Keep Water Out of the Basement
Basement drainage systems are installed to control moisture and humidity and to eliminate rot and mildew.
Reworking the Existing Plumbing and Replacing Brass Water Pipes with PEX Tubing
Bob reviews the work done on the existing plumbing in the basement and the replacement of obsolete brass water pipes.
Fixing the Home's Gutter System
Bob reviews how keeping water out of the basement is a central concern in any basement remodeling project.
Fixing Squeaky Floors
Bob talks with a floor expert about how to fix squeaky floors.
Touring a Neighborhood in Melrose
Bob meets with a local real estate broker and with homeowner Sarah Monzon, whose basement will be finished to create additional family space.
Installing a Basement Half-Bathroom
Bob discusses the installation of a basement half-bathroom, including wiring, plumbing, and radiant heating.
Basement Remodeling Update and Installing Subfloor to Prevent Water Damage
Bob discusses the installation of a plastic subfloor to prevent water damage and the selection of a basement dehumidifier.
Fast-Pace Drywall Installation and Mold-Resistant Interior Siding
Bob spends a moment with the drywall contractor before speaking with Thad Goodman of Georgia Pacific. Mr. Goodman tells Bob about the unique, mold-resistant prope...
Moisture Content and Vapor Barrier for Wood Floors
Howard Brickman shows Bob two ways to measure the moisture content of wood.
Blowing In Cellulose Insulation
Bob joins Joe Sheridan (from Energy Guard) to learn more about the US Greenfiber Cocoon cellulose insulation being used in the barn.
Decorative Woodwork Restoration
Bob assists Patty Hettich in stripping paint from decorative woodwork, then making rubber molds to create new details in the Federal-style home.
Bench Construction
The wood has arrived for the perimeter benches, so Bob and contractor Bob Ryley begin constructing the architect-designed benches for the greenhouse. The wood is ...
Cutting the Crud on Your Kitchen Cabinets More_clips
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