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Genius! The DIY Dog Feeder that Doubles as Storage
Pet parents know that there isn't ever a great place to store bulky bags of dry kibble. Closets are typically already...
Bob Vila Radio: Planning a Pet-Friendly Yard
Cats and dogs need just as much time outside as people do, but designing a safe space for pets and protecting your la...
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Cat owners love to spoil their pets, and why wouldn’t they? These cuddly companions with big personalities won’t make...
Pet Hair Everywhere? Finally, a Versatile Solution
Does it only take strangers a quick glance to know there's a Fluffy or Fido in your life? Indeed, the loose strands o...
Weekend Projects: 5 Creative Designs for a DIY Chicken Coops
Scientific studies certainly support the nutritional benefits of the incredible egg, but what they don't detail is wh...
Pet-Proof Your Yard with 5 Tips from a Pro Trainer
The great outdoors is great for everyone, particularly your four-pawed pals. “The home can get boring for pets," says...
Genius! VCR Turned Automatic Pet Feeder
Remember back when successfully programming the VCR felt like a minor triumph? Now imagine how James Larssen of Make ...
Family-Friendly Floors: 5 Top Options for Busy Households
Pets and children put homes to the test. Which types of floors are up to the challenge?
Weekend Projects: 5 Easy-to-Make Pet Beds
Is there a Rufus or Rover in your clan? Even if your pet is allowed on all the soft spots enjoyed by the two-legged m...
Bob Vila Radio: Backyard Chickens
If you’re in the market for fresh, locally raised eggs, you can’t get more local than your own backyard. Here are a f...
Bob Vila's Holiday Gift Guide: Pets
Looking to find gifts for pets, or planning to give pets as gifts? Look no further.
How To: Create a Pet-Friendly Home
If you're a pet lover, odds are that you care enough to add the few touches necessary to make your home your pet's ca...
10 Over-the-Top Ways to Pamper Your Pet
Whether you are a cat or dog lover, you want your pet to feel special. Here are ten ways to pamper your four-legged companion to excess.
Bob Vila Radio: Pet Doors
Today’s pet doors are a far cry from the heat-stealing, wildlife-welcoming, burglary risks of yesteryear. If your yar...
Bark If You Love Architecture!
Man’s best friend gets the royal treatment at Barkitecture Houston.  Being in the doghouse isn’t such a bad thing whe...
"Best in Show" Doghouse Contest Winners!
We celebrate the best runners-up and reveal the victor of this year's competition.
10 Luxurious Doghouses for Your Pampered Pet
If Snoopy's standard doghouse won't cut it for your pooch, browse ten puppy palaces that can even put some human-size houses to shame.
A Special Housewarming Gift
A new puppy is presented as a special house warming gift to homeowner Michelle Hayes and her daughters.