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15 Things Every Pet Owner Needs for a Clean House
Keep your house stocked with these cleaning supplies and accessories to keep the pet hair and odors under control.
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The Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair
Today’s cordless vacuums are lighter weight and take up less storage space than traditional plug-in vacuums, and they...
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The Best Dog Houses for Pets of All Sizes
The best dog house not only shields your pooch from snow and driving rain, but it also offers him a secure space he c...
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Best Pet Hair Removers for Dog and Cat Owners
While pets are often a source of joy, comfort, and companionship, they can also leave a hair-raising load of fur on e...
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The Most Beautiful Chicken Coops We've Ever Seen
As backyard poultry farms gain in popularity, find the coop that works for you, whether you live in the country or in tighter, urban spaces.
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12 Tips from Suburban Homeowners Who Have Started Raising Chickens
Nothing boosts self-sufficiency quite like raising your own chickens. Not only do chicken owners claim that their home-raised eggs taste better than store-bought ...
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5 Things to Know Before Installing a Pet Door
If you worry about your pet not being able to get outside to potty or exercise while you’re gone, or if you’re just w...
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The 25 Most Dangerous Plants for Your Pet
Keep your pets away from these common indoor and outdoor plants that are toxic for cats and dogs.
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The 12 Hidden Expenses of Pet Ownership
There’s nothing like the greeting of a wagging tail and a wet nose at the end of a long day (or maybe an indifferent tail flick if you own a cat). Pets do so much...
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20 Things You Should Never Leave Out in the Yard
With warm weather comes BBQs and yard work, pool parties and garage sales. Keep this list of items in mind before you head inside at night. You will reduce safety...
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For the Dogs: 11 Crazy Home Upgrades Made by Pet Owners
Most pet parents make a few changes to their dwelling when they welcome a new four-legged friend, maybe fencing in the yard, installing a dog door, or putting up ...
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Solved! How Often You Should Actually Be Vacuuming
Q: I only vacuum my floors when I notice them looking dingy. How often should you vacuum?A: Interior designers and hy...
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How To: Remove Pet Hair from Absolutely Everything
Dogs and cats bring happiness to the home, but there's one major downside to sharing your living space with a pet: a blanket of hair that seems to coat every surf...
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Bob Vila Radio: Best-Bet Flooring Options for Pets and Their Owners
Pets may be great companions, but they're not always kind to their owners' homes, and that's especially true of floor...
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20 Common Household Items That May Be Harming Your Pet
As any pet-loving homeowner can attest, playful dogs and fluffy felines liven up the house and enrich our lives. But did you know that many people unwittingly exp...
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How to: Clean a Fish Tank
Generally speaking, aquarium fish make great low-maintenance pets with minimal needs for attention and cleaning—perfe...
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Solved! The Best Flooring for Dogs
Q: I’m considering a complete overhaul of the floors in my home, but I'll need something that stands up over time to ...
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10 House Hacks Every Pet Owner Needs to Know
From fluffy dogs to colorful parrots, animals bring a dose of happiness into our homes. But owning a pet has its challenges, and many time-constrained homeowners ...
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Genius! The DIY Dog Feeder that Doubles as Storage
Pet parents know that there isn't ever a great place to store bulky bags of dry kibble. Closets are typically already...
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Bob Vila Radio: Planning a Pet-Friendly Yard
Cats and dogs need just as much time outside as people do, but designing a safe space for pets and protecting your la...
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Genius! Hide a Litter Box (and Its Mess) in Plain Sight
Cat owners love to spoil their pets, and why wouldn’t they? These cuddly companions with big personalities won’t make...
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Pet Hair Everywhere? Finally, a Versatile Solution
Does it only take strangers a quick glance to know there's a Fluffy or Fido in your life? Indeed, the loose strands o...
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Weekend Projects: 5 Creative Designs for a DIY Chicken Coops
Scientific studies certainly support the nutritional benefits of the incredible egg, but what they don't detail is wh...
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Pet-Proof Your Yard with 5 Tips from a Pro Trainer
The great outdoors is great for everyone, particularly your four-pawed pals. “The home can get boring for pets," says...
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Genius! VCR Turned Automatic Pet Feeder
Remember back when successfully programming the VCR felt like a minor triumph? Now imagine how James Larssen of Make ...
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Family-Friendly Floors: 5 Top Options for Busy Households
Pets and children put homes to the test. Which types of floors are up to the challenge?
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Weekend Projects: 5 Easy-to-Make Pet Beds
Is there a Rufus or Rover in your clan? Even if your pet is allowed on all the soft spots enjoyed by the two-legged m...
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Bob Vila Radio: Backyard Chickens
If you’re in the market for fresh, locally raised eggs, you can’t get more local than your own backyard. Here are a f...
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Bob Vila's Holiday Gift Guide: Pets
Looking to find gifts for pets, or planning to give pets as gifts? Look no further.
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How To: Create a Pet-Friendly Home
If you're a pet lover, odds are that you care enough to add the few touches necessary to make your home your pet's ca...
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10 Over-the-Top Ways to Pamper Your Pet
Whether you are a cat or dog lover, you want your pet to feel special. Here are ten ways to pamper your four-legged companion to excess.
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Bob Vila Radio: Pet Doors
Today’s pet doors are a far cry from the heat-stealing, wildlife-welcoming, burglary risks of yesteryear. If your yar...
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Bark If You Love Architecture!
Man’s best friend gets the royal treatment at Barkitecture Houston.  Being in the doghouse isn’t such a bad thing whe...
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A Special Housewarming Gift
A new puppy is presented as a special house warming gift to homeowner Michelle Hayes and her daughters.
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