Top 10 Ways to Deal with Bees

Here are 10 tips to prevent, or get rid of, a bee infestation in your house.

Getting Rid of Bees

Bob Vila recently contacted me because he had a bee infestation in his attic. I’ve made several visits to his house since then, removing insulation to get to the bee hive, removing the hive, and then cleaning up the honey that was left behind.

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Here are my 10 tips for preventing and dealing with bees in your house:

1)    Keep all foliage (plants, flowers, trees) from touching or leaning against your house.

2)    Make sure there is no water damage around the roofline of your house. (The ideal time to conduct this kind of inspection is before summertime when everything starts blooming.)

3)    If you find bees in your home, do not provoke them.

4)    If confronted, don’t panic or make frantic movements.

5)    Do not breathe heavily near bees.

6)    Do not leave bright lights on.

7)    Do not spray bees.

8)    Do not attempt to seal the opening where the bees are entering or exiting your house.

9)    Call a professional to remove the bee hive and residual honey.

10)  Make sure to schedule your appointment with a bee specialist for an after-dusk removal.