Quick Tip: Why Home Staging Pays

Read our guide for simple home staging suggestions to help your home increase its resale value.

By Bob Vila | Updated Jul 31, 2020 12:36 PM

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Home Staging

Photo: newhomessection.com

Inviting Spaces Sell
Staging your home or creating a clean, well-presented space that draws positive attention can add 15 to 20 percent to the selling price. You can hire a professional stylist or do it yourself. Here are the basics.

Clear Away Clutter
First, clear the junk. Ruthlessly trash clutter and pack away personal items like family photos and knickknacks. Rent a self-storage space for half your furniture. Empty closets and most of the kitchen cabinets and rearrange rooms to show more floor space. Extra storage space in sheds, attics, basements and garages is a very good selling point, so clear them out as well.

Aim for a Clean, Fresh Look
Re-paint areas that show wear and tear or where expressions of personal taste might be distracting, and make the obvious repairs like leaky faucets and cracked window panes. Junk removal services can save a lot of backache and disposal hassles. Scrub everything, including the windows, and let in light and fresh air. Open the drapes. If they’re worn or outdated, take them down.

Set a Nice Stage
Imagine you’re taking photos for a magazine: Fluff the pillows, set the dining room table and never underestimate the power of fresh flowers. Don’t forget the yard. Get rid of any piles of debris, re-seed the lawn, weed the garden and lose that old patio furniture.

Who knows, after all that, you might not want to move!