These 4 Brands Are Bringing AI to Your Kitchen

Build a kitchen of the future with these high-tech built-in and countertop appliances.
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A Samsung refrigerator changes appearances to show beach scenes and a happy family.
Photo: Samsung

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It’s no secret that AI is impacting nearly every aspect of modern life, from how you search the internet to how poetry is written. And that now includes your kitchen appliances. Brands that aim to stay ahead of the technology curve are incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into the stoves, ovens, grills, and toasters in your home. These four brands are at the forefront when it comes to AI-powered kitchen products. 


A sage and marble kitchen features two built-in ranges by LG.
Photo: LG Electronics

LG Electronics has been making technology-driven home appliances for decades, including ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves. In recent years, the brand has put a special emphasis on energy efficiency, and several of the AI features in its newest products are designed to help home cooks reduce their energy usage. 

The Smart Induction Slide In Range, for example, has a Cookware Compatibility Indicator: When users place a piece of cookware, such as a skillet or stockpot, on a heating element on the range, the cooktop rates the cookware’s compatibility with the element. This helps limit heat loss and can speed up the cooking process for home cooks. 

Many of LG’s appliances can also sync with the brand’s ThinQ App via Bluetooth, which allows users to remotely monitor their food and adjust cooking settings as needed. You can also use the app to scan barcodes on participating ready-to-eat meals, and LG microwaves and ovens will take care of heating the dish without help. 


A matte white dishwasher and range match a white and forest green kitchen.
Photo: GE Appliances

According to Rachael Schwartz, Executive Director of built-in cooking at GE Appliances, GE is focused on enhancing its suite of appliances using AI. “Artificial intelligence introduces transformative possibilities for our everyday routines at home,” she says. “Our goal is to make our technologies so intuitive and efficient that they blend seamlessly into your daily life, and we are already leveraging AI as a tool to enhance our products and the cooking experience.” 

High-tech features marries style with appliances like the Built-In Top Control Dishwasher in Matte White. With built-in-WiFi and the brand’s SmartHQ app, users can control, monitor, and get updates from the dishwasher even away from home. Customizable top rack and silverware basket give more spaces for a variety of utensils, including stemware and straws. Sensors and intelligent machine learning give the appliance an edge among the best dishwashers. With each cycle and data gathered, the efficiency and performance improve over time.


A bright blue kitchen has Samsung appliances and a smart refrigerator with door display.
Photo: Samsung

In April, appliance giant Samsung announced an expanded line of Bespoke AI appliances, complete with virtual design tools to add your personal touch to the exterior and your personalized choices to the features of appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, ranges, and microwaves.

The Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub includes an interior camera that tracks fridge inventory, identifies common items, and generates a list of what’s in stock at any given time, simplifying food shopping and meal planning. It will even provide recipe ideas based on what you have on hand. Other options with the Bespoke Refrigerator include custom printed doors with your original photos or designs, as well as a wide variety of colors in glossy, matte, or metallic finishes.


Brava Smart Oven Starter Set.
Photo: Williams-Sonoma

The Brava Smart Oven is a powerful and compact countertop appliance that leverages AI to cook up to three distinct foods at once. In addition to a long list of cooking modes, including roasting, searing, dehydrating, air frying, and slow cooking, the countertop oven also has a built-in interior camera that allows users to check in on cooking progress from anywhere using a smartphone. It also uses three precise temperature sensors that will halt cooking at your desired doneness. The corresponding app is loaded with thousands of recipes you can quickly program into the oven for hands-off, stress-free dinner prep.