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Colorful Kitchen: 9 Brands That Make Appliances in Fun Colors

Add a taste of the rainbow to your cooking space.
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An assortment of colorful countertop appliances by Smeg sit on a wooden counter.

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Color is always in style, but a recent trend report from the National Association of Realtors, following the 2024 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, shows that bright, bold appliances in a rainbow of shades are more popular now than ever. Adding a colorful dishwasher, stand mixer, toaster oven, or range is a fun and on-trend way to freshen up your kitchen without getting out the paintbrushes. 

And the good news is that many of our favorite appliance brands are on board. If you’re looking to add a splash of whimsy to your kitchen, check out these bright-colored appliances from leading brands. 

1. Café

A green dual fuel range stands in a kitchen with green cabinets.

The commercial-style dual fuel range from Café comes in a breathtaking rich emerald green with brushed brass finishes. It’s a true statement piece among dual fuel ranges that will become the center point of any kitchen. 

According to Erica Bovard, Senior Brand Director at Café, “Green isn’t just a color, it’s a reflection of the dynamic shift in kitchen aesthetics and a testament to our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in kitchen design.” She added that Café is “dedicated to offering our customers a world of choices, from our one-of-a-kind finishes to our customizable hardware. With the vibrant Emerald Green range, we’re taking kitchen design to new heights, giving you the power to express your personal style through your kitchen.”

Get the Cafe Commercial-Style 5.7 cu. ft. Smart Air Fry Convection Oven Dual Fuel Range at P.C. Richard & Son for $7,739.97.

2. Fritaire

A blue Fritaire glass bowl air fryer sits on a white background next to other color options.

Fritaire is a peppy small kitchen appliance brand with a hero product that comes in a range of bright, fun shades. The Fritaire air fryer looks good enough to display on your counter at all times, thanks to colors like sage green and fiery orange, and it’s also great at its job. 

The appliance has a clear 360-degree window, so you can check your food’s progress at every step of the cooking process. Like some of the best air fryers, it also comes with a rotisserie accessory for evenly roasted meat, and has a self-cleaning feature.

Get the Fritaire Self-Cleaning Glass Bowl Air Fryer at Target for $199.99.

3. Samsung

A multi-colored Samsung refrigerator sits next to color options.

Trusted appliance brand Samsung is leading the market when it comes to colorful refrigerators. The brand’s 4-door French door fridge is fully customizable, right down to the shade of the front panels. Customers can choose a monochromatic front in colors like baby pink or emerald green, or mix and match the panels to make things extra colorful (or throw some classic stainless steel in the mix).

Get the Samsung Bespoke 4-Door French Door Refrigerator at Best Buy for $2,099.95.

4. Simpli Press

A red French press coffee maker sits in front of a white background.

This sleek and simple manual coffee maker comes in a bold fire engine red that adds a subtle pop of color to your kitchen. This is a great way to dip your toe into the trend without committing to an attention-grabbing built-in appliance. According to Jenni Morse, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Made Simpli, “In today’s fast-paced world, Simpli Press is a perfect blend of convenience, quality, and vibrant design.” 

The French press produces robust, fresh hot, or cold-brewed coffee, and the brand donates 10% of its profits to charitable causes. “Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for brands that align with their values, supporting social causes and diversity, and Simpli Press embodies these principles,” says Morse.

Get the Simplipress 34 oz. French Press Coffee Maker at Wayfair for $70.83.

5. Nutribullet

A berry pink nutribullet Pro 900 Watt blender sits next to a green smoothie and various lids.

The company best known for its iconic compact personal blenders delivers in the color department with its Pro 900 machine. This is a powerful, minimalist countertop blender that comes in sweet matte shades like a creamy subdued jade and a berry-inspired pink. You get all the power you expect from a nutribullet blender with the style to match today’s trends. 

Get the nutribullet Pro 900 Watt Personal Blender at Amazon for $99.87.

6. Lofra Dolcevita Lavender Range

A lavender Lofra range sits against a white background.

Italian appliance brand Lofra is bringing lavender haze to the kitchen. Its Dolcevita collection includes beautiful, classically designed ranges in a gorgeous light purple. The lavender stoves come in induction and dual fuel with chrome and brass finishes. These upscale ranges will add Italian elegance to any space. 

“In contrast to conventional luxury ranges typically found in sizes 36-inches and above, Lofra has innovatively designed their 30-inch Dolcevita range to meet the rising demand for appliances tailored to smaller spaces,” says Melissa Haber, senior vice president of EuroChef USA, the official importer of Lofra. “These compact appliances ensure homeowners don’t have to compromise on the captivating aesthetics, robust BTU performance, oven and burner capacity offered by larger ranges. The Lofra 30-inch dual fuel range features five brass burners while the majority of 30-inch ranges in the market have only four.”

Get the Lofra Dolcevita 30″ Induction Freestanding Oven at Wayfair for $6,499.

7. Hamilton Beach

A pink Hamilton Beach stand mixer sits with its attachments against a white background.

Home bakers will love the versatility and aesthetics of this electric stand mixer. It comes in pink, aqua, shiny blue, and a bold red to match any kitchen aesthetic. According to Kristi Silvis, Group Marketing Manager at Hamilton Beach overseeing Blenders and Juicers, the color options are inspired by consumer interest in adding vibrancy to their kitchens. “We have seen consumers be more adventurous with their choices over the past few years. Barbie’s reign over culture will continue to prosper in the upcoming year and has transcended across all categories of consumer goods,” Silvis tells Bob Vila. 

She added that “Blue will never lose popularity due to its connection to the natural world. It is predicted that there will be a shift to more airy and watery colors in late 2024 and early 2025. Aqua provides a calm and refreshing vibe to your countertop while adding a pop of color.” 

Get the Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer 4 Quarts at Amazon for $115.33.

8. Big Chill

A kitchen is set up with blue retro appliances including the Big Chill retro dishwasher.

If you want to lean into all things retro in the kitchen, this bright and nostalgic dishwasher from Big Chill will fit right in. The front panel comes in poppy shades like Beach Blue, Jadite Green, and Buttercup Yellow. Inside, the appliance has three racks for dishes and a stainless steel interior that’s easy to keep clean. 

Get the Big Chill 24″ Retro Dishwasher at Big Chill for $2195.

9. Smeg

A mint green Smeg tea kettle sits against a white background.

When many of us think about colorful kitchen appliances, the iconic rounded edges and pop aesthetic of Smeg often comes to mind. And the 70+ year-old brand is still delivering on quality products in a range of sizes, uses, and colors. From built-ins like refrigerators and ranges to more entry-level countertop options like tea kettles and knife blocks, there’s a Smeg appliance for every kitchen. 

Get Smeg appliances at Williams Sonoma.

Prices accurate as of publication date May 31, 2024.