We Tested the Beko Dishwasher: Is It Worth it?

Beko appliances are making a splash in the US market. We recently put the Beko Tall Tub Dishwasher to the test to see if it stood up to other well-known brands.
Beko Dishwasher Review
Photo: Stephanie Cronk

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Beko started out in 1955 and has since grown to be one of the leading brands in Europe. Beko USA is a subsidiary of Beko and serves the United States with an emphasis on helping families choose a healthy lifestyle. The company believes if you have efficient appliances, you will spend more time with your family and friends, leading to a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Beko offers a line of high-quality dishwashers. I recently tested the Beko DDT39434X tall tub dishwasher and put it through some rigorous testing to see how it stood up to my previous model, which was a Kenmore.

Beko DDT39434X Tall Tub Dishwasher: At a Glance

Beko Dishwasher Review
Photo: Stephanie Cronk

Rating: 9/10


  • Powerful cleaning
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Utensil drawer
  • Extremely quiet


  • Self-dry function is the only drying function
  • Adjustable racks are a bit flimsy

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What is the Beko DDT39434X Dishwasher?

The Beko dishwasher is a tall-tub built-in unit that measures 33 7/8 inches tall, 23 9/16 inches wide, and 22 7/16 inches deep. It operates at a low 39 dBA and features innovative features including Beko’s CornerIntense cleaning technology.

With the CornerIntense technology, the spray arm rotates on a movable axis instead of rotating on a fixed axis like traditional dishwashers. This allows the jets to completely cover each part of the dishwasher for an efficient cleaning cycle.

The dishwasher features a fingerprint-free stainless steel exterior, which beautifully fits into most kitchens. The stainless steel is truly fingerprint, as we tested it with many hands and no residue was left behind. This is a great feature for households with young children, who do not want to spend their time wiping down appliances every day.

The stainless steel tub offers stain and odor resistance, which is nice for the unit’s longevity. The Belko dishwasher is not short on features as it offers 9 wash cycles along with 9 various functions, three racks, two of which are adjustable, a cutlery basket, and the ability to wash up to 16 place settings at one time.

The bottom rack offers adjustability with plate racks while the middle rack is height adjustable, allowing you to fit oversized pots and pans on the bottom rack.

Beko Dishwasher Review
Photo: Stephanie Cronk

Is the Beko Dishwasher Easy to Install?

The Beko dishwasher is relatively easy to install as it installs just like any other slide-in dishwasher. We encountered a few hiccups during the installation process but this was mainly due to our existing setup. The unit fits into a standard 24” space.

The unit is electrical, but the previous unit in our home was hardwired. We had to install a separate outlet for the unit to plug into. This is something for homeowners to keep in mind if an electrician needs to be hired, it can be an added cost.

The other issue we ran into was the placement of our dishwasher. Our previous model had a slim handle that gave enough clearance for a nearby drawer. The Beko handle stuck out a bit too far and made it impossible for us to open the adjacent drawer. We removed the handle with an Allen wrench, and now open the dishwasher from the sides, which works with no issues. The handle was very heavy once removed, which points to the quality of materials used in the construction of this unit.

If we did not have the hardwiring issue, the installation would have been complete in a matter of minutes.

Beko Dishwasher Review
Photo: Stephanie Cronk

How Easy is the Beko Dishwasher to use?

The dishwasher’s control panel is located on the top of the door and works with an easy touch. I enjoyed the fact that the control panel is hidden when the door is closed but accessible and easy to use when the door is open. The unit remembers your choices and activates once the door is closed. To turn the unit on, you hold the power icon down for 3 seconds, then choose your wash settings by tapping the appropriate button.

Beko appliances also are compatible with your phone via the HomeWhiz App. I downloaded the app on my Android and found it very intuitive and easy to use. The dishwasher connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and from there, you can use the app to control your wash settings, set a washing schedule, and update your unit. The app worked well for me, but I prefer to choose my settings from the control panel. I do, however, enjoy the alert the app provides when washing is complete.

The user’s manual also provides easy-to-understand instructions and explanations of each wash cycle.

Beko Dishwasher Review
Photo: Stephanie Cronk

How Well Does the Beko Dishwasher Perform?

Beko is still making a name for itself in the United States, despite its popularity in Europe. After using the Beko dishwasher for about 2 months, I can say that it performs as well as other high-end models on the market.

After trying the various wash cycles, I favored the “Auto” wash cycle, which determines the amount of soil and automatically sets the temperature, amount of water, and washing time. This quickly became my go-to setting. I’ve run this program over 15 times, and each time, my dishes came out clean and sparkling. However, the average run time is over 2 hours. When comparing this to my old model, it is a pretty consistent time range for a full wash cycle, but the Beko has a countdown timer on the control panel so I’m more aware of it now.

The Express cycle washes in just under 40 minutes. I found this cycle to be great when I wanted to finish up for the night and put everything away. The key to this cycle is rinsing your dishes well before placing them into the dishwasher. I love that I can have the kitchen cleaned up and everything put away in under an hour. It is ideal for busy family nights.

Since this unit is incredibly quiet, one of my favorite features is the projection light. When the wash cycle is active, there is a small red light that projects onto the floor to let you know the dishwasher is in use.

I was impressed with the washing abilities of this dishwasher. I put it through the test with stuck-on grease and grime, and each time, my dishes came out clean and sparkling.

The top cutlery drawer is handy for large spoons and knives. It is a feature I never knew I needed, and now I’m not sure that I could do without it.

For such a high-quality unit, I was a bit disappointed in the foldable plate racks on the bottom drawer and the self-dry function. The foldable plate racks seem a bit flimsy and I’ve had two pop off to where we had to push them back into place. However, it is a handy feature to be able to move the racks and add in larger pots.

The self-dry function is handy as it automatically opens the unit’s door to allow air in to dry your dishes. The downside to this is it’s not a true drying function and most of my dishes are still a bit after hours of sitting with the door popped open.

Beko Dishwasher Review
Photo: Stephanie Cronk

Is the Beko Dishwasher Worth the Money?

The Beko dishwasher’s cleaning power matches the price tag in regard to quality and overall performance. The construction of the unit is top notch and the washing power is pretty amazing. After running this dishwasher over 30 times, the biggest drawback is the missing drying function that actually dries your dishes. I usually have to wipe each dish down with a towel before putting them away. However, I do realize this saves energy.

The stainless steel drum adds to the value of the unit, and is extremely easy to wipe down and keep clean. The EverClean filter is automatically rinsed with high-pressure water to clear our debris. I really love this feature as I can wipe the inside down and remove any debris that was pushed out by the pressurized water rather than removing the filter every few cycles.

Should You Buy the Beko DDT39434X?

At the $1,300+ price point, you will get a high-quality dishwasher that offers energy efficiency and easy maintenance. The Beko DDT39434X tall tub dishwasher offers plenty of customization within its wash cycles to fit your dishwashing needs and offers some top-quality features.

Beko lived up to its promise to make cleaning more efficient between the quality wash cycles and handy app.

This unit is ideal for those looking to upgrade to a stainless steel tub and who want to add some style to the kitchen as it offers a very sleek and modern look.

Where to Buy the Beko DDT39434X Tall Tub Dishwasher

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