The Best Book Lights for Reading Just About Anywhere

A book light makes reading in dim rooms easy on your eyes. Cozy up with a favorite book and one of these useful book lights.

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The Best Book Light Options


For voracious bookworms and avid bedtime readers, a reliable book light is a handy tool. These gadgets make reading in low light easy and comfortable. Whether it’s used for cozying up in a reading nook or reading in bed without disturbing others, a book light is the perfect partner for a great read.

The best book light is simple to use and can be attached to a headboard or clipped onto a book. A battery-powered book light should hold its charge well and be quick to recharge. The more lightweight a book light is, the more versatile it will need to be. A lightweight design will comfortably clip to both hardcover or paperback books. Most book lights have a flexible neck and can be adjusted easily.

The color of the light and how bright it is are two more factors to consider when shopping for the best book light. Cooler-toned lights can feel harsh but can make type easier to see. Warmer lights are easier on the eyes and better for nighttime readers. A popular option for late-night readers is amber light, which has less impact on circadian rhythms. On some book lights, the reader can adjust the light’s color and dimness settings. Now it’s time to sink into a good book with one of these best book light picks.

Our Top Picks

Book lights come in a range of designs, from clip-on lights to neck reading lights. What’s nice about book lights is they can also be used to illuminate other activities like crafting, knitting, home repair, and more. A reliable book light is a trusty sidekick for bookworms, crafters, and other hobbyists.

Best Overall

The Best Book Light Options: GearLight NiteOwl Rechargeable Book Light

The NiteOwl book light from GearLight packs a variety of features into an affordable product. It features three light modes: gentle white, natural daylight, and soft amber. The white and natural light options are best for daytime and for concentrating on tasks. The soft amber mode is ideal for reading before bed, reducing eye strain and promoting better sleep as it eliminates up to 99 percent of blue light. The LED light bulb is flicker-free and provides consistent lighting.

The light beam is wide enough to light up an area for reading but narrow enough to not disturb others nearby. It’s also easy to adjust the light’s 7-inch, 360-degree bendable neck. This two-pack includes two individually packaged book lights for an affordable price. Each light is rechargeable and lightweight, and each charge lasts up to 30 hours. With a weight of just 2.5 ounces and a padded clip, the light can clip onto any book or device.

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Book Light Options: Energizer Reading Light Book Clip On

This clip-on light from Energizer is a simple, battery-powered book light. The light runs for up to 25 hours on two CR2032 batteries, which are included. It has an oversize spring clip that easily attaches to books, e-readers, laptops, and more. Although its design is simple, this light has a flexible neck to allow for adjustments. The drawback, however, is that the neck only moves up and down and does not allow for 360-degree adjustments.

The Energizer book light has a warm, bright white LED light that shines in a narrow beam and won’t disturb others nearby. Be aware, however, that this light is on the brighter side and has a 4-meter beam distance. The flexible neck and spring clip features give this book light versatility for an affordable price.

Best Dual Light

The Best Book Light Options: Vekkia 12 LED Rechargeable Book Light

This adjustable dual-head book light offers maximum coverage that illuminates larger pages. Each adjustable arm offers 360-degree flexibility to point in any direction. The bendable arms and dual-head design offer a wider light beam than most single-head book lights. Perfect for those who read oversize books and magazines, the Vekkia 12 LED is also a good pick for musicians or hobbyists who need a larger field of light.

Each light contains 12 LED bulbs, which produce a brighter light and a wider beam. Each head also features an adjustable brightness setting, allowing the reader to choose between a soft-light mode and a bright-light mode. The lights also have a diffuser optical lens to keep the bright lights from feeling too harsh. This book light is rechargeable and lasts up to 40 hours on each charge. The clip-on design can attach to desks, headboards, books, and more.

Best for Bedtime Readers

The Best Book Light Options: Vekkia Amber Rechargeable Eye-Care Book Light

Blue-light book lights aren’t the best idea for bedtime readers. Blue light can disturb sleep patterns and contribute to eye strain. This amber book light from Vekkia is an ideal pick for bedtime readers because its warm, amber-hued light is 99.9 percent free of blue-spectrum light.

This warm amber light is also less disruptive to sleeping partners. Instead of flicking through a menu of light settings to find the amber shade you want, this book light shines only a soft, orange hue.

The 360-degree flexible neck and three brightness levels allow readers to customize the lighting as they wish. The brightness levels range from a low glow to the full brightness setting, which lights up two full pages. This book light is rechargeable, with each charge providing up to an impressive 70 hours of use. It features a sturdy clip and weighs just 2.15 ounces.

Best for Travel

The Best Book Light Options: DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Light

This handy book light looks more like a large USB stick than a standard book light. It’s only 3.7 long by 1.5 inches wide and weighs just 1.3 ounces. It has a built-in charger and detaches from its clip to charge. It’s super easy to keep charged, which is a good thing because you’ll only get about eight hours of use before the charge needs to be topped up. To charge it, plug the USB end directly into a USB outlet, phone charger, or power bank.

Despite the small size, this book light offers plenty of flexibility. Although it does not have a bendable neck, this book light can rotate 350 degrees around the clip. The LED head can also adjust to a 90-degree or 180-degree rotation as well as a 45-degree downward angle to illuminate the page. This book light offers two brightness settings. The light is a warm, white light that is glare-free to reduce eye strain.

Best Neck Reading Light

The Best Book Light Options: Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

For readers who prefer a hands-free option, this neck book light from Glocusent is a terrific pick. This neck light features an ergonomic design and two bendable arms that wrap around the back of the neck and can be adjusted to the perfect angle. The lights have a narrow beam to focus on the task at hand without disturbing others. The hands-free design and concentrated beam make this an ideal light for reading, knitting, repairs, and more.

Each light head has an independent switch that allows you to adjust its light color and brightness level. This neck light offers three color temperatures (yellow, warm white, and cool white) and three brightness levels. The Glocusent neck light is rechargeable and will produce six hours of light at its highest setting and up to 80 hours of light on the lowest, single-head setting.