The Best Cordless Lamps of 2023

No outlets? No problem! The best cordless lamps make it simple to set up functional and inviting lighting anywhere in the home.

By Jasmine Harding | Updated Jul 21, 2021 1:38 PM

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Cordless Lamp


Cordless lamps are an attractive and affordable way to illuminate your space without the need for an outlet. These battery-powered lights bring functional lighting wherever you want it. They’re ideal for dim corners, portable lighting, and for spots with no accessible outlet. Besides their practicality, their cordless design is aesthetically pleasing and can help reduce cord clutter.

The best cordless lamp options are a practical and stylish way to add beautiful lighting to any room. Read on for the features to look for in a cordless lamp and explore some of the best cordless lamps available today.

  1. BEST OVERALL: O’Bright Portable LED Table Lamp
  3. BEST BEDSIDE LAMP: UNIFUN Night Light, Touch Lamp
  4. BEST LAMP SET: ZEEFO LED Night Light, Portable Lamp
  5. BEST DESK LAMP: AXX LED Desk Lamp with Pen Holder
  6. BEST READING LAMP: Gladle Cordless Lamp
  7. BEST FOR KIDS: Mubarek Cute Kitty Kids Night Light
  9. BEST SMART LIGHT: Philips Hue Go Portable LED Smart Light
  10. BEST PORTABLE: IdeaWorks JB6921 Super Bright Portable Desk lamp
Cordless Lamp 1


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Cordless Lamp

Cordless lamps do away with annoying power cords, which can be an eyesore or a tripping hazard. These lamps are the ideal pick for rooms with limited outlets, providing lighting without the need for new wiring or lengthy extension cords. When choosing the best cordless lamp for your needs, consider its size, design, battery type, and any additional convenient features the lamp may offer.


While cordless lamps can range in size from small night-light styles to full-size floor lamps, most cordless lamps are tabletop size.

In fact, their lower wattage and brightness make them especially suitable for tabletop lighting. Many users choose them to light up a nightstand, desk, or corner of a room. A smaller size makes it easy to move these lamps around the home to bring flexible lighting where and when it’s needed.

Consider your intended use when choosing a lamp size. For a desk lamp or working light, most users will prefer a taller lamp. For ambient lighting, height is less of a concern, and you’ll likely prefer a size and style that suits your room decor. If portability is a concern, choose a smaller size that is easy to carry.


Similar to corded lamps, cordless lamps come in a variety of styles, from traditional lamps with a lampshade to sleek and modern metallic designs. They can include convenient features like flexible gooseneck arms, clip-on stands, and built-in organizers. There are plenty of possibilities, so it’s best to browse around and find a lamp that suits your aesthetics and needs.

Most cordless lamps feature energy-saving LEDs to cut down on power use. The light source will impact lamp design, lighting temperature, and whether the light has a targeted light beam or a softer, diffused effect. Flexible or adjustable gooseneck lamp necks are best for directing the stream of light for work lighting, while a lamp with a diffusing cover can provide softer, ambient lighting.

Some cordless lamps have a built-in dimmer or step-adjustable brightness settings. These features can help adjust the light’s ambiance and harshness.


Battery life is an important factor to consider when choosing a cordless lamp. A long battery life is ideal so you don’t have to charge the lamp more than you use it. Cordless lamps can use single-use or rechargeable batteries.

Cordless lamps that use single-use batteries will never need an outlet—when they run out of juice, just change the batteries. With these lamp types, ongoing battery costs are a factor to consider.

Rechargeable cordless lamps feature a built-in battery that is usually rechargeable via a USB cable. These lamps need outlet access to recharge, which puts them out of commission for a little while, but they won’t require costly batteries.

Additional Features

Cordless lamps can include a variety of convenient features, including touch controls, remotes, timers, and smart capabilities.

Touch controls make it simple to turn the lamp on and off with a tap. To control the lamp from across the room, look for a model with a remote control.

Timers enable the lamp to switch off after a certain amount of time to retain battery life. These are ideal for bedroom lighting, since you can set them to turn off after you fall asleep.

Smart cordless lamps bring smart capabilities to this portable lighting type. Like other smart devices, these convenient and tech-forward lights can be app- or voice-controlled.

Our Top Picks

With the right cordless lamp, you can light up outlet-free corners, set up portable lighting, and cut down on cord clutter. These battery-powered lights offer the best in lighting flexibility, making it simple to install new lighting. The best cordless lamps listed ahead are attractive, practical, and flexible to illuminate any room in style.

Best Overall

Cordless Lamp Option: O’Bright Portable LED Table Lamp

The O’Bright Portable LED Table Lamp marries convenience and style together into an attractive cordless lamp. The rechargeable lamp features a built-in battery that provides up to 48 hours of cordless lighting. It comes with a USB charging cable, which also functions as a power cable if you want to use the lamp as a corded light.

The encased LED offers a soft and romantic white light, ideal for the bedroom, living room, or dining room. To set the mood, tap the touch sensor on the top of the light to select from three brightness levels. All of these features are housed in a sleek, modern design with a golden finish.

Best Bang for the Buck

Cordless Lamp Option: MAYTHANK Cordless USB Reading Lamp

This cordless LED reading lamp from Maythank provides affordable desktop or bedside lighting. The two-in-one design has a reading light and a night-light.

The top of the lamp features a reading light with a large light board to cast a wide, bright beam. The light has six brightness levels and three adjustable temperature modes.

For nighttime use, switch on the optional night-light in the lamp base, which provides a diffused white light for sleeping. When the lamp starts running out of juice, plug it into an outlet using the included USB charging cable to top up the built-in battery.

Best Bedside Lamp

Cordless Lamp Option: UNIFUN Night Light, Touch Lamp

Wind down for the night with the Unifun Touch Lamp. This stylish little lamp has a diffusing cover which provides soft and warm lighting, ideal for the bedroom. A variety of adjustable light settings can help you set a wakeful or relaxing mood at your bedside.

This LED lamp features four adjustable brightness settings, three fixed color settings, and an optional auto-cycle setting that calmly rotates through multiple colors. Tap through the settings using the easy-touch controls.

The small size makes this lamp easily portable to carry around, and also means it can fit on crowded bedside tables. After 4 to 8 hours of use, this rechargeable lamp will be due for a charge with the included USB charging cable.

Best Lamp Set

Cordless Lamp Option: ZEEFO LED Night Light, Portable Lamp

For a more traditional style, consider these matching lamps from Zeefo. Each lamp features a classic lamp shape with an elegant cloth lampshade. This matching set is ideal for decorating a set of bedroom nightstands or living room corner tables.

With an energy-saving LED, these lamps stay cool and emit a warm, diffused light. Each lamp runs on three AA batteries or can be connected to a power source using the included USB cables.

The lamps offer five adjustable brightness levels, from cool to warm. Use the included remote control to adjust settings and switch the lamp on and off, or set the timer to automatically turn off the lamp after 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

Best Desk Lamp

Cordless Lamp Option: AXX LED Desk Lamp with Pen Holder

The AXX LED Desk Lamp is designed to create a well-lit work space and keep your desk organized. A wide LED light board sits on an adjustable gooseneck arm, which enables you to adjust the lighting angle. The base features two pen organizers and a phone holder, set on a nonslip mat to keep the lamp in place.

Choose from three brightness levels over three color modes for a total of nine adjustable settings. This flexibility means you can customize your work lighting to increase focus and lower eye strain.

The lamp features a rechargeable, built-in battery that lasts for 2 to 4 hours after each charge, ideal for a work or study session. In case it runs out of juice while in use, the lamp can plug into a computer or wall outlet using an included USB cable to provide light and charge at the same time.

Best Reading Lamp

Cordless Lamp Option: Gladle Cordless Lamp

The Gladle LED Desk Lamp provides up to 6 hours of light on the brightest setting and up to 100 hours on the lowest setting, so you won’t run out of light, even if you’re engrossed in a good book. To suit your reading mood, choose between cool or warm temperature modes, each with adjustable dimness settings.

The ultra-sleek lamp features a slim, adjustable gooseneck attached to a smooth base. There are no buttons or switches on this modern reading lamp; the base features touch controls to adjust the settings. The base displays a low battery and charging status indicator to keep you in the loop on charging needs.

For reading right before bed, switch on the 30-minute timer to ensure the lamp turns off after you nod off. When it’s running low on battery, the lamp is simple to recharge using the included USB charging cable.

Best for Kids

Cordless Lamp Option: Mubarek Cute Kitty Kids Night Light

Power cords and breakable light bulbs can be a hazard in children’s rooms. For a safe and affordable lighting option, consider this cuddly cat-shaped light from Mubarek.

The LED lamp has a soft outer cover made of BPA-free, washable silicone. The opaque silicone gives this lamp a diffused light ideal for nighttime lighting. With a 10-hour runtime after each charge (using the included USB cable), it can be used as an overnight night-light.

With its touch controls, the lamp can cycle through seven fun color options. Plus, the cute cat design makes it an endearing sleeping buddy for young kids.

Best Multiuse Light

Cordless Lamp Option: ODEC LED Desk Lamp

The Odec Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp works as a desk lamp, wall-mounted light, and a flashlight. The LED light features a magnetic attachment that can mount to the included desk lamp base or sticky wall mount, and the magnetic ball mount makes it easy to adjust the lamp angle. Since the light still functions when detached, it also works as a small flashlight.

Beyond the multifunctional purpose, this light also features three brightness levels that are adjustable using the touch controls. The built-in battery fully charges in less than 3 hours and lasts up to 15 hours on the lowest setting for a full evening of lighting.

Best Smart Light

Cordless Lamp Option: Philips Hue Go Portable LED Smart Light

For brightening up bedside tables, living rooms, and other living spaces, consider the Philips Hue Go Portable LED Smart Light. This nifty smart lamp packs a ton of features into a modern and portable domed design.

Choose your ideal room ambience by selecting a white light or from among an entire color wheel of colors. Next, choose the dimness level for a subtle glow or to light up a section of a room. Lighting settings are adjustable using the free Philips Hue app via Bluetooth, by connecting to a Philips Hue Hub, or using voice controls via compatible Alexa or Google Assistant devices.

The small, lightweight lamp can be placed anywhere to set the mood in the living room or provide a warm, ambient glow for outdoor dining. Recharging is simple using the included charging cable.

Best Portable

Cordless Lamp Option: IdeaWorks JB6921 Super Bright Portable Desk lamp

With its compact folding design, this small desk lamp provides reliable lighting while you’re traveling or commuting. The lamp features an adjustable arm that makes it easy to control the light beam. The arm has a collapsible design, folding the lamp down to a compact 5-inch by 3-inch by 1.75-inch rectangle when it’s time to pack up.

This LED lamp features a cool white light that is ideal for working. Using the touch controls, scroll through three adjustable brightness levels. The lamp can be powered using the included USB power cable or by putting in four AA batteries (not included).

FAQs About Cordless Lamps

Cordless lamps are practical and flexible, giving you the freedom to add lighting anywhere in a room and move the lighting as needed. There’s likely a dim spot in any home that could benefit from an illuminating portable lamp. Still choosing the best cordless lamp for your needs? Read on for some frequently asked questions and answers.

Q. How long does a cordless lamp last once it’s fully charged?

Runtimes vary from 2 hours up to 100 hours on a full charge, depending on the lamp design and brightness settings.

Q. Are battery-powered LED lights safe? 

Yes, battery-powered LED lights are a safe home lighting option.

Q. How many lumens do cordless lamps give? 

The lumen output completely depends on the light, ranging from glowy night-light types of lamps that may emit 50 lumens to cordless working lights emitting more than 1,000 lumens. Many household cordless lamps fall between 100 and 600 lumens.