The Best Couch Cleaning Services

A stained, old couch doesn’t have to be thrown away. Clean and deodorize it with the help of the best couch cleaning service to revive it for more years of comfort.

Best Overall

Stanley Steemer

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The Best Couch Cleaning Services Option: Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

Sears Carpet u0026amp; Air Duct Cleaning

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Best for Leather

The Best Couch Cleaning Services Option: COIT Cleaning & Restoration

COIT Cleaning u0026amp; Restoration

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The couch might be the most-used piece of furniture in a living room. It’s a source of comfort after a long day and a gathering place for friends and family to chat. But you might have noticed lately that it needs a little more care: stains, pets, kids, and everyday wear and tear can take a toll on these pieces of furniture. Couches are no small investment, so keeping them in good condition allows users to enjoy the couches longer.

The key to successful couch cleaning is to hire the right company that knows how to clean a couch’s material without damaging it. The best couch cleaning service properly handles most (if not all) materials, has great customer support, and offers some guarantee. We evaluated several of the best upholstery cleaning companies and found some quality businesses to recommend. Read on to discover what we learned to help you make an informed decision regarding couch cleaning.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Stanley Steemer
  2. RUNNER-UP: Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning
  3. BEST FOR LEATHER: COIT Cleaning & Restoration
  4. ALSO CONSIDER: Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
The Best Couch Cleaning Services Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Couch Cleaning Service for You

There are a few factors to consider when searching for the “best upholstery cleaning service near me.” The upholstery cleaning service should be easy to schedule, able to properly clean various couch materials, provide clear pricing, and offer additional services for convenience.

Service Area and Scheduling

Local cleaning companies are often easy to find with a quick online search for “best upholstery cleaners near me,” but sometimes a company with a nationwide presence is more reliable. However, it’s important to always check the service area to ensure your city is included. Ideally, one of the best upholstery cleaning companies will also make it easy to book a service online or over the phone. There may be a longer booking period in some areas if there are few service providers, but couch cleaning can often be scheduled promptly.

Cleaning Methods and Fabrics Treated

For most couches, expect the couch cleaning service to use either hot water extraction (also known colloquially as steam cleaning) or encapsulation. Couches made with natural or synthetic materials are the most common, so an upholstery cleaning service should be able to clean them easily with one of these standard methods. But it can be tricky for customers to know how to spot clean their own couches. Some materials can only tolerate gentle cleaning products, and others require truly specialized care. Leather, velvet, and jacquard are materials that will need careful attention from an experienced upholstery cleaning company.


Cleaning a couch is much quicker and easier than cleaning carpets, so the pricing should be straightforward. Many companies charge a flat rate for cleaning a couch, but others might have an hourly fee and provide an estimate based on the size or number of seats. If a couch is in rough shape with lots of stains, the cleaner might charge an additional fee for the extra time to spot clean those difficult stains.


Guarantees are often hard to come by, but it’s common to hear of “satisfaction guaranteed” offers in the cleaning industry. This label is comforting at face value, but it’s best to ask exactly what it covers since there is some subjectivity to everyone’s level of satisfaction. There might be a limited period in which customers can request a second cleaning for free, so don’t hesitate to get clarification on this before booking.

Additional Services

Many times, an online search for the “best upholstery cleaner near me” or “upholstery cleaning near me” will bring up several businesses that may also be some of the best carpet cleaning companies. Since carpets and most upholstery are made of synthetic materials, similar equipment is used to clean both areas. It’s often worth having more than one service done at a time since many couch cleaning services offer bundles at a great price.

Our Top Picks

Our favorite couch cleaning companies were selected after careful evaluation of their coverage areas, cleaning methods, guarantees, and additional services. We also considered their websites for ease of use and whether the companies used eco-friendly cleaning products.

Best Overall

Stanley Steemer

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  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Cleaning method: Hot water extraction
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction guarantee
  • Additional services: Carpet, tile, grout, stone, hardwood, air duct, area rug, and car cleaning


  • EPA Safer Choice–certified cleaning solutions
  • Delicate cleaning processes for leather and specialty fabrics
  • User-friendly online quote and scheduling process
  • Thorough hands-on training and continuing education opportunities for technicians


  • Relatively long 2- to 6-hour drying time for hot water extraction

Why It Made the Cut: Stanley Steemer has a well-known brand name, wide service area, user-friendly online quote system, and EPA Safer Choice–certified cleaning methods. Stanley Steemer offers excellent couch cleaning services across the country. And since its website is easy to navigate, customers can quickly obtain an online quote for their ZIP code any time of the day. Scheduling the service is also easy, which prevents customers from getting frustrated with having to go back and forth with a customer service representative. The company also offers several extra home cleaning services that customers can use, including tile, grout, hardwood, air duct, area rug, car, and carpet cleaning. Some of these tasks never make it to the to-do list due to how tedious they are, so it’s nice that they can be added to a couch cleaning service. Stanley Steemer uses the popular hot water extraction method that doesn’t damage carpets and won’t leave sticky residue behind. This method has a longer drying time of 2 to 6 hours, but the results are worth waiting for and will last longer. Customers will also appreciate that Stanley Steemer uses cleaning products that meet EPA Safer Choice guidelines to prevent risking harmful chemical exposure to humans and the environment. Stanley Steemer can also handle cleaning specialty fabrics and leather with the proper cleaning methods for each material.


Sears Carpet u0026 Air Duct Cleaning

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  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Cleaning method: Hot water extraction
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction guarantee
  • Additional services: Carpet, tile, air duct, and dryer vent cleaning


  • Enzyme cleaner effectively fights pet odors and stains
  • pH-balancing rinse maintains upholstery fiber integrity
  • Upholstery protector resists further staining


  • Relatively long 2- to 6-hour drying time for hot water extraction
  • Leather cleaning not available

Why It Made the Cut: Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning uses enzyme cleaners to fight pet stains and odors effectively. Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning is a nationwide company with a solid track record for cleaning upholstery for nearly 200,000 customers. The company focuses on cleaning messes that pets leave behind and uses products like enzyme cleaners that effectively tackle pet odors and stains. Technicians also use a pH-balancing fiber rinse to prevent damaging the more delicate materials on a couch. Sears uses a hot water extraction method, so expect a drying time of 2 to 6 hours before enjoying an evening on a couch that’s odor-free again—and protected for longer with a special treatment spray. The couch cleaning services Sears offers are limited to standard fabrics and synthetics rather than leather, but it offers other helpful services like cleaning ducts, tile and grout cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

Best for Leather

COIT Cleaning u0026 Restoration

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  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Cleaning method: Not specified
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction guarantee
  • Additional services: Carpet, air duct, drapery, dryer vent, rug, and floor cleaning


  • pH-balanced leather cleaning products and conditioners
  • Cleaning for any upholstery fabric, including velvet and jacquard
  • IICRC-certified technicians


  • Cleaning methods not specified

Why It Made the Cut: COIT Cleaning & Restoration offers nationwide cleaning by IICRC-certified technicians for regular and specialty upholstery. With over six decades of experience cleaning everything from microfiber couches to natural stone tiles to ducts to jacquard drapes, COIT Cleaning & Restoration is one of the best upholstery cleaning services. It’s unclear exactly what its primary couch cleaning methods are, but customers can easily verify that information when discussing the quote. COIT does utilize a pH-balancing leather cleaning product and conditioner, and it even offers cleaning for specialty fabrics like velvet and jacquard. Beyond upholstery, customers can also book COIT’s Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC)–certified technicians for drapery, dryer, rug, carpet, duct, and floor cleaning services.

Also Consider

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

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  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Cleaning method: Encapsulation
  • Guarantee: 7-day redo policy
  • Additional services: Rug, carpet, tile, and wood floor cleaning


  • Relatively short 1-hour drying time
  • Eco-friendly encapsulation method used


  • Encapsulation may not be as effective as other cleaning methods in the long term
  • Leather cleaning not available
  • Website is somewhat user-unfriendly

Why It Made the Cut: Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning harnesses the cleaning power of oxygen to provide green upholstery cleaning with a short drying time. For customers who prefer a faster couch cleaning service, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a solid company to consider. It uses the encapsulation method of cleaning, which uses up to 90 percent less water yet still breaks down stubborn stains for easier removal. Without the excess water, drying time is reduced to just 1 hour, so customers can get back to using their couch faster. Encapsulation cleaning doesn’t have the same long-term cleaning benefits as hot water extraction cleaning, but it’s beneficial for those who can’t be without their couch for several hours of the day. And it’s still capable of getting out stubborn stains and deodorizing the material. This method isn’t suitable for leather couches, but it can be used on carpets and rugs. Navigating Oxi Fresh’s website isn’t the most intuitive, but it’s easy to find and use the ZIP code locator to schedule a cleaning for most locations.

Our Verdict

A wide service area, extra services, guarantees, and quality cleaning methods are all essential elements of a best furniture cleaning company. That’s why we picked Stanley Steemer as our top choice since it has a proven track record for long-lasting cleaning methods that are EPA-rated for safety. However, Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning is another solid choice for pet owners and who want specialized cleaning to eliminate odor and stains.

How We Chose the Best Couch Cleaning Services

To determine the best couch cleaning service, we reviewed each company’s eco-friendliness, service area, customer service, and coverage area. We prioritized those companies that offer tried-and-true cleaning methods, additional services, and a user-friendly website. Our search also included examining customer reviews and the length of time a business had been operating, as these factors can indicate quality service.

Before You Hire the Best Couch Cleaning Service for You

Assuming that the couch is new, not just new to you, it’s important to check whether cleaning the couch yourself will void the warranty. Some fabrics can be ruined even with gentle cleaning products, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and let a pro handle it. If it’s unclear what type of material the couch is made of, be sure to mention that. The cleaning company might send a technician over to inspect the couch and determine whether or not the company can safely clean it. This is essential to ensure a specialty fabric isn’t ruined with an improper cleaning method or product.

Before obtaining a quote, you’ll need to know exactly what you want to have cleaned. There will be a time and cost difference between cleaning an overstuffed couch with reclining seats and a minimalist armchair. Any additional services you need should also be mentioned when scheduling services to help the company prepare the most accurate quote and schedule enough time to complete the task.

It’s always best to check for recent reviews and obtain quotes from more than one company. This will help customers find the right solution for their needs and at the right price for their budget.

Cost of Using the Best Couch Cleaning Service for You

The best couch cleaning service cost depends entirely on what’s being cleaned and how large it is. For example, having an armchair cleaned could cost between $10 and $50, but a large, filthy couch could cost $300. An average cost is likely $160 for general upholstery cleaning before adding on any additional services. Leather couches often cost a little more at $175 to $195.

The Advantages of Using the Best Couch Cleaning Service for You

Couches that look utterly worn out can often be restored with a little professional elbow grease, so don’t say goodbye to an old friend right away. As long as the couch still has solid construction overall, a thorough cleaning can often restore the vitality and longevity of a couch so customers can enjoy it longer. Here are several reasons it’s advantageous to use a couch cleaning service.

  • Furniture is an expensive investment, and a little routine maintenance by a pro cleaner can make that investment last even longer.
  • Some spills need special products to get them out, and a DIY removal attempt will only make the stain more permanent.
  • Spot cleaning and vacuuming a couch can’t get stubborn pet (and human) dander, sweat, and odors out.
  • The best couch cleaning companies use products that are safe for humans and animals rather than the old harsh cleaning chemicals from decades ago.
  • Clean couches immediately improve the feeling in the room, both from visual and odor standpoints.
  • The home’s air quality is improved without the excess hair, dander, and stinky stains.


When searching for a top couch cleaning service, it’s helpful to have as much information as possible to understand the process and what to expect. Here are the answers to many commonly asked questions to provide additional insights.

Q. How much do couch cleaning services charge?

The average cost is $160 for upholstery cleaning, but this entirely depends on a few factors: the material, the size, and the number and type of items being cleaned. An armchair is much easier to clean than a couch, and any additional services or special fabrics will always increase the price.

Q. How is upholstery cleaning different from carpet cleaning?

Though hot water extraction is the best method for both carpet and upholstery cleaning, it must be done with even more care on upholstery. Excess water can cause mold and mildew if the upholstery and cushions can’t dry effectively. But in most cases, since they’re both usually synthetic materials, the process is generally the same. When a couch is made of a special material like leather or velvet, then a special cleaning process must be used that is unlike carpet cleaning and is tailored specifically to the material.

Q. What kind of chemicals are used in upholstery cleaning?

Most companies use eco-friendly cleaners that have fewer and less-harsh chemicals than what were used in the past. They also tend to have less odor, as many people can be sensitive to artificial odors. Otherwise, the exact chemical used will depend on the type of material. If significant stains are either old, greasy, or dyed, additional chemicals may be needed to pull out the stain.

Q. How long does it take for a sofa to be professionally cleaned?

Most couches can be cleaned within 30 to 60 minutes. Larger couches, multiple couches, or couches with heavy stains will take longer.

Q. Do couch cleaning services offer a guarantee?

Most couch cleaning services offer a satisfaction guarantee. There are sometimes limits on how long a customer has to respond with a complaint, so ask about the specifics of the guarantee before booking.

Q. Do couch cleaning services provide their own equipment and cleaning supplies?

Yes. Professional upholstery cleaners have access to heavy-duty equipment and cleaners that aren’t available to the average customer, which is why they are so successful at cleaning couches.


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