The Best Desk Pads for the Home Office

Protect your desktop and give it a little extra style with the best desk pad for your home office.

By Kat Hodgins | Updated Dec 22, 2020 5:12 PM

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The Best Desk Pad Options


A desk pad is a low-cost addition to your home office that is functional and stylish. This thin pad organizes your space by keeping clutter to a minimum and protects your desktop from scratches, stains, spills, and scuffs. It eliminates the need for a mousepad and enhances the appearance of your office space with a pop of color and texture.

Think of a desk protector as a shield for a computer desk no matter if it’s wood, metal, or glass. A desk protector suits all desk sizes and shapes, even L-shaped desks. Don’t worry about spills—most desk pads are waterproof, so it’s easy to clean up messes.

The size of your desk pad shouldn’t be larger than the top of your desk. Look for a thinner desk pad that offers a level, stable surface for your keyboard and gliding for your mouse but offers a comfortable surface to write with a pen as well. The material should be smooth but not stiff, as stiffer materials may press into your skin when typing.

Our Top Picks

The best desk pad for you should keep your space neat and tidy, giving items a nonslip home. These desk pads were chosen based on qualities such as functionality, comfort, and style. The best desk pad varies between individuals, so there isn’t a universal best that suits everyone.

Best Overall

The Best Desk Pad Option: YSAGi Dual-Sided Multifunctional Desk Pad

For those looking to avoid a hum-drum work space, this flexible YSAGi desk pad gives you two different color options with different textures on each side. One side has peerless control and the other works well for quick gliding of your mouse, so no additional mouse pad needed.

Constructed from premium polyurethane leather, this waterproof and oilproof pad protects your desk from all sorts of spills. If and when spills happen, simply wipe them off with a damp cloth and let the spot air dry.

This pad is large at 31.5 inches by 15.7 inches, making it big enough for your computer essentials as well as some office supplies and room for your coffee or tea. It does come in two other sizing options if you have a smaller desk space. At only .08 inches thick, this desk pad is comfortable to write on, type one, and game on without being too bulky. If you work on the go, this pad comes along with you; roll it up and fasten it with the included strap.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Desk Pad Option: YSAGi Non-Slip Desk Pad, Waterproof PVC

This desk pad from YSAGi offers a budget-friendly way to preserve your desktop while creating an aesthetically-pleasing work space. Made from waterproof and easy-to-clean polyurethane leather on the top side and a suede-like material on the underside, this desk pad gives you a comfortable and smooth working surface. This desk pad is only for single-side use; the suede-like material is intended to be face down to provide a nonslip backing that’s easy on your desk or table. While this desk pad’s softness is ideal for resting your hands on while typing, it’s not firm enough for writing directly on paper. Always use a pad or notebook when writing to avoid tearing your paper.

Available in 19 color options, there is likely a desk pad that complements the existing palette and decor in your office. This desk pad measures 23.6 inches by 13.7 inches, which is large enough for the essentials, including your laptop, mouse, and keyboard.

Best Slip-Resistance

The Best Desk Pad Option: TESOBI Large Natural Cork & Leather Desk Pad

TESOBI’s extended desk pad is a multifunctional addition to the home or office. Use it as desk or table protection when typing, writing, using your mouse, doing arts and crafts, and more. The anti-slippery natural cork underside is eco-friendly, provides a gentle cushion, and creates the friction needed to keep things in place. The polyurethane leather surface is waterproof, easy to wipe clean, offers smooth mouse movement, and is a durable solution for many of your home and work projects.

This pad is 32 inches by 16 inches with .07-inch thickness, but is also available in two other sizes so you get the right fit. There is no sewing edge, allowing you to trim this desk pad to fit the unique dimensions of your work space if needed. Choose from seven muted colors that minimize light reflection, which can irritate the eyes.

Best for Home Office

The Best Desk Pad Option: TOWWI Leather Desk Pad Protector

TOWWI’s desk pad stands up to the extra wear and tear from those who use your home office. Constructed from durable and smooth polyurethane leather, this pad resists wear and tear, abrasion, dirt, water, oil, and fading. Acting as a protective shield, this desk pad stays tough against your messiest and clumsiest household members while still being comfortable enough to reduce writing fatigue and smooth enough to be gentle on skin. This pad is simple to keep clean; just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

This 36-inch by 17-inch desk pad provides a tidy, executive appearance that holds your computer, keyboard, mouse, stationery, and more. There are two solid and nine dual-hue options, so flip it over to refresh the look of your home office with a different color. If you want to take this desk pad with you to work or stow it away when not in use, wrap it in the included strap for easy portability and storage.

Best for Gamers

The Best Desk Pad Option: JIALONG Gaming Mouse Pad Large Size

Gamers may be interested in this large desk pad from JIALONG, which is 35.4 inches by 15.7 inches with .12-inch thickness. This size protects a large area on your desk and gives enough space for full-size keyboards, your mouse, and other gaming equipment. For bigger desks or L-shaped desks, you may want to pick up two pads.

Made from a cloth top and natural rubber base that prevents sliding, you get a comfortable and secure gaming experience. The soft double-weave fabric top gives smooth, snag-free gliding with your mouse. The edges have high-quality stitching, which enhances the pad’s aesthetic but also prevents fraying or falling apart, as you may see with standard mouse pads. Choose from nine designs that use high-precision printing technology to create a game space that looks and feels awesome.

Best Leather

The Best Desk Pad Option: Londo Leather Extended Mouse Pad

For exquisite craftsmanship and a modern appearance, Londo offers their genuine cowhide leather desk pads in three colors. A style that’s pleasing to the eye, there are details such as fine stitching to enhance the durability of this slim desk pad, which offers an elegant look to your work space. At 28.7 inches by 13.1 inches, this desk pad is large enough to hold your necessities or fit a smaller desk.

The leather top provides a smooth and efficient gliding surface for your mouse for uninterrupted use. It’s easy to clean using a damp cloth, but you may want to add a leather protectant as an additional safeguard against spills. A reinforced, nonslip backing gives this desk pad stability to keep your items secure. Leather is a functional choice, as it doesn’t wear out as fast as synthetics, so while you may pay more upfront, this desk pad is designed to last.

Best Oversize

The Best Desk Pad Option: EMINTA Office Desk Pad Mouse Mat

EMINTA’s desk pad is large enough for daily use and protects more of your desk from spills and scratches. Measuring 31.5 inches by 15.7 inches, it has enough room for your computer, keyboard, mouse, office accessories, and handheld gadgets. At an ultra-slim 2mm, this pad is lightweight enough to take with you—simply roll it up, fasten with the included strap, and take it on the go.

Made of high-quality nonslip PU leather, this pad resists water, heat, and stains while being easy to clean if something spills. Though it looks modern and stylish, it’s also durable, with reinforced stitching around the edge that prevents fraying. This comfortable pad, with a lichi grain side and smooth lambskin side, is ideal for a variety of tasks, including typing, writing, and surfing the internet. With six dual-color options to choose from, you get two colors in one pad to easily switch up the appearance of your home office; since this pad is built to last, this is a handy feature.