The Best Floor Chairs for Your Living Space

The best floor chair offers cushioning and back support for reading, gaming, playing with kids and pets, and more—all while remaining on ground level.

Best Overall

The Best Floor Chair Option: BirdRock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair

BirdRock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Floor Chair Option: Giantex Adjustable Mesh Floor Sofa Chair 6-Position

Giantex Adjustable Mesh Floor Sofa Chair 6-Position

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Best Chaise Lounge

The Best Floor Chair Option: WAYTRIM Indoor Chaise Lounge Folding Floor Chair

WAYTRIM Indoor Chaise Lounge Folding Floor Chair

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Sitting on the floor quickly becomes uncomfortable without padding or support. Even sitting on a floor pillow or a thick blanket to play with a child or read a book outdoors on a sunny afternoon becomes taxing after a while, causing a backache or sore shoulders from hunching over. By offering back support and a comfortable cushion, a floor chair can help solve these issues while remaining flat on the ground (as it doesn’t have legs).

The best floor chair is versatile; it can serve as an extra seat for guests, a meditation or reading chair, a spot to enjoy a backyard bonfire, or as a dorm room staple for all-night cram sessions. However, finding the ideal floor chair for your living space depends on what you have in mind for it. This guide will explore the important features to consider as you shop for this handy seating choice. Review some of the top-rated products on the market for a chair that makes the floor an option when you need a place to sit.

  1. BEST OVERALL: BirdRock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Giantex Adjustable Mesh Floor Sofa Chair 6-Position
  3. BEST CHAISE LOUNGE: WAYTRIM Indoor Chaise Lounge Folding Floor Chair
  4. BEST SWIVEL: Best Choice Products Reclining Folding Floor Chair
  5. BEST PORTABLE: bonVIVO Easy III Padded Folding Floor Chair
  6. BEST OTTOMAN: BirdRock Home Round Pouf Ottoman Knit Floor Chair
  7. BEST FOR OUTDOORS: Sundale Outdoor Folding Floor Chairs Adjustable
  8. BEST FOR DORMS: Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair
  9. BEST FOR GAMING: X Rocker Pro Series H3 Leather Vibrating Floor Chair
The Best Floor Chair Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Floor Chair

The best floor chair is different for everyone, as needs vary depending on the living space and the intended use. However, keeping in mind several important features will make choosing a floor chair a bit easier. Consider the type, size, and weight of the chair as well as the material with which it’s made and how much weight the chair can hold. Some floor chairs are built for portability, others for a permanent space in a room. Floor chairs may also incorporate additional features that create extra benefits for the user. Read on to learn more.


Common types of floor chairs include lounge, swivel, bean bag, ottoman, and gaming chairs.

  • Lounge floor chairs are built for ultimate comfort. They provide more cushioning and place the body in a relaxed position. They may or may not have armrests.
  • Swivel floor chairs are similar to lounge floor chairs, but they’re built on a swivel base. Users can rotate the chair’s direction without having to reposition it.
  • Bean bag floor chairs are filled with foam beans or pellets. Modern styles feature a more structured shape than traditional bean bag chairs, with armrests, pockets, and other benefits.
  • Ottoman floor chairs are versatile, offering users a place to sit or to rest their feet if they’re seated elsewhere. These chairs lack back support, making them best suited to shorter sitting periods.
  • Gaming floor chairs are ergonomically designed and feature high-tech functionality. Many gaming chairs provide built-in speakers and vibrations to enhance the experience when connected with your gaming console or while streaming movies and music.

Size and Weight

Floor chairs are smaller than standard chairs, but they still take up room. Always measure the floor space you have available, factoring in each angle of a floor chair that adjusts or reclines. Many floor chairs fold down or lie flat for easy storage in a closet or under a bed. Depending on the type, the chair can be the size of a small couch cushion or as big as a crib-size mattress when folded down.

A floor chair’s type, material, and construction will dictate its weight. One adult can easily carry and move a lightweight chair. Compact floor chairs weigh as little as a few pounds, but larger models can weigh as much as 25 pounds. In general, maneuverability and storage are important features for these chairs, so they all weigh less than standard chairs.


Floor chairs feature a variety of common exterior materials, each with its own pros and cons:

  • Cotton is durable, easy to clean, and available in many colors. It is appropriate for outdoor use, but it may fade in sunlight. Note that if it’s untreated, cotton can be flammable.
  • Polyester is a tough, synthetic fabric that is both durable and easy to clean. It is available in many colors and is appropriate for use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Synthetic leather, made with a plastic base, is nonstaining and easy to clean. However, it may crack if left untreated and is not recommended for outdoor use.

Floor chairs also feature a variety of interior fill materials for cushions and backrests. Below are some of the most common:

  • Memory foam is a cushioning material that uses additional chemicals to increase viscosity and density and is usually layered with another type of foam, like polyurethane. Because it conforms to a person’s shape, memory foam is considered a comfortable option by many.
  • Bean or pellet foam is a lightweight and rigid foam which can be made of various materials, including polystyrene. It is often used in bean bag chairs and occasionally in other floor chairs. Pellet foam withstands both moisture and heat.
  • Polyurethane foam is a common but lower quality foam that may warp over time with extended use.
  • High-density foam is a firmer, structured foam that offers more support than other foams and has a higher resistance to collapsing.

Cushioning and Back Support

A floor chair’s foam cushioning provides a comfortable seating surface. The thickness of the foam affects how well it supports a user’s weight. Depending on the particular foam’s density, a seating area may provide incredible comfort for one person but buckle under someone who exceeds the chair’s weight limit. In general, firmer foam provides better support, especially for heavier people. Be wary of too much padding, as a seat that’s too soft puts additional pressure on back and leg muscles and the sciatic nerve.

Floor chairs with backrests naturally offer back support and extra comfort since users can lean against them instead of sitting upright or hunching over. Many backrests are adjustable, enabling users to customize the angle at which they sit. Backrests with pressure peaks in lumbar areas are generally considered more comfortable than backrests lacking pressure centers directed at these areas.

Additional support comes from headrests, which help take strain off the neck when watching television, and footrests, which elevate the feet to increase overall comfort as well. Padded arms offer further relaxation, but armrests may make some users feel constricted and limit seating positions.


Many floor chairs boast an adjustability feature, enabling users to customize the angle of the backrest to create anywhere from two to more than 10 different positions. Users can sit upright to watch television or play video games, recline to read or scroll through their phone, and even lie back 180 degrees for naps. Some adjustable floor chairs convert to a small cot for overnight guests.

While adjustability may make a floor chair more expensive, it will also increase its versatility. Adjustable floor chairs are more convenient for storage, as they can usually lie flat or fold closed to fit under beds or in closets when not in use and be brought out only when needed.

Weight Capacity

Manufacturers test the construction and materials for floor chairs up to a certain weight limit, and excess weight may cause chair cushions to warp or buckle, rendering the chair less comfortable. Though individuals of all sizes distribute their weight on a chair in similar patterns, pressure intensity varies from person to person. This pressure distribution also changes when a person moves from an upright position to a reclined position.

Manufacturer testing also accounts for various chair angles, ensuring the weight capacity is safe for all settings. However, if the weight capacity is exceeded, the chair may be comfortable while in an upright position but buckle when it’s in a reclined position. This is especially important to keep in mind with floor chairs built for children, as they have a much lower weight capacity than floor chairs intended for adults.

Additional Features

Additional features can enhance a floor chair’s practicality.

  • Cupholders give users a place to put a beverage, so the floor chair doesn’t have to sit near a coffee or end table.
  • Storage compartments, like side pockets, offer space for a laptop, a book, earbuds, and more.
  • Handles assist with carrying or transporting a floor chair. Obvious handles may take away from a floor chair’s appearance, but some provide hidden handles for portability that don’t detract from the design.
  • Speakers built into gaming chairs make users feel like they’re right in the action without needing headphones.


How one plans to use a floor chair informs the preferred aesthetic. For a chair that will match your home decor, lounge chairs, swivel chairs, and ottomans are available in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. These types of chairs may become a permanent fixture in your living space, so how they tie in with existing decor is important. For floor chairs that are brought out of storage only when needed, aesthetics are less important.

Portable and outdoor floor chairs tend to rely on function more than aesthetics, particularly if they are weather resistant. They are usually quite simple-looking without thick cushioning or more luxurious material, like leather.

Our Top Picks

The best floor chair for a living space will vary among individuals with different needs and space requirements. The top picks take into account the abovementioned considerations in addition to overall quality and value. Keep reading to learn more about these top-rated options on the market today.

Best Overall

BirdRock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair

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This lounge floor chair by BirdRock Home offers users a cozy place to sit whether playing games, reading, or meditating. A 6-inch-thick memory foam cushion supports and contours to a user’s individual body shape. This cushioned seat padding combined with 14 unique backrest angles makes sitting in this floor chair both comfortable and supportive in virtually any position. It can also adjust into a completely flat position for a quick nap or for easy storage under a bed or in a closet.

The square-tufted polyester fabric gives this floor chair a sophisticated aesthetic and prevents the interior foam from shifting out of place. The seat cushion measures 19 inches by 23 inches, and the backrest is 22.5 inches tall. Weighing only 10.5 pounds, this chair is lightweight enough for one person to move with minimal effort, and the maximum recommended weight is 175 pounds. Choose from five colors, including blue, brown, eggplant, gray, or orange.

Best Bang for the Buck

Giantex Adjustable Mesh Floor Sofa Chair 6-Position

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For family movie nights or extra cushioning on the bleachers for a Little League game, Giantex’s affordable floor chair will come in handy time and again. This lounge floor chair boasts a minimal design paired with maximum functionality. It’s made with an alloy steel pipe frame and features a 3-inch-thick dense sponge cushion encased in soft, breathable mesh fabric. The cover is removable for easy cleaning.

Six backrest angles allow for the most comfortable sitting position and upper back support. Measuring 38.5 inches by 18.5 inches by 21 inches and weighing just 5 pounds, this floor chair is compact and lightweight, making it convenient for smaller homes and easy transport. The maximum recommended weight capacity is 287 pounds. Choose from black, coffee, or navy.

Best Chaise Lounge

WAYTRIM Indoor Chaise Lounge Folding Floor Chair

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This WAYTRIM chaise lounge floor chair is designed with comfort in mind. Generous padding made from soft, recycled cotton provides plush support for bottoms and backs. It includes a detached pillow for additional lumbar support or for use as a footrest. Users of any height can customize the angle by choosing from six adjustment settings for proper spine alignment. As the chair reclines to a flat position, the armrests fold in and the seat cushion extends, turning this floor chair into an extra bed that’s over 65 inches long.

Quality materials construct this floor chair: It is made with a reinforced steel frame covered in a removable wear-proof cotton and linen fabric that doesn’t peel or pill. Given the attention to detail in the construction, it surprisingly weighs only 15.5 pounds. When locked in the 90-degree setting, this chair measures 18.7 inches by 27.76 inches by 27.95 inches. For space-saving purposes, it also folds up for easy storage. The manufacturer does not note the maximum recommended weight. Choose from gray or charcoal.

Best Swivel

Best Choice Products Reclining Folding Floor Chair

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Best Choice Product’s swivel lounger expands the versatility of a standard floor chair, enabling users to face different directions in a room without moving the chair. Via a steel ball-bearing system built into the steel frame, this floor chair spins a full 360 degrees. Customize the angle of the backrest between four settings to sit upright or comfortably recline. With its thick tufted cushions, users sink into comfort when they sit down, regardless of the angle.

A thoughtful addition to this chair is the removable base cover, which protects hard floors from any scuffs or scratches that could occur if pushing the chair from room to room. The base does add a bit of heft to this chair, giving it an overall weight of just over 25 pounds. However, the sturdy construction makes it convenient for many users. It measures 25 inches by 24 inches by 34.75 inches and has a maximum recommended weight capacity of 285 pounds. This chair’s simple tufted design makes it a visually appealing piece to leave out for everyday use. Choose from black, coffee, or gray.

Best Portable

bonVIVO Easy III Padded Folding Floor Chair

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For those on the move, this padded floor chair that folds down for transportable comfort and simple storage may be just the thing. At just 6 pounds, bonVIVO’s floor chair is lightweight but still sturdy enough to support up to 220 pounds, thanks to the metal frame construction. At 16.5 inches by 18.5 inches by 20.5 inches, this floor chair will fit in the car or even a large suitcase. Due to the compact size and built-in handle, carrying the chair around requires little effort.

The chair’s interior padding conforms to the body, and the stable backrest offers firm support, making this portable floor chair quite comfortable. This simple and mobile design does have one limitation: The floor chair tilts back to 100 degrees but doesn’t offer an adjustable backrest. A stain-resistant, synthetic fiber cover makes cleaning easy—simply wipe the chair with a damp sponge and let it air-dry. The maximum recommended weight is 220 pounds. Choose from blue or beige.

Best Ottoman

BirdRock Home Round Pouf Ottoman Knit Floor Chair

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When pressed for space, versatile furniture like BirdRock Home’s ottoman floor chair makes the most of limited room. This round pouf is useful as a seat or footrest, providing a valuable addition to a room. The aesthetic of this hand-knitted cotton ottoman will add a homey quality to most any living space. Stuffed with foam bean bag filling for cushioning, this floor chair supports more weight than one would expect; it weighs a mere 6 pounds, yet it supports up to 200 pounds.

Though it lacks back support, this cushy ottoman floor chair is a convenient and cozy extra seat when guests are over. Kids should especially enjoy sitting on it, as the round shape adds a bit of fun to their floor activities. Measuring approximately 18.5 inches in diameter and 15 inches tall, the chair is a convenient height for people of many sizes to use without issue. Choose from a variety of colors: ivory, natural, light grey, charcoal grey, dusty rose, sage green, soft blue, navy, or black.

Best for Outdoors

Sundale Outdoor Folding Floor Chairs Adjustable

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Many floor chairs are recommended only for indoor use, as the fabric will not stand up to inclement weather. However, people need comfortable and supportive floor seating outside, too. That’s where this chair excels. Sundale Outdoor’s soft-brushed polyester floor chair cover is durable enough for outdoor use and removable for quick cleaning. The 3.5-inch-thick dense foam filling in this floor chair will keep bottoms and backs comfortable, whether on the grass or an otherwise hard bench. And the adjustable backrest provides five positions for optimal support.

As this floor chair travels from indoors to outdoors, portability is a feature in the design. Constructed with a steel tube inner frame, it weighs just under 6.5 pounds and offers a maximum recommended weight capacity of 260 pounds. Measuring 17.5 inches by 17 inches by 17.5 inches in an upright position, the chair folds down flat for convenient storage and transport. Choose from light gray, dark gray, navy blue, tan, or brown.

Best for Dorms

Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

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The bean bag floor chair is a classic choice for a dorm room. Lightweight at 4.75 pounds, Big Joe’s floor chair is an excellent companion for studying, online class, or watching a movie after a busy week. With long student hours in mind, this floor chair includes a drink holder, a side pocket for storing books or a laptop, armrests for added comfort, and a handle for easy transport to a friend’s room or a common study area.

Made from double-stitched stain- and water-resistant fabric that’s easy to spot clean, this floor chair withstands spills. Fluffy, lightweight foam beans fill the chair for optimal comfort. Note: All bean bag chairs compress over time and use, so users may eventually need to add or replace beans to give the chair a pick-me-up. While the chair measures 29 inches by 31.5 inches by 27 inches, the manufacturer does not note the maximum recommended weight. Choose from red, blue, gray, or black to match the aesthetic of just about any dorm room.

Best for Gaming

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Leather Vibrating Floor Chair

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Take gaming one step further with X Rocker’s floor chair, constructed to enhance game play across most gaming systems. For long hours, this chair offers users an ergonomic design with lumbar and neck support so comfort doesn’t wane at a pivotal moment. Users can plug in jacks for 12V DC power, audio, MP3, and headphones, immersing themselves in sound from four built-in speakers and a 4-inch subwoofer. The side control panel enables customization of volume, bass, and chair vibration for gaming, watching movies, listening to music, and more.

Measuring 29.13 inches by 22.05 inches by 20.87 inches and weighing just over 17 pounds, this easy-to-clean, black faux leather floor chair enhances the sleek and supportive design with stabilizing armrests for additional comfort. The sturdy wood and metal frame provides a maximum recommended weight of 275 pounds. If this floor chair isn’t a permanent fixture in a room, it can be folded and stowed in a closet to free up space.

FAQs About Floor Chairs

A floor chair can be an excellent investment if you know how to make the most of it. Selecting the best floor chair for your home or personal use is easy when you have all the necessary information to make the right decision. To learn even more, check out these frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers about owning a floor chair.

Q. What is a floor chair?

A floor chair is simply a chair without legs that rests directly on the floor to offer cushioned and supportive seating while at ground level.

Q. What is a chaise lounge used for?

A chaise lounge is a long, slim chair used for comfortably stretching out and reclining. Some chaise lounges may double as an extra bed for overnight guests.

Q. Should I buy floor chairs with armrests?

Armrests add to the comfort of floor chairs by giving your arms a place to rest while watching television, reading, or napping. Depending on how you like to sit, armrests may limit certain sitting positions (like cross-legged).

Q. How do I make my bean bag fluffy again?

All bean bags lose their fluff after a while. For many bean bag chairs, you’ll need to purchase a refill bag of foam beans or pellets and add them to the chair, per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q. Does a gaming chair make a difference?

Gaming chairs tend to be ergonomically designed for hours of use. They can also incorporate speakers, vibration, and other features connected to a gaming console to enhance the overall gaming experience.


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