The Best French Presses for Your Kitchen

Brew your coffees with a richer aroma and fuller flavor with a quality French press.

By Sarah Littleton | Updated Sep 4, 2020 3:36 PM

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The Best French Press Options


Brew methods are as wide-ranging as coffee preferences. From simple drip coffee makers to complicated espresso machines, the options seem to be endless. A classic French press offers aromatic coffee with an excellent taste, and it’s quite simple to prepare. By allowing the grounds to steep before pushing them through a filter, the French press releases natural oils that create a robust flavor. The whole process takes just a few minutes, so this brew method is ideal for busy households who want their coffee in a flash.

Like any other coffee maker, varieties in the French press are extensive. The best French press will satisfy your coffee drinking needs and match up with your preferred material, design, capacity, and price point. We’ve scoured the market to find the top-performing French press coffee makers available online.

Our Top Picks

With those shopping considerations in mind, the French presses below won over others in their category⁠—choose the one that fits your needs and get started on building a better brew.

The Best French Press Option: Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker


BEST OVERALL: Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

The Secura French press features top-quality 18/10 stainless steel with rust-resistant properties and a gleaming silver body. Its 3-layered filtration system traps all coffee grounds, including the smallest ones, to produce a clean and full-bodied flavor. The double-wall construction ensures superior thermal retention: the coffee stays warm long after brewing, yet the press remains cool to the touch. The press’ long handle makes the whole coffee pouring business a piece of cake. This French press is easy to disassemble and clean, even during the morning rush. The press is available in 17-, 34-, and 50-ounce sizes, with 34 ounces yielding 8 standard cups of coffee. This Secura model comes in 8 different colors, so you can choose the shade that best fits your kitchen.

The Best French Press Option: Bodum Columbia Thermal French Press


UPGRADE PICK: Bodum Columbia Thermal French Press

If you have a full house of coffee-loving roommates or a big family, you’ll likely want an equally robust and efficient French press to make a ton of great-tasting coffee at once. Bodum Columbia’s sizable 51-ounce model brews 10 to 12 cups in one sitting, with an easy-pour spout and thick handle. The stainless steel, double-wall construction is highly insulating, keeping coffee nice and warm for over an hour. The 3-part plunger is also stainless steel, with a mesh filter that extracts the aromatic oils out of the grounds for great-tasting, flavorful coffee every time. Although this press is dishwasher safe, it’s best to manually wash with a sponge and a little bit of soap.

The Best French Press Option: KONA French Press With Reusable Stainless Steel Filter


BEST DESIGN: KONA French Press With Stainless Steel Filter

The Kona French press’ unique-looking frame is made from BPA-free plastic and surrounds the borosilicate glass carafe, which adds a visual element to the brewing experience. Borosilicate is a hardier type of glass: though it can still break, it is by no means fragile: this glass will not crack when put in contact with boiling water. The press’ tough black shell protects the carafe from damage, available in black, red, and silver. The Kona press’ stainless steel filter effectively strains out coffee grains and sediment, with performance comparable to much more expensive presses. It’s important to note the carafe itself is not insulated, meaning it cannot keep your coffee warm for extended periods. The Kona is easy to disassemble and dishwasher safe, available in 12- and 34-ounce sizes.

The Best French Press Option: Bean Envy French Press and Milk Frother


ALSO CONSIDER: Bean Envy French Press and Milk Frother

This French press by Bean Envy shows that a high price tag is not required for quality coffee. The filtration system includes two screen filters to effectively separate the grounds. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass, while the plunger and filter screens are stainless steel, guaranteeing long-lasting quality. Like most inexpensive presses, this model has a BPA-free plastic frame and lid. Bean Envy’s sleek-looking press also includes a milk frother, so you can make homemade lattes anytime you want. This French press is marketed as dishwasher safe, but the company itself recommends gentle hand washing for longevity. With durable materials, an attractive design, and the added milk frothing capabilities, this affordable press is an excellent option, even if you’re not on a budget.