The Best Grill Spatula for Your Outdoor Cooking

Preparing a great meal requires top-quality tools. Kick up your outdoor cooking game a notch by adding the best grill spatula to your tool kit.

By Tom Scalisi | Updated Feb 26, 2021 3:19 PM

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The Best Grill Spatula


Grilling the perfect meal is an art form. And, as any artist knows, having the right tools for the job helps create a masterpiece. When it comes to flame-kissed steaks, burgers, and veggies, the best grill spatula is one of the most essential tools.

The best grill spatula gives the master behind the grill the ability to shift, flip, and adjust food. It also keeps their hands clear of the flare-ups and heat, enabling them to work comfortably while piloting the backyard grill. Keep reading to learn more about these useful tools.

  1. BEST OVERALL: FlipFork Boss – 5 in 1 Grill Spatula With Knife
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Chef Craft Select Stainless Steel Turner/Spatula
  3. BEST ERGONOMIC: Deiss PRO Stainless Steel Spatula with Wooden Handle
  4. BEST FOR FISH: Mercer Culinary Hell’s Handle Large Fish Turner
  5. BEST WIDE: Update International Extra-Large Grill Spatula
  6. BEST MULTIPURPOSE: Cave Tools Barbecue Spatula With Bottle Opener
  7. BEST SET: OXO Good Grips 2-Piece Grilling Set
The Best Grill Spatula Option


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Grill Spatula

Before shopping for the best grill spatula, there are a few points with which to familiarize yourself. Whether the spatula will be used in your backyard grilling oasis or with a grill taken on the road, the following is a list of considerations to keep in mind while comparing spatulas. Understanding these factors before adding a spatula to your grilling tool kit may help you make the best choice for your needs.

Handle Material

When it comes to choosing the best grill spatula, the material used in its construction could have some bearing on the decision. While all the best grill spatulas have stainless steel blades, the handles vary in material quite a bit.

  • Stainless steel: One-piece stainless steel spatulas are simple and easy to clean. However, they can get hot if you leave them too close to the grill.
  • Silicone: Silicone handles are soft and comfortable. They tend to be easy to clean, and they will resist heat to a point.
  • Rubber: Rubber, while not as soft as silicone, offers a cushier grip than stainless steel.
  • Plastic: Plastic handles are inexpensive and durable, though they may not be extremely comfortable to the touch. However, they’ll last a long time and they keep the cost down.
  • Wood: Wood handles are classy, but they can be tough to clean and maintain. It’s helpful to coat them with a bit of oil from time to time to protect them.


While you’re in the zone behind the grates, having a properly sized spatula handle can make a big difference.

When the fat and grease from steaks and burgers pool on top of the meat, flipping them over can cause a flare-up. While that’s not a big deal, it is important to keep hands clear of the flame. A longer handle, around 16 inches, makes it easier to reach items near the back of the grill while avoiding flare-ups.

However, keep in mind that longer handles increase the leverage of a heavy piece of meat, making control and balance a concern.

Head Size

The larger the head of the spatula, the more stable a piece of meat, a hot dog, or an ear of corn might be upon its surface. While that’s an important factor when flipping or adjusting food on the grill, it might be even more critical when putting finished pieces on a platter. Smaller spatulas might work in the kitchen, but using them while grilling is a liability.

It’s best to look for a grill spatula with a head at least 3 inches wide, but preferably wider. This will make lifting foil-wrapped packets of veggies much easier to remove and balancing a brisket much less tricky.

Grip and Ergonomics

Grip and ergonomics tend to be a matter of preference, but there are a few things you can keep in mind when shopping for the best grill spatula.

It’s important to keep hands away from grill grates. While the handle length has a lot to do with that, so does the angle at which the head and spatula are designed. Many of the best grill spatulas feature stepped handles. They allow the user to reach over a hot burger and lift a piece of food behind it while still keeping their hand clear from the grates.

Also, nonslip grips help reduce the chance of a dangerous accident or wasted food. Rubber and silicone grips provide a sure hold. Even one-piece stainless steel handles with finger grips can improve the control over a prize cut of beef while placing it on the grill or removing it after grilling.

Drainage Holes

For truly greasy meats, some grill masters prefer to use spatulas with slots or patterns cut out of their heads. They can be plain cutouts or designed like a sports team or logo. However, these holes aren’t just for aesthetics.

These holes act as drainage, allowing fats and grease to work their way back to the grill before the meat hits a plate. With the right technique, they can even help avoid large flare-ups, improving the flavor of the meal.

But do keep in mind that these holes can become clogged with smaller foods. Grilled onions, peppers, potatoes, or other small pieces of food can work their way into the holes, so drainage holes aren’t always ideal.


Some of the best grill spatulas have specific uses or purposes for which they’re designed. For instance, a spatula for burgers might feature drainage holes, or a spatula for large fatty pieces of meat might have a serrated edge for separating pieces while grilling.

Also, keep in mind that while many foods are delicious when cooked on the grill, they might not all stay nicely shaped while you’re cooking and adjusting them on the grill. For example, a piece of fish can become flaky and separate easily. For this reason, a spatula meant for flipping fish fillets is likely to be made of thin metal but wide in design, allowing grillers to slide it under the fillet without tearing it apart.

Additional Features

Some of the best grill spatulas serve several purposes, with additional features to increase their versatility. These may include bottle openers, meat hooks, serrated edges, and other handy built-in extras. Removable grips might make cleaning faster and easier, greatly improving convenience.

Also, don’t overlook the value of an old-fashioned hanging hole. Being able to hang a spatula from a built-in hole can keep the work surface free from grease. A hole can also offer a convenient way to store the spatula up and out of the way when it’s not in use.

Our Top Picks

Deciding on the best grill spatula can be confusing, but this guide is here to help. The following is a list of some of the best grill spatulas on the market. There are choices for just about every griller and application.

Best Overall

The Best Grill Spatula Options: FlipFork Boss - 5 in 1 Grill Spatula With Knife

Whether it’s tenderizing pork chops, slicing veggies, flipping steaks, or cracking a cold one, the FlipFork Boss 5-in-1 Grill Spatula can get the job done. This grill spatula has five features to offer: a knife-edge, a tenderizer, a bottle opener, a meat fork, and a wide spatula head for meat flipping. The handle is made of acacia wood, known for its durability, weather resistance, and high natural oil content.

The head of this stainless steel spatula measures just under 4 inches wide, while the overall length is 18 inches. This size means placing meat and veggies in the far corners of the grill with control and balance won’t be an issue. It also has four drainage slots for grease, so loading a burger bun doesn’t have to be a slippery proposition.

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Grill Spatula Options: Chef Craft Select Stainless Steel Turner_Spatula

Tools for light-duty grilling don’t have to break the bank, and the Chef Craft Select Stainless Steel Turner/Spatula proves it. This stainless steel spatula has the features necessary for grilling without the hefty price tag.

The head on the Chef Craft Select measures 3 inches across, offering enough surface area for balancing smaller meats and veggie packets. It also has an overall length of 13 inches, which is just enough to keep the griller’s hands away from the flames. The plastic handle might not feel overly luxurious, but it does offer a good grip for controlling the spatula. And, because the handle is made from one sheet of stainless steel, there are no welds or rivets that will weaken over time.

Best Ergonomic

The Best Grill Spatula Options: Deiss PRO Stainless Steel Spatula with Wooden Handle

Spending an afternoon grilling for friends and family can take a toll on a chef’s hand. The Deiss Pro Stainless Steel Spatula does its best to counteract that wear. This stainless steel spatula features an ergonomically designed bamboo wood handle meant to create a comfortable grip and promote control. And, since bamboo is a durable material, that comfort and control should last for years.

The Deiss measures 14 inches long and has a head measuring 3¼ inches wide. The head also has 15 slots and holes for draining grease and drippings from burgers and steaks, while the handle includes a hanging hole for keeping prep spaces clean.

Best For Fish

The Best Grill Spatula Options: Mercer Culinary Hell's Handle Large Fish Turner

Fish is a delicate meat, and it requires an equally delicate touch on the grill to keep it together. Mercer Culinary Hell’s Handle Fish Turner/Spatula might just be the tool for the job. With its 4-inch-wide head made from thin stainless steel, it can slip under a fillet while holding it together, allowing grillers to flip or remove it in one piece.

This spatula uses high-quality Japanese stainless steel to provide plenty of flexibility while retaining strength and support. The head measures 4 inches wide by 9 inches long, and the molded plastic handle improves control. The head also features several full-length draining slots that let fat, grease, and oils slip through for a lean meal.

Best Wide

The Best Grill Spatula Options: Update International Extra-Large Grill Spatula

Shuffling large cuts of meat around a grill requires a spatula with plenty of surface area like that of Update International’s Extra-Large 16-Inch Long Grill Spatula. This stainless steel spatula has a 10½-inch-long head that measures 4 inches wide, creating enough area for balancing briskets, large steaks, and even heavily loaded veggie packets without concern.

The oversize head isn’t the only thing this spatula has going for it. It also features a commercial-grade wood handle with three rivets attaching it to the head. The overall length is 16 inches, which helps keep hands clear of hot grates. It includes a knife edge on one side for cutting and slicing meats and veggies at the grill.

Best Multipurpose

The Best Grill Spatula Options: Cave Tools Barbecue Spatula With Bottle Opener

Some spatulas have more than one role to play, and Cave Tools knows it. That’s why they added a built-in bottle opener to their Barbecue Spatula. This all-stainless-steel spatula can pop the top off of beers and sodas with ease, especially considering the leverage the handle provides. It can also cut meat with its serrated edge.

The Cave Tools handle measures over 17 inches long, with its head measuring over 4 inches across. It also features logo-shaped drainage cutouts, making this spatula an excellent choice for big burgers. The stainless steel handle means it’s dishwasher safe. The built-in hanging hook makes it easy to store when not in use.

Best Set

The Best Grill Spatula Options: OXO Good Grips 2-Piece Grilling Set

While a top-notch spatula takes care of most grilling needs, it can be helpful to have a sturdy set of tongs on hand as well. The OXO Good Grips 2-Piece Grilling Set comes with both, featuring a stainless steel spatula with a serrated edge and a set of tongs with a locking tab for easy use and storage.

Both the tongs and spatula in this set measure 16 inches long, providing plenty of room between hands and grilling grates. The spatula’s head measures 4 inches across, and the tongs have a scalloped design for gripping slippery meats and vegetables. Both tools also feature soft, nonslip handles for maintaining control over heavy meats.

FAQs About Grill Spatulas

If you still have some questions about the best grill spatulas, this section is for you. It’s a collection of some of the most frequently asked questions about grill spatulas. Be sure to check below for an answer to your question.

Q. What is a grill spatula used for?

Typically, backyard chefs use grill spatulas for placing, flipping, and adjusting meat on a grill grate. However, those with additional built-in features might also have a cutting edge, a flipping fork, or a bottle opener.

Q. Can you use a silicone spatula on a grill?

Silicone is safe for use on grills, cast-iron pans, griddles, and a variety of other hot surfaces. However, most grillers prefer a stainless steel spatula, as it’s more useful for scraping scraps off the grill grates.

Q. Can you use a rubber spatula on a grill?

Yes, but only if it’s specifically a heat-resistant rubber spatula. Always read the instructions on the tag; the material and heat-resistance level will be listed there. Rubber and silicone are different. While the spatula might feel like rubber, if it’s designed for use on a grill, then it’s probably made of silicone. Most rubber spatulas are intended for low-heat kitchen use.

Q. Can you use a plastic spatula on a grill?

No, plastic spatulas can not handle the heat of a grill and will begin to melt with high-temperature exposure.

Q. What tools are needed for grilling?

A spatula is an absolute necessity, but a set of stainless steel tongs, a good grill brush, and a sturdy platter help to put together an excellent grilling tool kit.