The Best Kids Beds with Desk

Free up valuable floor space in a child’s bedroom by using one of these combination bed and desk units.

Best Overall

Best Kids Loft Bed With Desk

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk with Metal Frame

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Best for Teens

The Best Kids Bed With a Desk Option: DHP Miles Metal Full Loft Bed with Desk

DHP Miles Metal Full Loft Bed with Desk

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Best Twin

The Best Kids Bed with Desk Option: Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin-Size High Loft Bed

Max u0026amp; Lily Solid Wood Twin-Size High Loft Bed

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Unless you live in a large home, floor space is often at a premium in a child’s bedroom—with the bed typically hogging the bulk of the square footage. It can be challenging to fit more than two pieces of furniture in small spaces. One way of maximizing the space in a small room is using a loft bed with a desk.

These space-saving units are made of sturdy metal or solid wood and include a single- or a full-size loft bed that sits 5 feet off the floor and is accessible via a ladder or a staircase. Under the bed is a built-in workspace with a desk. Some models also include additional features, such as a bookcase for storage and even extra seating, such as a futon chair.

To find the best kid’s bed with a desk option for saving space in a child’s room, check out the shopping tips and some of the top recommendations below.

  1. BEST OVERALL: DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk with Metal Frame
  2. BEST FOR TEENS: DHP Miles Metal Full Loft Bed with Desk
  3. BEST TWIN: Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin-Size High Loft Bed
  4. BEST WOOD: Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed with Ladder
  5. HONORABLE MENTION: Hillsdale Furniture Caspian Twin Loft Bed
  6. ALSO CONSIDER: DHP Abode, Black Full-Size Loft Bed with Desk
The Best Kids Bed With Desk Option

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Kid’s Bed With a Desk

Planning the design of a child’s room can be fun. While safety is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a kid’s loft bed with a desk, other characteristics are also critical, including size, material, and storage space.


When shopping for a kid’s bed with a desk, it’s important to consider both the size of the bed as well as the size of the desk. A twin loft bed supports single-size mattresses; however, there are some larger models that can also handle full-size mattresses. Loft beds are about 55 to 60 inches from the floor to the underside of the bed, which is enough headroom for sitting at the desk and for younger children to stand underneath the bed.

A loft bed’s total height ranges from 5 feet to 6 feet, which is important to keep in mind for bedrooms with lower ceiling heights. A loft bed needs 33 to 36 inches of clearance between the top of the mattress and the ceiling, to allow for enough space for a child. For example, a loft that sits 5 feet from the floor with a 7-inch mattress requires a ceiling height of at least 100 inches.


Beds have either metal or wood frames. Wood frames have wider boards to provide the strength and stability needed to support the bed and occupant while metal frames generally have narrower rails and beams. Most metal frame beds are stronger, with weight capacitors that can exceed 300 pounds. Most wood frame beds top out at around 200 pounds, but there are some beefier wood frame beds that also exceed 300-pound capacities.

Desk Space

Unlike bunk beds that feature one bed on top of the other to accommodate two or more kids or loft beds that have an open space underneath the bed, a loft bed with a desk includes a desk. The desk typically runs the width of the bed—about 39 inches for a single or 54 inches for a full—which leaves room under the bed for a beanbag chair or a bookcase.

Some loft beds with desks include larger desks that run the entire 75-inch bed length, providing significantly more space for a laptop computer, textbooks, and other items. Most desks have a depth of about 24 inches with the standard desk height of about 30 inches.


In addition to desks that provide a flat surface for a computer or paperwork, a desk with storage may also have built-in shelving. This bookcase is typically located on the opposite side from the desk. A bed desk with three shelves that are 39 inches wide provides ample room for storing textbooks or displaying collectibles.

Some beds have shelves that face inward under the bed while others have shelves that face outward. While a desk with storage adds convenience, they do eat up under-bed space that could be used for a chair or a beanbag.


A kids loft bed is an average of 54 inches off the ground, which is a dangerous height for potential falls. With that in mind, it’s important to consider the bed’s safety features when shopping for a loft bed. A loft bed should have rails that cover all sides with the exception of the ladder or a staircase entryway to prevent the child from rolling out of the bed while sleeping.

The ladder is an important feature to consider. Beds with cambered ladders and wide rungs are much easier and safer to climb for younger kids than ladders that sit at a 90-degree angle to the floor or have narrower rungs.

Another important safety consideration is the particular loft bed’s guidelines for maximum mattress width, so as not to nullify the safety rails. Weight limits can vary greatly on loft beds from as little as 150 pounds to as much as 350 pounds.

Our Top Picks

Selecting a new bed with a desk can be challenging, since there are so many options available. To make it easier, the list below represents some of the most innovative and well-built bed/desk combos for both young kids and big kids. One of these options may be exactly what you need to help max-out and update the space in a child’s room.

Best Overall

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk with Metal Frame

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Sturdy construction along with ample desk and shelf space make this metal frame model an excellent option for studying and sleeping. A twin bed frame sits 4 feet 10 inches from the floor, providing enough clearance beneath the bed for younger, school-age kids. There are 14-inch-high safety rails with multiple slats that allow for mattresses up to 6 inches thick. An angled five-rung ladder makes ascending to the loft easy.

Below the bed, a desk that’s 40.5 inches wide by 15.5 inches deep offers plenty of desktop space for homework. Four 40.5-inch wide and 10-inch deep shelves provide plenty of storage for books and toys. The silver frame is constructed of sturdy steel and held together with beefy hardware and numerous bars and slats for reinforcement, preventing the bed from swaying while a child is climbing into and out of it. The overall dimensions are 77.5 by 41.5 by 74 inches.


  • Lots of desk space underneath
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable


  • Not much bed clearance for low ceilings

Best for Teens

DHP Miles Metal Full Loft Bed with Desk

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This metal loft model features a larger bed and a long desk, making it an excellent option for teens. This full-size bed offers ample space for big kids up top and down below, with 58 inches of clearance underneath the bed. The desk is cleverly built under the long side of the bed, creating a work space that is 78 inches long and 15.5 inches deep—plenty of room for teen amounts of homework.

Tall 14-inch guardrails safely allow for thicker mattresses, while a five-rung ladder enters the bed at the foot. Metal slats provide ample support for the mattress while stabilizing the bed, which is 56.5 inches by 77.5 inches by 72 inches. With four color options, including silver, black, blue, and white, this bed will suit many room designs.


  • Extra-wide desk
  • Can fit more furniture underneath
  • Easy to assemble


  • No additional storage included
  • Desk is not very deep

Best Twin

Max u0026 Lily Solid Wood Twin-Size High Loft Bed

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With ample desk space and three large 38.5-inch by 13-inch shelves, this loft bed is a worthy wood frame option for younger and older kids alike. This bed takes a different design approach to the desk/bed combo by allowing the desk inside or outside the loft space. This enables older kids to use the desk without bumping their heads. When the desk is positioned outside the bed along with the ladder, this piece has an overall footprint of 81.5 inches by 59.5 inches, making it more suitable for larger bedrooms.

With its mission-style slats, this bed has a sophisticated yet simple look. It sits 68.5 inches off the ground with 51.5 inches of clearance underneath, providing enough headroom for most kids. High safety rails accommodate mattresses up to 9 inches thick. A five-rung slanted ladder makes it easier to climb to the bed.


  • Built to last
  • Good weight capacity for growing kids
  • Ladder and shelves can be built on either side


  • Pricey

Best Wood

Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed with Ladder

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With a more refined look created by its deep espresso stain and wood slat style, this wood frame bed is a great option for young adults going for a more sophisticated look in their bedroom. Large support slats add to the look while providing stability to the frame and protection from falling out of bed. The bed’s ladder cambers outward and has wide rungs, making it easier to climb to the bed.

A wide desk with a 23.5-inch depth runs the full length of the bed, making it ideal for teens who need more space to store textbooks and binders for school work. In addition to espresso, the Dorel Living Harlan loft bed also comes in white and gray. It has a weight capacity of 165 pounds.


  • Desk is whole length of the bed
  • Sophisticated look is great for young adults
  • Large support slats for added stability


  • Corners are prone to scratches and damage
  • May become loose and require retightening

Honorable Mention

Hillsdale Furniture Caspian Twin Loft Bed

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With simple straight lines and a grey metallic look, this wood bed frame boasts a more sleek and modern design than other loft bed styles, making it a great option for older and younger kids alike. It includes a small integrated desk that is 41 inches wide and about 20 inches deep, ideal for a laptop or small desktop computer.

The bed sits 54 3/4 inches above the floor, enough height to allow younger kids and most adolescents to stand underneath it. Full-length rails keep the child safely in bed through the night, while a cambered ladder makes it easier to climb up and down. The bed holds twin mattresses up to 8 inches thick and has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Competitive price
  • Ideal for all ages


  • Desk is relatively small
  • No shelves or added storage

Also Consider

DHP Abode, Black Full-Size Loft Bed with Desk

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This full-size loft bed proves that one doesn’t have to settle for a single size bed in a bedroom with limited space. This large loft bed boasts a metal frame with thick extruded bars that are beefy enough to provide ample support for the added weight of a larger mattress and an older occupant. It has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

The desk below runs the full 57.5-inch width of the bed, providing plenty of room for a workspace and to store books. Two ladders make it easy for one of two occupants to enter and exit the bed, while rails prevent anyone from falling out. With a height of 58.5 inches from the floor to the underside of the bed, there’s ample headroom under the bed.


  • Great headroom underneath
  • Two ladders for various positioning
  • Supports a large weight limit


  • Ladder steps are quite uncomfortable
  • Narrow desk

Our Verdict

Shoppers looking to add functional space to a bedroom need look no further than the DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk, which has ample shelving space as well as a desk area perfect for homework. For a more sophisticated look that can see a child all the way to college, consider the Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft Bed, which includes a large desk space the entire length of the bed.

How We Chose the Best Kids Beds with Desk

Since bedrooms can often be tight on space, it can be difficult to fit everything a child needs and wants in their room. A bed with desk and storage underneath is the perfect solution to this problem, and our list of recommendations provides a range of options to choose from that will satisfy the most common requirements. Whether shoppers are looking for short desk spaces for arts and crafts with additional shelving and storage for books and toys, or they need a much larger desk area for growing kids who find themselves with plenty of homework, our top picks include the best products to choose from in terms of space and construction.

Speaking of construction, the last thing shoppers want is a bed so shaky that they dare not climb in for fear of collapse, so our research has ensured that our favorite beds are all known for their durability and sturdiness.


After learning about the different kinds of beds with desks, there may be some questions. If you have questions about safely using a kids’ bed with a desk, then read on for answers to these and other concerns regarding this type of furniture.

Q. What age of child is safe for a loft bed?

Although the safe age can vary depending on the maturity level and size of the child, most generally agree that it is not safe for any child under the age of 6 to use a loft bed.

Q. What is the standard height of a loft bed?

The standard height of a loft bed is 58 inches from floor to the top of the side rails. This means that most loft beds have an underbed height, the distance from the floor to the underside of the bed of 50 to 55 inches.

Q. What safety features should be considered when looking for bunk beds with desks underneath?

When considering safety features, it’s crucial to pay attention to the weight capacity in relation to the weight of the occupant and the height of the bed in relation to the ceiling height.

The safety rails are crucial safety features as they prevent the occupant from rolling out. A bunk bed should have rails that surround the bed, with the exception of the entrance. Never put a mattress in a loft bed that is thicker than what the manufacturer recommends as it can nullify the safety rails.

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