The Best Kids Bed with Desk for Studying

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The Best Kids Bed With Desk


Unless you live in a larger home, floor space is often at a premium in a child’s bedroom—with the bed hogging the bulk of the square footage. This can make it challenging to fit more than a few pieces of furniture in a small bedroom. One way of maximizing the space in a small room is with a loft bunk bed that features a desk underneath.

These space-saving units are made of sturdy metal or wood, containing a single or full-size loft bed that’s accessible via a ladder or steps. Under the bed is a built-in workspace with a desk. Some models also include additional features, such as shelving for storage and extra seating such as a futon chair.

If you’re looking for the best kids’ bed with desk options to save space in your child’s room, then read on to learn about some of the best models available.

The Best Kids Bed With Desk Option


Our Top Picks

The list below represents some of the most innovative and well-built bed/desk combos for both young kids and big kids.

Best Overall

Best Kids Loft Bed With Desk

Sturdy construction along with ample workspace and shelf storage for desk accessories make this metal frame model an excellent option. A twin bed frame sits 4 feet 10 inches from the floor, providing enough clearance beneath the bed for younger, school-age kids. 14-inch high safety rails with multiple slats allow for mattresses up to 6 inches thick. An angled five-rung ladder makes ascending to the loft easy.

A desk below the bed, measuring 40.5 inches wide by 15.5 inches deep, offers plenty of space for doing homework. Four spacious shelves provide storage for books and toys. The silver frame is constructed of sturdy steel, held together with hardware and numerous bars and slats for reinforcement. This prevents the bed from swaying while your child is climbing into and out of it.

This loft bed is offered at a great price, plus the large workspace and shelving offer solid value. The overall dimensions are 77.5 by 41.5 by 74 inches.

Best For Younger Kids

The Best Kids Bed With Desk Option: Donco Kids Low Study Loft Bed

This cleverly designed wooden bed saves space while offering a desk and storage space. At just 43 inches to the top of the rail, this bed sits lower than standard loft style beds with desks, making it ideal for younger children. A sturdy rail wraps around four sides of the bed with an opening at the foot for easy entrances and exits. Two rails help your child ascend to the bed.

The lower area features a desk that measures 33.5 inches wide and 25 inches deep with two shelves on the side. The desk conveniently slides out from under the bed to conserve space. Three large dresser drawers are built into the area under the bed, providing ample space for clothing storage. A built-in shelf is a great place for your child’s book collection. This item’s overall dimensions are 79 inches by 43 inches by 41 inches.

Best for Teens

The Best Kids Bed With Desk Option: DHP Abode Loft Bed Metal Frame with Desk and Ladder

This study loft includes a double mattress and has a 300-pound weight capacity, making it especially suitable for teens. Two ladders provide multiple entries and exit points. This bed sits 72 inches from the floor to the top of the rails.

Its wide profile allows for the sizable, under-bed desk that measures 78 inches wide. With 12-inch-high safety railings, this bed can hold mattresses up to 6 inches thick. Sturdy metal construction with multiple support bars prevents swaying. Its sleek lines and black metal can complement different decor styles. The overall dimensions measure 57.5 by 80 by 72 inches.

Best Wood

Best Kids Bed with Desk

With ample desk space and three large 38.5-inch by 13-inch shelves, this loft bed is a worthy wood frame option for younger and older kids alike. This bed takes a different design approach to the desk/bed combo by allowing you to place the desk inside or outside the loft space. This enables older kids to use the desk without bumping their heads.

A five-rung slanted ladder makes it easier to climb to the bed. Note that when the desk is positioned outside the bed along with the ladder, this piece has an overall footprint of 81.5 inches by 59.5 inches, making it more suitable for larger bedrooms.

With its mission-style slats, this bed features a sophisticated yet simple look. It sits 68.5 inches off the ground with 51.5 inches of clearance underneath, providing enough headroom for most kids. High safety rails accommodate mattresses up to 9 inches thick. 

Also Consider

The Best Kids Bed With Desk Option: Hillsdale Furniture Caspian Twin Loft Bed

The sophisticated, simple slat look of this wood bed blends well with an array of decor styles. It sits 80 inches off the ground with 54 inches of clearance under the bed, providing enough headroom for older kids and most teens. A five-rung slanted ladder makes entering and exiting the bed safe and manageable, while high rails accommodate mattresses up to 8 inches thick. A 42-inch wide desk offers plenty of space for studying and completing homework.

Durable engineered wood and quality hardware prevent this bed from swaying when its occupant is climbing into or out of it. With a height that makes this bed usable with ceilings as low as 7.5 feet, this unit will work in most bedrooms. It comes in three color options: grey, chocolate, and white. This bed measures 69.4 inches by 41.3 inches by 80.17 inches.