The Best Leaf Removal Services of 2023

Leaf removal can be a major time and energy commitment for homeowners. Hire one of the best leaf removal services to take on the burden.

Best Overall

Lawn Love

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The Best Leaf Removal Services Option: The Grounds Guys

The Grounds Guys

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The Best Leaf Removal Services Option: LawnStarter


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While fall foliage is beautiful, removing fallen leaves from the lawn can be cumbersome. Many homeowners will have to rake, blow, and bag their leaves multiple times in the autumn to keep the lawn clear. Not only is this a huge commitment of time, but the strenuous activity and slipperiness of the leaves can cause injury.

Rather than struggling to find the time and energy to de-leaf their own yard, homeowners may want to consider hiring a professional leaf removal service to save time and ensure their lawns are free of leaves. Homeowners who are contemplating searching online for “leaf removal companies near me” may find the following list of the best leaf removal services a good starting point for hiring a trusted provider to get the job done.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Lawn Love
  2. RUNNER-UP: The Grounds Guys
  3. ALSO CONSIDER: LawnStarter
The Best Leaf Removal Services Options

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Leaf Removal Services

When choosing the best leaf removal or leaf blowing service, homeowners will want to consider these key factors to ensure the job is done quickly and correctly by a trained, insured professional.

Service Area and Scheduling

With the services of leaf removal contractors in such high demand, it’s important for homeowners to be able to schedule the service when it’s needed. A leaf collection service should come to a house on a routine basis, depending on the size of the lawn and the number of trees in it. Smaller yards with only a few trees may only need to be serviced every 2 to 3 weeks, while larger areas may need maintenance once a week. Because leaf bagging services can book up quickly in the fall, homeowners with larger lawns will want to schedule them in advance to guarantee their yards will be serviced.

Additionally, homeowners will want to keep their potential provider’s service area in mind. Searching online for “fall leaf pickup near me” can help narrow down the list to professionals available in a given geographic area.

Quote Process and Pricing

Leaf removal costs vary depending on the size of the area being serviced. On average, leaf removal companies charge between $400 and $1,000 per acre, depending on the property’s tree density and terrain. To get an accurate quote from a leaf removal service, homeowners will want to take measurements of their lawn so a provider can estimate the cost of the job. Some providers don’t calculate price based on the size of the yard but on the amount of time the job takes or the number of bags filled. When evaluating leaf removal services, homeowners will want to consider which pricing option will provide the best value for their needs.

Service Liability Coverage

While there is no special licensing for leaf removal services, customers want to ensure their contractors have general liability insurance. This protects both the homeowner and the leaf removal company in the event of bodily injury or property damage while the service is being performed. While leaf blowing and bagging is generally a service with low risks for professionals, a contractor can still get injured on the job.

Customers will want to ask prospective providers about their insurance coverage. It’s better for homeowners to hire a bonded and insured company to remove any liability should a worker get injured. When conducting research, homeowners may also want to ask the service for references from other satisfied customers.

Additional Services

Some contractors offer additional lawn care or landscaping services, which makes it easier for homeowners to schedule multiple services if needed. Often, customers will get a discount for bundling these services. Some leaf collection services may offer landscaping services, such as planting greenery, to help aesthetically improve the exterior design of a house. Not only will this boost a lawn’s curb appeal, but having more plants and shrubbery in the yard reduces the surface area for leaf removal.

Other professionals may provide gutter cleaning services. Leaves and other debris can clog gutters, causing buildup that can result in interior and exterior water damage. To prevent these damages, homeowners may want to inquire about gutter removal services or ask for a recommendation.

Our Top Picks

For homeowners who are looking for help with leaf cleanup, here are our top picks for the best leaf removal services.

Best Overall

Lawn Love

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  • Service area: 40 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online
  • Additional services: Mowing, fertilization, seeding, aeration, weed control, yard cleanup, tree and shrub care, gutter cleaning


  • Straightforward instant quote, booking, and online payment
  • Relatively affordable prices
  • Transparent pricing guide available
  • Discounts available for bundling services


  • Customers must file any complaints within a relatively short 24-hour window

Why It Made the Cut: Lawn Love provides homeowners excellent service and affordable prices on leaf removal services. Lawn Love is a lawn care and maintenance company that provides reliable services, including leaf removal. Lawn Love hires vetted professionals who can perform leaf removal at an affordable rate, typically between $60 and $85 for leaf cleanup services. The company offers a 100 percent guarantee, meaning the providers will return to a home and fix an issue free of charge. Homeowners have to act quickly, however, and lodge their complaints within a relatively fast 24 hours of the initial service being completed. Scheduling service with Lawn Love is seamless and intuitive.

Although Lawn Love isn’t available in 10 U.S. states, customers who live within the company’s service area can gather a quote by inputting their ZIP code, service desired, and a few details directly online. After that, Lawn Love’s simple user interface makes it easy for homeowners to schedule service at their convenience. In addition to its leaf removal services, Lawn Love also offers yard cleanup services, gutter cleaning, gardening, weed control, and other lawn services.

Prices for these services are clearly outlined on Lawn Love’s website, and customers can score up to a 30 percent discount for bundling lawn services with the same provider.


The Grounds Guys

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  • Service area: 41 states
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Additional services: Mowing, pest control, fertilization, landscape design and installation, snow management, irrigation, gutters, tree and shrub care, power and pressure washing, and holiday lighting installation


  • Full-service landscaping offered
  • Wide range of lawn and yard care services available
  • Yard status and quality reports delivered to clients


  • No option for online account management

Why It Made the Cut: With The Grounds Guys, residential and commercial property owners can book a wide range of lawn care and landscaping services. The Grounds Guys offers lawn care and leaf removal services for both commercial and residential properties. Not only can the company easily handle leaf removal, but it also can plant and maintain gardens, as well as eliminate weeds and pests that the gardens might attract. The Grounds Guys offers structural lawn services as well. Homeowners can hire a professional to repair their irrigation systems, set up outdoor lighting fixtures, and clean and maintain gutters. While there is no option to manage an account online, The Grounds Guys’ customer services agents are able to access client information easily and schedule service. Customers receive a yard status update after every appointment to let them know how their yard is doing and what treatments have been performed. The Grounds Guys are known for excellent customer service, as shown by the C.A.R.E. methodology the company has adopted. The acronym shows the team’s priorities and stands for customers first, attitude, respect, and enjoy life in the process.

Also Consider


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  • Service area: 26 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online
  • Additional services: Mowing, yard cleanup, aeration, fertilization, leaf removal, pressure washing


  • Easy-to-use mobile app available to schedule services
  • Standout additional services include pressure washing


  • Somewhat limited service area
  • No one-time service scheduling
  • Service list only visible once customer is in the booking process

Why It Made the Cut: LawnStarter is an easy-to-use website and app that helps homeowners book a top lawn care provider based on their location and service needs. Users of the LawnStarter site or app can quickly book lawn care services—including leaf removal—by providing their address and desired service date. The company partners with local small businesses to ensure the professionals caring for lawns thoroughly understand a homeowner’s unique neighborhood and climate. While customers will have to wait until they’re into the booking process to see all of the services LawnStarter offers, Many LawnStarter pros provide power washing services in addition to lawn care services, which is something some homeowners may want to take advantage of before temperatures drop too low. While LawnStarter has a somewhat limited service area and no one-time service option, the simple scheduling process, quality of providers, breadth of services, and high-rated customer reviews make LawnStarter a worthy business for consideration.

Our Verdict

Homeowners will enjoy Lawn Love’s transparent pricing, bundling discounts, and intuitive online interface. For an extensive range of service to ensure leaf removal isn’t the only way a lawn is cared for in a year, The Grounds Guys is another top option.

How We Chose the Best Leaf Removal Services

When choosing the best leaf removal services for homeowners, we conducted an in-depth examination of providers according to several criteria. We considered each provider’s service area, scheduling abilities, and additional services. We ranked providers based on their offerings and standout features, and we critically examined any shortcomings.

Before You Hire One of the Best Leaf Removal Services

Before hiring one of the best leaf removal services, customers will want to consider the providers’ services against their yard’s needs. If a homeowner has a small yard, few or no trees, or lives in a region with trees that don’t lose their leaves, the homeowner may be able to take on raking as a DIY project to save money. Homeowners with yards that don’t need leaf removal every week in the fall may not benefit from these leaf removal service recommendations, as these providers are typically booked for ongoing appointments.

If a homeowner chooses to explore one of the best leaf removal services, they will want to consult the company’s website to ensure it offers service in their neighborhood or area. Homeowners who are taking the DIY route for leaf removal can opt for one of the best leaf vacuums or best leaf blowers, which means an up-front cost for the equipment, but cost savings over time.

Cost of Hiring One of the Best Leaf Removal Services

The total cost of hiring one of the best leaf removal services will depend on a few factors including location, the time of year, the size of the yard, and the number of trees in and around the property. Some homeowners pay as little as $150 for leaf removal, while others will pay upward of $1,000. The average cost range for leaf removal is between $300 and $600, though the per-acre cost could be between $400 and $1,000 for larger lawns. Additional lawn care costs will apply for any secondary services, such as landscaping, though companies may offer discounts for customers who bundle multiple lawn services with the same company.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Leaf Removal Services

Picking up leaves regularly during the fall ensures a clean, uncluttered, and healthier lawn—but with even a few trees on a property, leaf removal can quickly become a dreaded chore throughout the season. Using a professional leaf removal service lets a homeowner reclaim time while offering peace of mind, knowing a professional is taking care of the lawn and removing leaves from the property.

A leaf removal contractor can also ensure the best care for a lawn. Professionals have the equipment and know-how to remove leaves without damaging flower beds, mulch, or patches of grass.

  • Removing fallen leaves keeps a lawn healthy and beautiful.
  • Experienced leaf removal service providers save homeowners time.
  • Homeowners don’t need to worry about disposing of leaves and debris.


To help homeowners decide which leaf removal service is right for them, they will want to consider some of the most frequently asked questions regarding professional leaf removal.

Q. What is the fastest way to pick up leaves?

The fastest way to pick up leaves is to use a leaf blower if you choose to pick up leaves yourself. Hiring one of the best leaf removal services is also a fast, convenient way to get rid of leaves with zero hassle.

Q. How is a leaf removal job quoted?

Leaf raking services often quote jobs based on the time of year, yard size, and number of trees in and around the property.

Q. How do I get rid of old leaves in my yard?

Homeowners can use leaf rakes, leaf blowers, or mulching lawn mowers to gather and remove leaves. Reviewing the do’s and don’ts of cleaning up leaves can help ensure homeowner safety during the task. However, hiring a lawn care specialist skilled at collecting and disposing of old leaves is the quickest, easiest, and safest way to get rid of leaves.

Q. How do you calculate the price for fall clean up?

Providers may charge for fall cleanup differently, but an average leaf removal job costs $350. Fall cleanup prices take into account yard size, the number of trees in and around a yard, leaf cleanup cost per hour rates for providers in the area, and region.

Q. How do you pick up large amounts of leaves?

To pick up large amounts of leaves, place a large tarp or leaf parachute in the yard or driveway and collect all the leaves on top of it for disposal. Homeowners can also use leaf shovels to assist in picking up wet leaves.

While homeowners may be able to handle leaf removal on their own, it can be arduous and time-consuming. Hiring a lawn care specialist takes the hassle out of picking up a large amount of leaves because these pros have the knowledge and equipment to do it well. Try searching online for “leaf cleanup near me” or choosing one of the companies from our list of top picks to quickly take care of large amounts of leaves.

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