The Best Packing Services in America

Hiring one of the best packing services to move a house full of belongings can save time while lowering stress levels.

Best Overall

Two Men and a Truck

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Best Full-Service Moving

The Best Packing Services Option: United Van Lines

United Van Lines

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Best for Seniors

The Best Packing Services Option: Moves for Seniors

Moves for Seniors

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There’s a good reason moving is considered one of the most stressful life events. Moving from point A to point B involves many steps: decluttering, packing, loading boxes, driving to the new home, unpacking, changing addresses, and setting up new utilities—and those are just the tip of the iceberg. Luckily, some companies can take care of one of the most stressful and time-consuming elements of a move: packing.

The best packing companies for moving will securely pack all of a customer’s belongings, allowing the client to focus on all the other important aspects of a move. These companies have experienced service providers that can pack items much more quickly and safely than the average homeowner or renter. Many companies also offer other valuable moving-related services, including junk removal, storage, and moving trucks. Ahead, learn about some of the best packing services in the business and what to consider when hiring one.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Two Men and a Truck
  3. BEST FOR SENIORS: Moves for Seniors
  5. BEST AGGREGATOR: HomeAdvisor
The Best Packing Services Options

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Packing Services

While most customers look first at cost when vetting packing and moving companies, other factors are crucial to consider. These include what additional services the company offers, the service area, and the cancellation policy. Learn more about these and other attributes when choosing a packing service.

Service Area

The first step to choosing a packing service is selecting one that covers the customer’s location. A potential customer will want to determine if the company provides all the services they will need at both their current home and their new home. For example, a packing service may be able to provide services at a customer’s current location but may not serve the area of the new home, making the company unable to provide unpacking services.

Full-Service vs. Partial Packing

Many moving companies offer full and partial packing services. A full packing service will pack every item in the home, from glasses and dishware to clothes and TVs. This kind of service is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the time or expertise to pack items themselves—and can afford the cost of a full packing service. Partial packing services will only pack items the customer opts to have packed, making this service a good choice for those who want to save money and have the time to pack some items themselves.

Quote Process and Pricing

Moving companies that pack for you base their fees on an hourly rate. Packing services will typically estimate the cost of the services based on how long the service estimates it will take to pack the items. While customers should expect the actual price to be in the same ballpark as the estimate, prices may increase or decrease depending on the exact time it takes to pack.

Additional Services

Many companies offer moving services with packing. Full-service moving is an additional service many customers may want. Other additional services are associated with moving and include pack and load services for portable storage units, junk removal, decluttering, and shipping and packing services. Customers will want to look for a single company that provides all the moving services they need to eliminate the need to coordinate between different companies.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policies vary from company to company. While some packing and moving services may allow customers to cancel a packing service right up to the point that the service begins, others limit cancellations to 3 days before the appointment. Customers who cancel outside of the window may have to pay a fee. It’s a good idea for customers to check a service’s cancellation policy before hiring, especially if there’s a chance plans could change.

Customer Support

Customer support is critical when choosing a packing service. Responsive customer support representatives ensure the customer can easily reach someone if there is an issue. The best packing services offer a range of ways to get in touch with customer support, including phone, email, and live chat.

Our Top Picks

The packing services below are highly regarded by their customers, have locations throughout the country, and offer many useful additional moving-related services.

Best Overall

Two Men and a Truck

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  • Service area: 43 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Quote process: Online, phone, live chat
  • Additional services: Moving, junk removal, storage
  • Cancellation policy: Free cancellation up until 3 days before appointment
  • Customer support: Phone, email, live chat


  • High 96 percent customer referral rate
  • 3 convenient ways to get a quote, including a comprehensive online process
  • Standout additional services include junk removal


  • Free cancellation applies only up until 3 days before appointment

Why It Made the Cut: A broad range of moving-related services, high customer referral rating, and convenient quote processes make Two Men and a Truck a top choice for packing services. Two Men and a Truck is primarily known as a moving company with service in 43 states and Washington, D.C., but the company is also notable for its stand-alone packing service. Customer feedback is important to consider when hiring a moving or packing service, and Two Men and Truck’s record is impressive, with a 96 percent customer referral rate. And since many customers require more than just packing and moving, Two Men and a Truck offers several additional services, including storage and junk removal. Two Men and a Truck provides free cancellation; however, cancellations must be made at least 3 days before the appointment. Customers can obtain a quote with a phone call, via live chat, or through a comprehensive yet streamlined online form that returns a quote in a matter of minutes.

Best Full-Service Moving

United Van Lines

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  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Quote process: Phone
  • Additional services: Moving, storage, car shipping
  • Cancellation policy: Free cancellation until services are provided
  • Customer support: Phone, email, live chat


  • Specialty and fragile items protected with custom crating
  • Free cancellation as long as no services have been provided
  • 500 locations nationwide


  • Quotes only available by phone
  • Packing only available as an add-on to moving service

Why It Made the Cut: United Van Lines is a top-rated moving company that also offers specialty packing services, including custom crating to keep fragile valuables safe and secure. In addition to being one of the best moving companies in the business, United Van Lines (UVL) also offers a top-notch packing service. UVL stands out thanks to its special crate designs that protect oversize and fragile items, such as mirrors, TVs, and paintings. These crates typically offer far better security than standard bubble wrap and moving blankets, so customers are less likely to suffer a big loss during the move. UVL also happens to be one of the largest moving companies in the country, with service from movers in 500 locations in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Customers will want to note that they must hire UVL’s moving service in order to use the packing service. This won’t be ideal if a customer is looking to book packing services well in advance of their planned move. Customers will also have to obtain quotes by phone. However, customers can rest assured that they’ll get free cancellation until services are provided, so they won’t incur any fees if their plans change at the last minute.

Best for Seniors

Moves for Seniors

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  • Service area: 49 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Quote process: Phone
  • Additional services: Moving, decluttering, downsizing
  • Cancellation policy: Varies by moving partner
  • Customer support: Phone, email


  • Full-service, step-by-step moving facilitation guided by senior moving specialists
  • Standout additional services include decluttering and downsizing


  • Deposit and cancellation policies vary by moving partner company
  • Quotes only available by phone

Why It Made the Cut: With end-to-end services that include planning, decluttering, downsizing, packing, and moving, Moves for Seniors is one of the best senior moving services. Moves for Seniors is a standout choice for older adults who need support with packing and moving. In addition to providing a full packing service, Moves for Seniors facilitates the whole moving process, from planning, decluttering, and downsizing to packing, moving, and unpacking. Because it serves as the single source for all of these services, customers don’t have to worry about coordinating multiple companies. While customer service is available by email and phone, customers will have to speak to a representative on the phone to get a quote. Customers will also want to inquire about the cancellation and deposit policies, as these will vary by location depending on the moving partners available. Moves for Seniors operates in 49 states plus Washington, D.C., making it one of the most widely available packing and moving services of its kind.

Best for Same-Day Service


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  • Service area: Select metro areas in 35 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Quote process: Online
  • Additional services: Shopping and delivery, general handyman services, moving help, cleaning, yardwork, prep for a new baby, virtual and online tasks, parties and events
  • Cancellation policy: Free cancellation up until 24 hours before appointment; fee equivalent to 1 hour of service for cancellations within 24 hours of appointment
  • Customer support: Phone, email, live chat


  • Client-controlled hiring process
  • Top-rated, frequently hired professionals recognized and highlighted
  • Transparent service provider rates


  • Potential for relatively high rates for high-quality service
  • Relatively limited service area

Why It Made the Cut: An abundance of top-rated professionals, customer-led hiring, and same-day availability makes TaskRabbit a great choice for packing services. Packing up one’s belongings may not seem like a monumental job—until the process begins and quickly becomes overwhelming. While many companies may require customers to book their services well ahead of time, TaskRabbit has same-day and next-day availability, making it a great option for those who may realize late in the moving process that they need help packing. There are also plenty of good reasons those who aren’t pressed for time will want to hire professional packers from TaskRabbit. Customers in TaskRabbit’s metropolitan service areas can choose from TaskRabbit’s many pros based on availability, pricing, location, and more. Customers will want to note that going for the lowest quote isn’t always a good idea, as the service’s higher-quality professionals will generally list higher rates. However, each TaskRabbit provider posts their hourly rates, and the site lists an average cost for the job, so pricing is transparent and easy to estimate.

Best Aggregator


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  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Quote process: Online
  • Additional services: Varies by provider
  • Cancellation policy: Free cancellation up until 24 hours before appointment; $15 fee for cancellations up until 2 hours before appointment; full service price for cancellations less than 2 hours before appointment
  • Customer support: Phone


  • Streamlined, 1-step quote process
  • 4-star and above service provider recommendations


  • Payment required to browse local service providers
  • Persistent follow-up emails

Why It Made the Cut: HomeAdvisor makes finding a quality packing service easier by highlighting top-rated service providers. HomeAdvisor takes the guesswork out of choosing a quality packing company by connecting clients to its list of vetted services. And since the aggregator only includes providers that average a four-star or higher rating from clients, customers can get peace of mind that they’re choosing a reputable packing service. HomeAdvisor also makes it easy to hire packing services with its one-step quote process, which customers can complete by entering their contact information and a detailed description of their packing needs. It’s important to note that HomeAdvisor does handle its packing services differently than with services it aggregates, such as plumbing and lawn maintenance. Instead of each provider bidding for the job, HomeAdvisor creates a set price for the job. HomeAdvisor also requires its customers to enter their contact information, which typically results in numerous follow-up emails from service providers looking to land them as clients. But with a service area of all 50 states and Washington, D.C., HomeAdvisor is a reliable option for many customers nationwide.

Our Verdict

Two Men and a Truck boasts high customer referral ratings and offers a wide range of additional services, which is why it made the top of our best packing services list. Those looking for full-service moving and packing will want to consider United Van Lines, which offers packing services as part of its nationally available moving packages.

How We Chose the Best Packing Services

We used various criteria to choose the best packing services. Packing is typically just one of the services a customer needs when planning a move, so we chose companies that offer related services, such as moving, storage, and junk removal. Customer satisfaction is also crucial, so we looked for companies with high customer satisfaction ratings; however, customer reviews did not factor into any specific pros and cons we identified. We also favored companies with unique services, such as specialized packing for fragile items and senior moving. Finding these unique services allowed us to create a list of companies that would be attractive to diverse customers. A customer will want to see how much they will pay for the packing service, so we leaned toward those that provide thorough quotes up front. Finally, we also chose packing services with various customer service contact options and flexible cancellation policies.

Before You Hire One of the Best Packing Services

Before deciding on a packing service, there are a few factors to consider. Customers will want to understand that a packing service adds a significant expense to the overall move. For many, this additional cost may be worth it, but customers on a tight budget may want to consider spending their money on other aspects of the move. It’s also a good idea to determine what other professional services, such as moving and junk removal, may be required. Hiring a company that offers all the moving services one needs is usually easier than coordinating different companies to perform each service. Before hiring a service, customers will want to determine if any items may require special packing, such as art, wine collections, and family heirlooms, and ensure the company is equipped to handle such items. Finally, the customer will want to go through and purge any belongings they don’t plan on moving to avoid paying to move belongings they won’t keep in their new home.

Cost of Hiring One of the Best Packing Services

The cost of packing a home can vary significantly based on the size of the house, but expect to pay between $270 and $2,200. The total cost includes the supplies and labor for packing belongings and furniture. Adding unpacking services can raise the total price to $3,600. Apartments ranging from 400 to 1,000 square feet will be in the lower half of this price range, while full-size homes of 1,250 square feet or more occupy the higher end.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Packing Services

While hiring a packing service is an additional expense, there are many benefits to doing so. Having someone else pack can save a customer considerable time and stress, and a packing service makes the process go much more quickly. What might take a customer all day to pack can often take professionals just a few hours. Customers also don’t need to worry about purchasing their own boxes and other packing supplies, as packers will bring the needed materials. Since packers for moving companies have experience packing fragile items, there’s also less of a chance of loss and damage during the move.

  • Saves the customer time and alleviates stress
  • Makes the packing process go more quickly
  • Provides all necessary packing supplies
  • Reduces the chance of damage


If you’re trying to decide between a full-service or partial packing service or want to know how to pack your belongings efficiently, then read on for answers to these and other commonly asked questions about packing for a move.

Q. What does full-service packing mean?

A full-service packing is exactly what it sounds like: the moving service packs all of the customer’s belongings for them and provides all the necessary packing supplies.

Q. When should you start packing before a move?

Start early. If you can, begin the packing process 6 weeks before the moving date. This will give you time to downsize, declutter, and organize your belongings and pack them.

Q. What is the most efficient way to pack when moving?

The most efficient way to pack is to begin by packing rarely used items you won’t miss during packing and moving. To ensure each box ends up in the right place, color code or label each box with the name of the room it belongs in. You can even number boxes and create a spreadsheet with a list of what’s in each. When the boxes arrive at the new home, instruct movers to place them in the middle of the room, allowing you to easily access each box.

Q. What should you not pack when moving?

Some items are either dangerous or simply make no sense to pack. Avoid packing items such as household cleaners that can leak dangerous chemicals during a move. Never pack any fuel or flammable items, as this creates a fire hazard. Also, avoid packing sentimental items and valuables such as jewelry, cash, wills, and deeds in boxes that are tough to access. It’s also a good idea to keep any moving documents with you in case you have a disagreement with the mover.

Q. What is partial packing?

With a partial packing service, the packing service does not pack all items in your home. Instead, you choose certain items that you want the service to pack, which lowers the cost of the service but makes you responsible for packing the items not included on the list.


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