Bob Vila Radio: Pick the Right Paint to Brighten Any Low-Light Room

There's a reason people don't live in caves anymore. Tired of straining your eyes to see across the room? Capitalize on the power of paint to make the most of meager light.

If rooms in your home receive too little natural light, remember that with nothing more than paint, you can bring about a bit more brightness. Focus on the colors discussed here.

Best Paint Colors for Dark Rooms



Listen to BOB VILA ON PAINTING A DARK ROOM or read below:

Pale yellow: It’s always a good choice, because it mimics the warmth of natural light. Buttery yellows, in particular, do wonders to spread light around a space. On trim and woodwork, meanwhile, choose luminous white as a complement to, and enhancement of, your chosen shade of yellow.

Consider just about any shade of orange, too. Pumpkin, tangerine, apricot—they all make fine choices in a shadowy space. Why? Orange warms and enriches the quality of light in a room—even if it’s only the meager amount received through a small window or via artificial fixtures.

Other popular colors for dark rooms include light shades of blue, ocher, and pink. But those are only a handful of the more popular options. There are thousands of others.

The folks at your local paint store or home center will be happy to lend you books with color chips to take home for further evaluation.

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