The Best Portable Saunas

Bring the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of a sauna to your home with the best portable saunas.

Best Overall

The Best Portable Saunas Option: SereneLife Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna Spa

SereneLife Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna Spa

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Portable Saunas Option: Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna Spa

Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna Spa

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Best Full-Size

The Best Portable Saunas Option: SereneLife Full Size Portable Sauna

SereneLife Full Size Portable Sauna

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Portable saunas provide a spa-like sauna experience right in your living room or backyard. More affordable and easier to set up than a built-in sauna, they’re an appealing choice for sauna lovers who don’t have the budget or space for a permanent sauna.

While these tent-like contraptions can look a little silly (most are designed for users to sit inside, with their head sticking out the top), they offer many of the benefits of traditional saunas, including muscle relaxation and stress relief, but with the comfort of an indoor sauna for home use. Read on for the best portable saunas for bringing the restorative benefits of heat and steam to your home.

  1. BEST OVERALL: SereneLife Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna Spa
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna Spa
  3. BEST FULL-SIZE: SereneLife Full Size Portable Sauna
  4. BEST STEAM: OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna Spa
  5. BEST OVERSIZE: Heat Wave Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna 
  6. BEST EASY SETUP: Crew & Axel Infrared Sauna Individual Home Spa
  7. BEST SAUNA BLANKET: Gizmo Supply 3 Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket (Regular)
The Best Portable Saunas Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Portable Sauna

The best portable saunas are easy to set up and maintain and comfortable to use, plus they trap heat effectively. Excellent for sauna lovers on a budget, a sauna tent boasts the relaxing perks of a traditional sauna in a smaller, more affordable package. When it comes to choosing a personal at-home sauna, consider the sauna type, design, setup process, size, and additional features.

Infrared vs. Steam

Both infrared and steam portable saunas are available. Portable steam saunas come with a separate unit that creates steam to heat the air inside the sauna, which then warms the body. On the other hand, infrared portable saunas have built-in infrared lamps. These lamps warm the body directly without heating the air.

Steam saunas create damp heat. These saunas offer the more traditional, steamy sauna experience. It’s always important to clean a portable sauna after use, but especially if it’s a steam sauna. Since they’re damp, steam saunas are more prone to mold and mildew, so it’s important to take extra care with the cleaning and maintenance of a steam sauna.

Infrared saunas create dry heat. Since they don’t need to heat the air in the sauna tent, infrared saunas tend to heat up faster than steam options. Also, because they apply direct heat, infrared saunas often don’t need to get as hot as steam saunas to do their job. An infrared sauna can provide the same relaxing effect as steam at a lower temperature, which is better for those sensitive to very hot environments.

Design and Setup

Easy setup and storage are important to consider when selecting the best portable sauna. Many of the best portable saunas set up in under 5 minutes and need just a few minutes more to heat up to temperature. Made of water-resistant materials, most can be used as an indoor or outdoor sauna (as long as there is a nearby outlet and no water exposure).

Portable saunas come in a few different designs. The most common type looks like a small tent. This sauna type accommodates a seated user and stops at the shoulder, so the user’s head is outside the sauna. Many of these sauna tents also have armholes so users can have their hands free.

Portable saunas also come in larger, full-size models, which are tall enough for a person to step inside the sauna. Full-size portable saunas feel more like a traditional sauna since the entire body fits inside. Their enveloping design also allows less heat to escape through the neck or armholes.

For those who prefer to lie down in the sauna, portable sauna domes and sauna blankets are also available. Sauna domes tend to be less portable than tents; they usually have a more substantial hard-dome design. Although easier to move than a permanent sauna, sauna domes are not portable enough to have made our list.

Sauna blankets essentially function like a large heated sleeping bag and often use infrared technology to warm the body.

Size and Weight

Portable saunas range in size. Those with head and armholes tend to be small and short, made to accommodate a seated person of average height. Users over 6 feet tall may want to consider an oversize portable sauna.

Sit-in saunas are much taller, usually with enough room for a person of average height to stand. While tall, they still usually have a small overall footprint, much less than most permanent saunas.

Sauna blankets are the most compact option since most fold up to the size of a heated blanket when not in use.

Another factor is to consider the sauna’s folded-down storage size and weight. Most portable sauna tents have soft sides and are therefore lightweight and easy to move. If the sauna will be used for travel, such as to bring to a hotel room or on a camping trip, look for a compact model.

Extra Features

Portable saunas sometimes come with a chair or bench. An included chair is guaranteed to fit in the sauna. However, these fold-up seats generally aren’t the most sturdy or comfortable, so some users may choose to use their own chair.

No one likes having cold feet, so some portable saunas have a heated footpad. This luxurious feature offers an extra layer of warmth and relaxation, providing heat from all sides.

Most portable saunas have various temperature settings accessible via a wired remote control. Other control features can add to safety and ease of use. Timers allow users to set the desired sauna time, so they can relax without checking the clock. An auto-shutoff feature automatically turns the sauna off after an extended period of time, making sure the sauna stops running after a set time in case it’s accidentally left unattended.

Our Top Picks

Take advantage of all the benefits of a sauna on a budget with the best portable sauna options ahead.

Best Overall

SereneLife Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna Spa

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With a sturdy construction and several attractive comfort features, the SereneLife Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna Spa is the best portable sauna tent for most users.

This infrared sauna tent has the typical portable sauna design that covers the shoulders, with a spot for the user’s head to stick out. Two convenient hand-accessible zippers control spots for placing the arms outside the tent. Setting the temperature is straightforward with a wired remote that stores in the front pocket. This portable sauna can be set to a maximum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and features a 60-minute timer. It reaches the set temperature in just a few minutes.

Purchase includes a folding chair, so there’s no need to buy a separate seat. The heated footpad adds to comfort once the user is seated inside.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Infrared
  • Assembled size: 27.6 inches long by 31.5 inches wide by 37.8 inches tall
  • Chair included: Yes


  • High-quality construction
  • 60-minute timer
  • Fast heating time


  • Lacks additional storage pockets

Get the SereneLife infrared portable sauna on Amazon or SereneLife.

Best Bang For The Buck

Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna Spa

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With an oversize roomy interior for a reasonable price, the Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna Spa offers great value. This portable sauna includes a large sauna tent that measures 33 inches long by 31.5 inches wide by 41 inches tall, offering a few inches more space on each side than the average personal sauna tent. This model is a steam sauna, so it comes with a steam generator in addition to a folding chair. The steam generator has a 60-minute timer and allows the sauna interior to reach temperatures around 110 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dual front pockets are a nice touch, sitting just below the zippered armholes so users can easily store a phone, book, or TV remote inside. One downside of this portable sauna is that it lacks a remote control and adjustable temperature settings. However, for users on a budget, these may be easy drawbacks to overlook.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Steam
  • Assembled size: 33 inches long by 31.5 inches wide by 41 inches tall
  • Chair included: Yes


  • Oversize
  • Comes with powerful steam generator
  • Dual storage pockets


  • Lacks remote control
  • Temperature is not adjustable

Get the Durasage portable sauna on Amazon or Durasage.

Best Full-Size

SereneLife Full Size Portable Sauna

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A full-size sauna tent is as close to the real thing as a portable sauna can get. With a tall and roomy design, the SereneLife Full Size Portable Sauna has enough space for most users to stand and move around. This full-size sauna measures 35.4 inches long by 35.4 inches wide by 70.9 inches tall and is intended for one person.

The large, zippered opening panel makes it easy to enter and exit the sauna. Both a folding portable chair and heated footpad are included (although since this sauna is roomy, some users may prefer to use their own chair). The sauna also comes with a wired remote control to adjust the temperature up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and set the timer for up to 60 minutes.

Although it’s larger than most, this portable sauna is still simple to assemble. Made of a lightweight, detachable frame and a tent cover, it can be taken apart easily for storage.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Infrared
  • Assembled size: 35.4 inches long by 35.4 inches wide by 70.9 inches tall
  • Chair included: Yes


  • Extra-wide and tall size
  • Large zippered opening
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Expensive

Get the SereneLife full-size portable sauna on Amazon or SereneLife.

Best Steam

OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna Spa

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A portable steam sauna offers a more traditional sauna feel, using hot steam to heat up the interior of the sauna tent. With an included remote-controlled steam generator, the OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna Spa is an excellent choice for shoppers looking for a small and portable steam sauna.

Unlike many other portable steam saunas in which the user has to interrupt a sauna session to make adjustments, there is no need to do so with the OppsDecor’s remote control. While OppsDecor does not specify the exact temperature of each level, the steamer does feature nine temperature settings. A timer allows users to set the timer in 10-minute intervals, for a total of up to 60 minutes.

This personal steam sauna also includes a folding chair, but most shoppers won’t find it very useful. The chair is small and supports only up to 135 pounds, so many users will want to reach for another seat.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Steam
  • Assembled size: 29.5 inches long by 35 inches wide by 40.3 inches tall
  • Chair included: Yes


  • Remote-controlled steam generator
  • Adjustable temperature
  • 60-minute timer


  • Small and rather flimsy chair

Get the OppsDecor portable sauna on Amazon.

Best Oversize

Heat Wave Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna

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Many taller or larger users can find typical sauna tents too snug. This oversize infrared steam sauna from Heat Wave is one of the largest options on the market when it comes to seated personal saunas. Measuring 33.5 inches long by 33 inches wide by 41.5 inches tall, it can accommodate users up to 6 feet 5 inches tall. It also comes with a portable chair with a 220-pound weight limit.

Besides its roomy interior, this sauna has several attractive comfort features. A heated footpad and padded floor mat keep the bottom of the tent cozy and warm. A remote control allows users to choose between the five temperature levels and six automatic-timer options. Once settled in, slip the remote control and any other small devices into the convenient dual storage pockets located on the front of the sauna, right under the zippered armholes.

Product Specs

  • Type: Infrared
  • Assembled size: 33.5 inches long by 33 inches wide by 41.5 inches tall
  • Chair included: Yes


  • Oversize design
  • Dual storage pockets
  • Heated footpad with padded floor mat


  • Pricey

Get the Heat Wave portable sauna on Amazon or Overstock.

Best Easy Setup

Crew u0026 Axel Infrared Sauna Individual Home Spa

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One of the main draws of a portable sauna is its easy setup compared to a permanent sauna. With a compact design, the Crew & Axel Infrared Sauna Individual Home Spa is incredibly easy to set up and store. This infrared sauna tent is designed to fold flat upon itself. Setup or takedown should take only a minute, and since it lies flat, it’s easy to store this sauna under a bed or in a closet.

Once set up, this portable sauna is pleasant to use. It comes with a comfortable folding chair, heated footpad with three heat levels, and a remote control to adjust the temperature and timer. This sauna can reach a maximum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit in 10 to 15 minutes and the timer can be set for up to 60 minutes.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Infrared
  • Assembled size: 28 inches long by 33 inches wide by 38 inches tall
  • Chair included: Yes


  • Very simple setup and takedown
  • Folds flat
  • Heat-adjustable footpad


  • Included chair is not very sturdy

Get the Crew & Axel portable sauna on Amazon or Crew & Axel.

Best Sauna Blanket

Gizmo Supply 3 Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket (Regular)

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A sauna blanket can take relaxation to the next level, enabling users to lie down for a portable sauna session rather than sitting in a folding chair. This sauna blanket is a portable infrared sauna shaped into a large, insulated sleeping bag to work up a sweat while relaxing.

The inner side of this sauna blanket is made of a PVC material to trap heat in the sauna. Since it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean and won’t absorb sweat or odors. The outside features a polyurethane leather finish, which is also easy to wipe clean and has an attractive finish.

The blanket comes with a control unit to adjust the temperature (between 86 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit) across its three individually adjustable heating zones (upper body, waist area, lower body). This blanket also has a 60-minute-timer feature.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Infrared
  • Assembled size: 66 inches long by 38 inches wide
  • Chair included: No


  • Wide temperature range
  • 3 independent heating zones
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact


  • Not suitable for users over 6 feet tall

Get the Gizmo Supply portable sauna on Amazon or Gizmo Supply Co.

Our Verdict

The SereneLife infrared portable sauna is our choice for the best portable sauna because of its high-quality construction and user-friendly features, which include an adjustable temperature, 60-minute timer, and heated footpad. Those looking for a steam sauna that boasts excellent value for its price will want to consider the Durasage portable sauna, which is an affordable steam sauna that offers more interior sauna space at a reasonable price.

How We Chose the Best Portable Saunas

While portable saunas are cheaper than their permanent counterparts, they’re still pretty costly, so it’s important to invest in a high-quality choice. When searching for the best portable saunas, we considered design, performance, and ease of use.

We conducted extensive product research and considered shopper reviews to find well-constructed and well-rated portable saunas. To cater to a range of users, we chose various sauna types, designs, and sizes, including a mix of infrared, steam, oversize, full-size saunas, and even a sauna blanket. There should be a sauna on this list to suit most shoppers.

Sauna design and size aside, we also looked at performance and user-friendly features. We chose saunas with effective designs and materials for trapping heat and easy maintenance, looking for options with zippered panels and water-resistant materials that keep heat in but don’t absorb sweat. Lastly, the more additional features a sauna had, the better. We looked for extras like adjustable temperature settings, timers, storage pockets, and heated footpads.

The Advantages of Owning a Portable Sauna

Home saunas provide a private, spa-like experience from the comfort of home. A portable sauna can bring many of the benefits of a built-in sauna, which can include relaxation, better sleep, and muscle-tension relief.

Unlike a permanent sauna, a portable option can offer these benefits without the expensive price tag, space requirements, or installation process. Portable saunas are much more affordable than their built-in counterparts, and the best options are very simple to set up and take down. Since they’re often made of a flexible tent-like material, portable saunas can easily be stored out of the way when not in use.

Portable saunas also offer excellent flexibility; users can choose when and where to enjoy the sauna, morning or night, and in front of the TV or outdoors. Some options are even travel-friendly and can be thrown into a suitcase or car trunk for your next road or camping trip. In short, the benefits of a portable sauna include:

  • Private sauna experience
  • Small footprint
  • More affordable than permanent saunas
  • Portable
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to store


While portable saunas offer the promise of relaxation at home, they’re not the best pick for every person. We’ve compiled some common questions to help you decide if a portable sauna is right for you. Read on for some frequently asked questions and answers on choosing and using a portable sauna.

Q. Are portable saunas healthy?

Yes, using a portable sauna can contribute to health and wellness. Portable saunas can provide many of the same therapeutic benefits of built-in saunas, including mental and physical relaxation, muscle tension, and pain relief,

Q.How long do portable saunas last?

With proper use and cleaning, a portable sauna should last upward of 5 years.

Q. Are tent saunas any good?

While they might not look or feel as luxurious as full-size saunas, portable saunas are a more flexible and affordable way to take advantage of the benefits of a sauna at home.

Q. What’s the difference between a sauna and infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna. “Sauna” is the general term for a heated room used for health, relaxation, or therapeutic benefits. Traditional saunas use steam to create heat and warm the body, while infrared saunas use infrared lamps to heat the body directly.

Q. How do I clean my sauna?

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning. Generally, portable saunas should be cleaned after each use with a quick wipe down to get rid of moisture. Every week or two (or before storing the sauna for longer periods of time), the sauna should be deep cleaned with a manufacturer-recommended cleaner. Some sauna owners use vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or a mild soap for deeper cleaning.

Q. Who should avoid infrared saunas?

It’s best to speak with your healthcare provider before using any saunas, including portable options. It’s especially important for those with any medical conditions or implanted medical devices to speak to a doctor before using an infrared sauna.

Q. Does an infrared sauna provide vitamin D?

No. Infrared saunas do not use UV light, so they do not provide vitamin D.


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