The Best Silk Sheets for Soft Comfort While Sleeping

The best silk sheets offer a luxuriously soft environment for a restful and relaxing night’s sleep.

By Deirdre Mundorf | Updated Mar 15, 2021 10:00 AM

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The Best Silk Sheets Option


Silk sheets offer a uniquely soft and smooth texture that can help relaxation and truly offer comfort in bed. As one of the top choices for best luxury sheets, silk sheets can also upgrade the look of a bedroom with their gorgeously shiny appearance.

In addition to the way they look and feel, silk sheets can deliver additional benefits during sleep. Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic material made from silkworms’ cocoons. It is also highly durable and helps regulate body temperatures to keep users cool while asleep. With so many options, finding the best silk sheets is not a simple task.

Keep reading to discover many of the important features to consider when shopping for silk sheets, and find out about some top-notch products on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: THXSILK 19 Momme Silk Bed Sheets
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Lanest Housing Silk Satin Sheets Bed Set
  3. BEST LUXURY: LilySilk 25 Momme 4PCS Silk Bedding Set
  4. BEST COMFORTER: Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter
  5. BEST FLAT SHEET: ElleSilk 100% Silk Luxury Flat Bed Sheet
  6. MOST COMFORTABLE: Rachel Silk 19 Momme 4PCS Seamless Silk Bedding Set
  7. BEST RANGE OF COLORS: LilySilk 4Pcs Silk Sheets 19 Momme Mulberry Raw Silk
  8. BEST FOR SIZE OPTIONS: Orose 4Pcs Mulberry Silk Sheet Set Deep Pocket
  9. BEST VEGAN: ettitude Signature CleanBamboo Sateen Sheet Set
  10. BEST SATIN: Vonty Satin Silky Soft Sheet Set
The Best Silk Sheets Option


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Silk Sheets

All silk sheets are definitely not the same. There are a number of different factors that can influence the overall feel, breathability, and durability of a set of silk sheets. To help you select the best silk sheets for your bed, some of these key considerations are detailed below.

Silk Type

One of the first decisions to make before purchasing a set of silk sheets is the desired silk type. The following are the six main types of silk that are commonly used for silk sheets.

  • Mulberry silk has the most consistent look compared with the other types of silk. It is made from the silk of Bombyx mori silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves. The silkworms’ cocoons are unwound into a single continuous thread after boiling. Each thread is about two-thirds of a mile long. Because of its uniform look, mulberry silk also is more expensive than the other types.
  • Tussah is a wild silk harvested after the adult moths break through their cocoon. Tussah silk’s fibers are a bit shorter than some other types of silk. Tussah silkworms are less delicate than mulberry silkworms, which results in a cocoon with coarser silk strands; the coarser silk strands of the cocoon produce a slightly rougher silk. The Tussah silkworms feed on oak leaves and juniper leaves.
  • Eri silk, like Tussah silk, is a wild silk harvested after the moths break through their cocoons, leading to shorter fibers. The castor plant is the primary food source of the Eri silkworms.
  • Muga silk has a coarser feel than some other silk types. It is another type of wild silk, so the strands are shorter from the moths emerging from the cocoons.
  • Dupion silk comes from double cocoons resulting from two silkworms spinning a cocoon together. Only about 5 percent of mulberry cocoons are double cocoons that will produce dupion silk. The double strands can give the silk a more inconsistent look, but they also make it more durable than other types of silk.
  • Blended silk is a mix of pure silk with another material. In order to be considered blended silk, the fabric must contain at least 50 percent pure silk. Lyocell and polyester are commonly used to create blended silk, as these materials are also very soft and absorbent. The blend results in a soft and smooth fabric that is less expensive than pure silk.


Momme is the unit of measurement used to communicate the weight of silk sheets. Measured in pounds, the momme refers to the weight of a silk fabric that is 45 inches wide and 100 yards long. Momme can range from 6 to 30.

When purchasing silk sheets, a weight between about 19 and 25 momme is typically recommended. Sheets with a momme in this range will be durable enough to resist tearing while still offering enough breathability to keep bodies cool as they sleep. The higher the momme, the thicker the sheets and the less breathable they will be.

Momme is not the same as thread count, but it is similar. Thread count refers to how many threads or strands of fabric are found in a square inch of fabric. So, like thread count, momme can help users understand how light or heavy a sheet will be.


Silk sheets may feature different weave patterns as well. The two main weaves used for silk sheets include charmeuse weave and habotai weave.

  • Charmeuse weave is the most common weave used when manufacturing silk sheets. Heavy and tight, a charmeuse weave is woven in a special way that creates a shiny top with a duller underside. Charmeuse weaves typically have a momme between 12 and 30.
  • Habotai weave generally has a weight between 12 and 16 momme, making it a lighter weight weave, which means it generally won’t last as long as a charmeuse weave. As a plain weave, the surface of sheets with a habotai weave is also not as smooth as the surface of sheets with a charmeuse weave.


Silk sheets are known for their soft and luxurious feel. Silk is softer than most every other sheet material, aside from organic bamboo sheets (the vegan version of silk sheets). However, the feel of silk sheets can vary based on the type of silk used, the weave pattern, and the momme.

Silk contains 18 amino acids that can benefit the skin and hair; these are the same amino acids that many manufacturers add to higher-end skin and hair products. These amino acids can deliver antiaging properties to the skin.

The overall weight and breathability of a set of sheets also can greatly impact how they feel. For this detail, pay close attention to the momme. Sheets with a lower momme will weigh less and offer more breathability than sheets with a higher momme.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation refers to how well sheets are able to keep individuals comfortable and prevent them from getting too hot or too cold as they sleep. Silk sheets are a good solution for those looking to regulate their body’s temperature.

During the warmer months, cooling sheets, like silk sheets, can help keep individuals from getting too hot. As a body gets warm and sweats, the proteins found in silk sheets absorb the sweat to keep the body dry and prevent it from getting overheated. Silk sheets also can keep individuals warm when they sleep during colder weather. When a body becomes too cold, the silk sheets function as a natural insulator to help individuals warm up enough to stay comfortable. Since silk is a natural material, it is able to keep warm air next to your skin to keep you from feeling too cold.


Silk is naturally breathable to promote sufficient airflow to keep individuals cool and comfortable as they dream and doze. Silk fabric also absorbs sweat and moisture, allowing a body to stay at a consistent and comfortable temperature without feeling clammy, as happens with some synthetic fabrics.

One of the reasons silk is so breathable is because the threads are very thin. This allows for more air to flow than would be possible in some other materials. Sheets with a lower momme will be the most breathable, while ones with a higher momme will be a little less breathable. Mulberry silk is the most breathable out of the different silk types.

Silk and satin sheets also may be good options for individuals with dry skin; silk can help hydrate the skin and keep it from getting too dry.


Aesthetics can be important when selecting the best bed sheets for a space. First, consider the colors that are available for each set of sheets. Choose a set that will coordinate with the blanket or comforter on the bed as well as any other decor in a room.

The shininess or dullness of the sheets could impact the overall look of a space. For example, silk sheets with a charmeuse weave feature one shiny side and one dull side. When a bed is made and the sheet is folded down, the dull side would be seen against the shinier pillow cases.


Finally, consider how easy it will be to clean and care for a new set of silk sheets. Silk sheets are often a bit of an investment, so pay close attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations for caring for the sheets. Many manufacturers recommend hand-washing with cold water and air-drying to make sure the silk fibers are protected. However, some manufacturers will allow machine washing on a gentle cycle with cold water.

While silk sheets may appear wrinkled after they’re washed, it is generally not a good idea to iron them. Too much ironing can damage the silk. After a few days, the silk threads will relax on their own and release most of the wrinkles naturally. Still, there may be a desire to iron silk pillowcases, since they are usually visible when a bed is made. Turn them inside out, use a light steam setting, and place a cloth between the iron and the pillowcase to help protect the silk from possible damage.

Our Top Picks

The top picks for the best silk sheets are selected from a range of high-quality sheet sets to deliver a soft, smooth, breathable, and pleasurable night’s sleep. Based on specific categories, the products featured below represent some of the best silk sheets on the market.

Best Overall

The Best Silk Sheets Option: THXSILK 19 Momme Silk Bed Sheets

The THXSILK full-silk sheet set is made using 100 percent mulberry silk imported from China. These 19 momme sheets are breathable and offer the beneficial temperature regulating properties of silk to prevent individuals from getting too hot or too cold. They wick moisture away from the body and adjust the temperature to help maintain a consistent body temperature for cool and comfortable sleep.

Since these sheets are made using pure mulberry silk, which is a natural fiber, they are hypoallergenic. They have earned OEKO-TEX certification to confirm that no harmful chemicals were used when crafting the silk fabric. This set includes a pocket fitted sheet for mattresses up to 16 inches deep, a flat sheet, and two pillow shams with an envelop closure and decorative flange border. There are 10 color options: black, white, red, champagne, charcoal, gray, purple, emerald green, charming pink, and metallic gold.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Silk Sheets Option: Lanest Housing Silk Satin Sheets Bed Set

Those who may not want to spend the money on a set of pure silk sheets may want to consider this satin sheet set from Lanest Housing. These queen-size sheets are made using a satin fabric with a 400 thread count to create a soft and smooth sleep surface. Like pure silk sheets, this smooth fabric can protect hair and prevent it from getting tangled while an individual sleeps. The sheets are hypoallergenic to reduce skin breakouts and provide relief to allergy sufferers.

This set of sheets has a cooling feel to help individuals relax and get comfortable to fall asleep and stay asleep. The set includes a fitted sheet designed for mattresses up to 14 inches thick, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Unlike many silk sheets, these sheets can be safely washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer. They are made in an OEKO-TEX certified factory, ensuring they are free of any potentially harmful chemicals. Choose from 14 different colors, including navy blue, scarlet red, pink, ivory white striped, black striped, and taupe striped.

Best Luxury

The Best Silk Sheets Option: LilySilk 25 Momme 4PCS Silk Bedding Set

Enjoy a truly luxurious night’s sleep in these silk sheets from LilySilk. They are made from a 100 percent long-stranded pure mulberry silk with a 25 momme. The higher momme of these sheets makes them more durable than many other silk sheets to help them last longer. The sheets also have a 750 thread count and have received OEKO-TEX certification for being free of dangerous chemicals.

Individuals sleeping on these sheets can enjoy all the benefits that come with sleeping on silk, including placing less pressure on the body, reducing allergic reactions, and preventing melanin from building up on the skin to cause dark spots. The sheets are also highly breathable, offer heat-insulating properties, and wick moisture away from individuals as they sleep. Choose from five sizes and six color options: coffee, ivory, deep purple, grayish khaki, white, and black.

Best Comforter

The Best Silk Sheets Option: Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter

This comforter from Silk Camel features a 100 percent cotton shell with 100 percent long-strand mulberry silk filling. The 510 grams of silk filling gives the comforter a lightweight feel, making it an optimal choice for the summer months. Individuals who get hot overnight will appreciate the moisture-wicking properties of the silk filling to help keep them cooler as they sleep.

The comforter is also hypoallergenic. The silk material naturally repels dust mites, mold, mildew, and bedbugs to offer a more hygienic sleep environment. There are eight corner and side clasps inside the cover to ensure the filling stays in place. The bottom of the duvet cover has a zipper to keep the silk contained inside. A travel bag is included with this comforter to make it easy to pack.

Best Flat Sheet

The Best Silk Sheets Option: ElleSilk 100% Silk Luxury Flat Bed Sheet

Individuals looking to try the feel of silk sheets without investing in a full set may want to consider this full flat silk sheet from ElleSilk. The sheet offers a 22 momme and is crafted from 100 percent pure long-fiber mulberry silk to ensure everyone stays comfortable as they drift off to dreamland.

Drape this flat sheet over the body to enjoy the breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking properties of silk to relax and stay comfortable all night long. This silk sheet is hypoallergenic, and only natural dyes were used during production. It is available in white, black, and ivory.

Most Comfortable

The Best Silk Sheets Option: Rachel Silk 19 Momme 4PCS Seamless Silk Bedding Set

This 19 momme silk sheet set from Rachel Silk is crafted using 100 percent pure mulberry silk with a 400 thread count. The soft and smooth texture of the sheet offers an ideal solution for those looking to find the most comfortable sleep environment possible. The pure silk contains 18 essential amino acids that help nourish the skin and deliver antiaging properties. The amino acids also emit a unique substance to help promote relaxation and peaceful slumber.

These sheets have earned OEKO-TEX international certification for being produced without any harmful chemicals. Twin, full, queen, and king size sets are available. Each set includes a flat sheet, a duvet cover, and two Oxford envelop pillowcases. Choose from three colors: jade, sapphire, and pink.

Best Range of Colors

The Best Silk Sheets Option: LilySilk 4Pcs Silk Sheets 19 Momme Mulberry Raw Silk

This LilySilk sheet set is made from 100 percent pure, raw mulberry silk. The queen set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two queen-size pillowcases. There are nine colors available: black, white, ivory, light blue, taupe, chocolate, dark teal, light plum, and silvergray.

With a 19 momme, these sheets are highly breathable and deliver moisture-wicking properties to keep sleepers from getting too hot. During the colder months, the sheets will help retain body heat to keep individuals warmer, and during the warmer months, they pull the heat away from the body to keep individuals cooler. The sheets have received OEKO-TEX certification as a chemical-free and skin-friendly choice. They also contain 18 amino acids with a very similar composition to human skin to promote healthy and hydrated skin.

Best for Size Options

The Best Silk Sheets Option: Orose 4Pcs Mulberry Silk Sheet Set Deep Pocket

The Orose charmeuse mulberry silk sheets are available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes to fit any standard mattress size. The set includes a fitted sheet, compatible with mattresses with a depth of 16 inches or less; a flat sheet; and two pillowcases for all sets other than twin. Choose from 12 different color choices to match the decor in a bedroom; options include white, gray, taupe, black, red, gold, and light blue.

These silk sheets are made from 100 percent pure long-strand mulberry silk. They have a 400 thread count with a 19 momme to deliver superior comfort. The silk material is ideal for those with skin problems, as it can keep skin hydrated and healthy. The sheets also are naturally cooling to deliver lasting comfort. They will wick moisture away and adjust to each body’s temperature to help individuals sleep in hot and cold months. This set of sheets is machine washable for easy care.

Best Vegan

The Best Silk Sheets Option: ettitude Signature CleanBamboo Sateen Sheet Set

These organic sheets from Ettitude are a vegan-friendly option. Made with 100 percent organic bamboo, these sheets allow individuals to rest peacefully knowing they are sleeping on a sheet made without the use of any animal-derived materials. However, sleepers won’t have to sacrifice on comfort, as the 1,000 thread count-equivalent bamboo sateen material is extremely soft and smooth, like silk. A breathable weave is used to help keep individuals from overheating as they sleep.

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin, making these an ideal choice for allergy sufferers or those prone to skin breakouts. The fitted sheet in this set features deep pockets to provide a secure fit on most mattresses. Choose from six sizes (twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king) and 11 different color options, including slate gray, cloud white, sand, cloud pink, slate stripes, and starlight blue stripes.

Best Satin

The Best Silk Sheets Option: Vonty Satin Silky Soft Sheet Set

Vonty satin sheets are made using a 100 percent polyester satin fabric. Like silk, this material is sleek, smooth, and soft to provide an optimal sleep environment. The satin fabric also delivers many of the other benefits associated with sleeping on silk sheets, such as preventing hair from tangling or breaking and reducing wrinkles on the neck and face.

This satin sheet set is available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes and includes one fitted sheet with deep pockets, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases (one for the twin set). There are 10 attractive color options, including ivory white, aqua, burgundy, gray, navy blue, and silver gray.

The Advantages of Owning Silk Sheets

There are numerous advantages associated with owning silk sheets. First, sleeping on silk sheets is great for the health of hair and skin. The smooth texture of silk keeps hairs from getting snarled or tangled at night to improve the health of hair and make it easier to brush the following morning. Many other types of sheets can pull moisture away from the body and cause the skin to dry out. As silk does not do this, it helps ensure that an individual’s skin stays hydrated.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. It is able to resist mold, mildew, dust mites, and other allergens that can irritate individuals when they sleep and cause breathing issues or other problems.

Finally, silk is very comfortable. It has a soft and smooth texture that allows individuals to truly relax when they’re in bed. Plus, with its temperature-regulating properties, individuals can stay comfortable and cool all night long.

  • Silk sheets can keep hair from getting tangled and skin from drying out.
  • A naturally hypoallergenic material, silk sheets are able to resist allergens like mold, mildew, and dust mites.
  • The soft and smooth texture of silk sheets give them a uniquely luxurious feel to keep individuals comfortable as they sleep.

FAQs About Silk Sheets

Silk sheets can be a big investment. Taking time to make the best decision to ensure you’re happy with a purchase is a good idea. Read through the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below to learn more about choosing the best silk sheets for you.

Q. What is momme, and how does it compare to thread count?

Momme indicates the weight of silk sheets. The higher the momme, the heavier the sheets. Momme is calculated by weighing silk fabric that is 100 yards long and 45 inches wide and typically ranges from 19 to 25 momme for silk sheets.

Thread count indicates how many strands of fabric, or threads, are used in a square inch of fabric. So, momme and thread count are both similar in that they are related to how light or heavy a sheet will be.

Q. How do you wash silk sheets?

Most silk sheets will require hand-washing and line-drying to protect the silk fibers, though some may be machine washable on a gentle cycle. Consult with the specific care instructions from the manufacturer for the set of silk sheets you purchase.

Q. How long do silk sheets last?

The amount of time silk sheets last will vary based on how frequently they are used, the surface of the mattress, the weight of the individuals sleeping on them, and how well they are cared for. Generally speaking, silk sheets should last somewhere between one and three years.