The Best Bedspreads for Every Style and Budget

The best bedspreads can bring style and color to a bedroom while enabling a comfortable, warm sleep all night long.

Best Overall

The Best Bedspreads Options Ink

INK+IVY 100% Cotton Comforter All Season Bedding Set

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The Best Bedspreads Options Newlake

NEWLAKE Striped Jacquard Style Cotton 3-Piece

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The Best Bedspreads Options Elegant

Elegant Comfort Luxury Best, Softest, Coziest 8-Piece

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Bedspreads are an elegant yet functional way to enhance the look of a bedroom while keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the year. The best bedspreads can be an ideal addition to a bedding sheet set to create a fashionable bedroom theme that suits both your personal style and budget.

There is a wide variety of bedding products that are sometimes used interchangeably with a bedspread, like a duvet cover combined with a duvet insert, a comforter set, and a quilt, so it’s important to have an idea of the particular item for which you’re shopping to outfit your bedroom. This guide is designed to orient you to the various factors and help you discover some of the best bedspreads on the market today for every style and budget.

  1. BEST OVERALL: INK+IVY 100% Cotton Comforter All Season Bedding Set
  2. RUNNER-UP: NEWLAKE Striped Jacquard Style Cotton 3-Piece
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Elegant Comfort Luxury Best, Softest, Coziest 8-Piece
  4. BEST BOHEMIAN: Lush Decor Bohemian Stripe Comforter
  5. BEST TUFTED: Urban Habitat 100% Cotton Comforter Set
  6. BEST FLORAL: Cozy Line Home Fashions Ryleigh Floral Print
  7. BEST QUILT: Comfort Spaces Coco 2 Piece Quilt Coverlet Bedspread
  8. BEST COVERLET: Fancy Collection Luxury Bedspread Coverlet
The Best Bedspreads Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bedspread

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing the best bedspreads to suit all styles and budgets. Think about the type and size of bedspread you’d prefer, the material used to make the bedspread, the color or pattern, and whether any additional bedding is included with the bedspread. With so many different considerations to juggle, you may want to keep reading to learn about what to look for when searching for the best bedspreads.


The primary purpose of a bedspread is to provide a large covering for a bed while no one is using it. Bedspreads cover a bed’s entire top surface as well as most of the sides and end, often extending to the floor. Traditional bedspreads can also be used as a moderate layer of insulation while sleeping, but they are thinner than a comforter. Adding another layer, such as a flat sheet or blanket between the bedspread and the sleeper, provides more warmth.

Other types of bedding can serve the same primary function of a bedspread but with distinct differences. Quilts are the closest relatives to bedspreads but are generally slightly more insulated, making them better for warmth while sleeping. Comforters will not cover as much surface area as a bedspread but are much more insulating, which is why they’re usually not recommended for hot weather. Typically warmer than standard bedspreads, duvets are plush coverings, similar to comforters, and often include a washable cover. All of these types of bedding can be considered a style of bedspread; it primarily depends on personal needs or preferences.


While bedspreads are available in a variety of sizes, there are some generally accepted measurements.

  • Twin bedspreads are typically between 66 and 68 inches wide and 86 and 88 inches long.
  • Twin XL bedspreads should measure approximately 68 wide by 90 inches long.
  • Full (also called double) bedspreads range from 81 to 84 inches wide and 86 to 88 inches long.
  • Queen bedspreads usually range from 86 to 88 inches wide and 96 to 100 inches long.
  • Standard king bedspreads are typically 102 inches wide but vary from 86 to 88 inches in length.
  • A California king bed is a bit wider and longer than a standard king bed. Look for bedspreads or comforter sets from 107 to 110 inches wide and 96 to 98 inches in length.


The material used to create a bedspread will have much to do with its insulating factor, its ability to be cleaned, and how well it pairs with an existing decor’s aesthetics. For comforters, duvets, and quilts, the interior material will also substantially affect its insulation. Heavy winter duvets are often made from down fiber, which is the soft underside of a bird’s belly known for its insulating properties. Comforters are typically filled with 100 percent pure down fiber that is fluffy, light, and free from sharp quills, making them ideal for cold weather.

Cotton is the most common material for bedspreads due to its ease of care and soft texture. Polyester is also a common material for several reasons. First, its care qualities make it very easy to wash, and it tends to resist wrinkles better than other materials. It’s also more durable for a longer-lasting purchase. Polyester is also a frequent batting material to fill comforters, duvets, and quilts. A thin cotton or polyester bedspread can achieve the desired aesthetic effect and be a more suitable layer for warmer seasons.

Closure Type

Choosing a duvet to use as a bedspread usually means including a duvet cover to accompany it. Duvet covers are convenient additions for two reasons. First, you can simply change a duvet cover to alter a room’s style while keeping the same duvet. Second, the duvet cover itself is much easier to wash compared with the duvet. Owning two or three duvet covers provides the ability to conveniently switch them out, giving your bedroom a new look with little effort.

Any duvet cover will have an opening in which to insert the duvet that is then closed to secure it. Closure types on a duvet cover include buttonholes, snaps, and zippers. Buttonholes are popular due to their vintage-style mechanics but may be bulky and obtrusive when sleeping. Snaps are small and unobtrusive, but a person with arthritis or difficulty with fine motor skills may find them (as well as buttonholes) difficult or awkward to use. Zippers are the most common type of closure but are more prone to damage and tangles from loose threads.

Thread Count 

Thread count is calculated by adding up the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a fabric’s weave. In most cases, the thread count does not come into consideration when dealing with traditional bedspread covers, as they are too thick for thread count to affect the texture. When choosing a bed covering like a comforter or a duvet, it’s not unusual for other bed linens like flat sheets or fitted sheets to be included in the set; with sheets, thread count does become a factor.

Contrary to popular belief, thread count has more to do with the basic composition of the fabric and not the fabric’s breathability. A higher thread count makes a sheet more tactile; it will be more durable and continue to soften over time. Generally, a standard bed sheet will have a thread count of 200 to 800, but a high-end bed sheet could have a thread count of over 1,000.

Fill Power 

Fill power refers to the fluffiness of the down in a comforter or duvet, along with the quality of the bird’s feathers used to create the down. Lab tests evaluate how many cubic inches the down will occupy, resulting in a numeric rating value for fill power.

A higher fill power number means a comforter or duvet provides better insulation capacity, but that number doesn’t translate to how warm a comforter will be to sleep under. It could have the highest possible fill power number but still wouldn’t be very warm if the manufacturer only used less than a tablespoon of down. Thus, fill power is just one of the factors that impacts the insulation capacity of a duvet or comforter.

Included Bedding

Bedding sets can be an ideal and often an affordable way to achieve a cohesive design in a bedroom. In addition to the bedspread, quilt, or comforter, bedding sets typically include a matching fitted sheet and a flat sheet, pillowcases, and perhaps a cover for the comforter or duvet. A fitted sheet has elastic edges that keep it in place over the mattress while you sleep, whereas a flat sheet (sometimes called a top sheet) lays above the fitted sheet.

Often, bedding sets also include one or two pillow shams. Although it can be used as a standard pillowcase, a sham is typically more of a decorative pillowcase that matches the bedspread or comforter.


The main focus of any bedroom is almost always the bed. You may want to select a bedspread that either complements or contrasts with the bedroom’s existing furniture, wall color, or carpet color.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of bedspread styles from which to choose. Tufted bedspreads offer vintage charm. Tribal and farmhouse designs are often very popular in rural homes. Urban dwellers may choose fancy geometric patterns or welcoming Euro-centric Scandinavian styles. The artistic or eclectic soul may select a bohemian vibe with vibrant multicolored patterns. Floral prints are always in vogue for just about any decor, with multiple design variations available across the market. Whatever the aesthetic theme, a bedspread color or pattern should exist for each and every person.

Our Top Picks

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned considerations, the top picks include several of the best bedspreads, quilts, comforter sets, and coverlets available today for most every style and budget. Here’s looking forward to pleasant dreams.

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INK+IVY brings a soft, midcentury style to a bedroom with this 100 percent cotton comforter set. It features a global-inspired geometric print with delicately tufted chenille that adds charm and dimension to any bedding ensemble. Hidden bartacks bestow a duvet-like finish on the comforter, while the solid ivory underside complements the distinct patterns seen on top of the bed. Two cotton pillow shams accent the themes of the comforter, creating a satisfying cohesion to the entire set.

Made from 100 percent cotton with a hypoallergenic polyester filling, this comforter mini set is machine washable and should provide a refreshingly soft update to any bedroom decor. Select from five distinct patterns in either full/queen or king/California king.

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Generally, bedspreads are used to improve the look of a bedroom, with warmth when sleeping as a secondary consideration. This hybrid set from Newlake works as a bedspread and a quilt, providing both an aesthetic upgrade and a comfortable, insulating layer. Made of soft, breathable cotton, it’s light enough to use alone in warm weather or as an insulating layer underneath a heavier comforter or duvet in colder weather. The material features a jacquard-style pattern, which is a traditional weaving method that imprints the patterns and dyes directly into the weaving process. Specialized closed-box double stitching maintains the uniformity of the filling, even after repeated washings.

This colorful set is available in twin, queen, and king sizes and includes the quilt/bedspread and two pillow shams. The manufacturer recommends either machine washing in cold water and tumble drying on low heat or professional dry cleaning.

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This eight-piece comforter set from Elegant Comfort includes every standard piece for a basic bedding collection for sleeping as well as for aesthetics. One of its most practical features is the fitted sheet with double-sided 16-inch storage pockets to store personal belongings within arm’s reach. It also features a plush comforter, bed skirt, flat sheet, two pillow shams, and two pillowcases.

The entire set is constructed of hypoallergenic microfiber that is exceptionally colorfast so it stays vibrant even after years of regular wear and tear. The ultrafine yarns are wrinkle and fade resistant, and the micro-ventilated weave repels stains and sweat. It’s available in a selection of eight solid colors in twin/twin XL, full/queen, and king/California king. A quick cold-water wash and a short tumble dry on low heat will keep this set fresh and clean.

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This seven-piece comforter set offers a bohemian sensibility with a bright, artistic design that features unique geometric shapes and both floral and striped patterns for a mix of modern and iconoclastic bedding styles. This fun set proves popular with teenagers and adults alike, making it a good choice for a dorm room. As an added feature, the reversible comforter provides two distinct looks in one product.

The set includes a comforter, two Euro-style pillow shams, two standard pillow shams, a bed skirt, and a unique decorative pillow to help brighten any space. Made from durable 100 percent polyester, both the comforter and pillow shams are easy to care for and safe for both machine washing and tumble drying. It’s recommended that the pillow is spot cleaned. Choose from either full/queen or king sizes.

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A seven-piece comforter set, this quality bedroom accent from Urban Habitat features a comforter, two standard pillow shams, two quilted Euro-style pillow shams, one oblong decorative pillow, and one square decorative pillow. The fabric itself is in the jacquard style, in which the pattern and colors are incorporated into the weave as opposed to being printed or dyed onto the fabric’s surface; it’s also reversible to a solid ivory color.

The cloud-inspired pom-poms on the comforter and matching shams add a chic texture to this solid bedding set. Available in eight color selections, the comforter offers a thread count of 140 and a durable polyester filling. Made with 100 percent cotton, each piece is lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. Select from twin/twin XL, full/queen, and king/California king sizes.

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Floral patterns have always been a symbol of comfort and tranquility. They represent a return to nature where we can shed the concerns of modern society and dream ourselves to equanimity. There is a reason why floral patterns are timeless.

Bring this vintage floral feel to a bedroom with this three-piece quilt set from Cozy Line Home Fashions. The homey patchwork quilt can serve as a focal point in a main bedroom or guest room; it’s also reversible to a solid red to quickly and easily change the appearance. Both the quilt and the two included pillow shams are prewashed and preshrunk for added convenience. Made with 100 percent cotton, all pieces are safe to machine wash and tumble dry on low. Choose from queen or king sizes.

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Some shoppers prefer quilts over comforters as a favorite bed cover. This preference is often due to their sleeker, flatter appearance. And, for sleepers who are naturally warm during the night, quilts are less insulating than a comforter.

Featuring a damask-style print, this mini set from Comfort Spaces includes one quilt and one pillow sham made of 100 percent microfiber, which also lends itself to a cooler and a more hypoallergenic sleeping environment. Both pieces are also reversible to a solid teal color and can be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried on low. The manufacturer recommends removing the quilt from the washing machine and dryer soon after the completion of each cycle to reduce wrinkles. Select twin/twin XL or full/queen for the size.

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A coverlet is generally a lightweight, nonreversible bedspread that is either quilted or woven. Traditionally designed as a decorative layer to go over a thicker bedspread, a coverlet frequently has a thinner layer of batting, enabling it to serve as a stand-alone bed covering, depending on the weight. A coverlet can even serve as a throw on a bed or a sofa.

This set from Fancy Linen includes one coverlet and one matching standard pillow sham and is available in 17 color options for either a twin/twin XL, full/queen, or king/California king bed. Both pieces are made of comfortable and breathable 100 percent microfiber polyester and are machine washable.

FAQs About Bedspreads

If you have any additional concerns about bedspreads, here are some of the most frequently asked questions here. Read on to learn more about experiencing a refreshing night’s sleep surrounded by stylish bedding.

Q. Is a duvet cover the same as a bedspread?

No. A duvet cover features a bag-like design to contain an insulating duvet. A bedspread is a lightweight, single-layer piece of bedding intended to cover an entire bed.

Q. Should I get a quilt or a comforter?

It depends on what you are looking for in a piece of bedding. For superior warmth, the better choice would be a down comforter. To stay cooler at night with a less insulating fabric, choose a quilt.

Q. Should a bedspread touch the floor?

Yes, the corners of a traditional bedspread should just touch the floor.

Q. How often should you wash a bedspread?

Bedspreads can be machine washed as often as every few months or as little as twice a year. To spot clean with a cleaning solution, apply the solution, then blot or rub dry, rinse with a little clean water, blot dry again with a clean towel, and then air-dry or dry with a hairdryer on a low setting.