The Best Slipcovers for Restyling Your Furniture

Freshen up the look of sofas and chairs, and protect furniture from spills with a slipcover.

Best Overall

The Best Slipcovers Options: H.VERSAILTEX Velvet Plush 4 Piece High Stretch Sofa

H.VERSAILTEX Velvet Plush 4 Piece High Stretch Sofa

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Slipcovers Options: Easy-Going 1-Piece Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Easy-Going 1-Piece Stretch Sofa Slipcover

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Best For Pet Owners

The Best Slipcovers Options: Ameritex 100% Waterproof Quilted Sofa Slipcover

Ameritex 100% Waterproof Quilted Sofa Slipcover

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Updating the look of furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Affordable and attractive slipcovers allow you to restyle furniture without reupholstering or replacing pieces. Plus, a slipcover can help extend the life of a sofa, easy chair, or dining chair by updating its appearance and protecting it from wear and tear.

Slipcovers come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, offering the options needed to coordinate a piece of furniture with other decor in a room. Additionally, many slipcovers are made from stretchy, waterproof, and durable fabrics, so they are easy to use and offer long-lasting protection. Since there is an abundance of options on the market, this guide is designed to help focus your search. Just ahead, take a look at some of the best slipcovers to help restyle furniture and extend its useful life.

  1. BEST OVERALL: H.VERSAILTEX Velvet Plush 4 Piece High Stretch Sofa
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Easy-Going 1-Piece Stretch Sofa Slipcover
  3. BEST FOR PET OWNERS: Ameritex 100% Waterproof Quilted Sofa Slipcover
  5. BEST FOR SECTIONALS: OstepDecor Couch Cover, Quilted Sectional, Velvet
The Best Slipcovers Options

What to Consider When Buying the Best Slipcovers

As you shop for a slipcover, there are many aspects to keep in mind. Determine what characteristics are most important to you and what type will fit your furniture, and then compare some of the best slipcovers. Among the most important features to consider are the design, weave, texture, shape, and size. These factors can all play a role in deciding which slipcover will be the best fit for your furniture while helping rule out which options won’t work.


If restyling a room is on the agenda, one consideration for new slipcovers is the color, overall look, and design. The style goal of the room helps determine which colors, patterns, and textures will work for the space and coordinate with the other elements in the room.

Beyond the overall look, there are more aspects to the design. Couch covers are created as either one-piece or multipiece covers. One-piece slipcovers can be easier to use and often present a more streamlined look. Multipiece options may take more time to apply and can be more fitted to the specific measurements of furniture.

Many slipcovers cover the entire piece of furniture, whereas others only drape over the back and arms. A slipcover that completely covers the sofa or chair can hide the original fabric, which is helpful if it’s worn or doesn’t coordinate with the updated decor in the space. A slipcover that only covers the back and arms is much faster to apply, remove, and reapply to furniture, so it may be a preferred pick for pet owners or those with young children who will need to remove the slipcover more frequently to wash it.


The weave of each slipcover makes a difference in the quality and durability of the fabric. Slipcovers may have a looser or tighter weave. Tighter weaves are more durable than looser weaves. When the threads are held closely and tightly together, they are less likely to tear or rip. Since tighter weaves are more durable, they will also hold up better to being washed and are usually preferred by families with pets.

A slipcover with a looser weave may be preferred because it’s less structured. When a weave has some give to it, it can drape nicely over a sofa or chair.


While the weave helps determine a fabric’s durability, the texture provides the tactile and visual experience of the slipcover. There are many different types of fabric textures used to make slipcovers. Each type of texture can add a different kind of dimension to furniture. Fabrics with more texture are less likely to wrinkle than less textured options.

The following are some common fabrics used for slipcovers.

  • Cotton is lightweight and durable. It may be a good choice for less formal spaces. Cotton slipcovers are machine washable but may wrinkle more easily than some other options.
  • Microfiber is soft and tends to have a bit of a raised feel. Microfiber resists stains, making it a good option for those with pets or young children. It is also easy to clean in a washing machine.
  • Polyester slipcovers are generally not as soft as cotton or microfiber options. These slipcovers may have a slightly rough feel. Polyester is durable and very easy to clean, making it another good option for pet owners or families with young children. Because of its durability, a polyester slipcover often lasts for a long time.
  • Chenille is very soft with raised details that give it some texture and makes it visually appealing. Chenille also is a very durable option for slipcovers. However, chenille slipcovers may not be as easy to clean as other choices, as they may shrink more easily.
  • Velvet is another material with a very soft texture. Since velvet has a flat pile, it doesn’t leave a space for pet hairs or dirt to become trapped in the slipcover. Velvet also does not have any loose threads, making it very durable. Most velvet slipcovers can be cleaned in a washing machine.
  • Linen is often more cooling than other fabric options. Linen wrinkles more easily than other fabrics, so it is more suited for casual spaces. Many linen slipcovers can be washed in a washing machine, but some may require hand-washing.


There are a variety of slipcover shapes to fit the range of sofas and chairs on the market. The shape of your furniture will help narrow the selection of options that will fit. Also, the design of the couch’s arms, the way the arms are attached, the number of cushions, and whether the cushions on the back of a sofa or chair are removable are important factors when selecting a slipcover.

While some slipcovers are designed to fit a standard, three-cushion rectangular couch, others come in different shapes to fit sectional sofas. Since sectionals are available in a variety of designs and configurations, it can be more of a challenge to find an appropriate slipcover. If you have a sectional sofa, you may find that you need to purchase multiple covers for the different pieces of the sofa.


Measuring the length and size of furniture is important when shopping for a new slipcover. Since many slipcovers are made from stretchy fabrics, there are options that can stretch to accommodate a small range of sizes.

The measuring guidelines below may help ensure that a slipcover will offer a proper fit for your sofa or chair.

  • Sofa/chair length: Find the measurement in inches for the entire length of a sofa. Measure from the outside end of one arm to the outside end of the other arm.
  • Seat cushion length: Measure to find the total width of the seat cushions, which is the area between the arms of the sofa. If you’re considering slipcovers that have multiple pieces for each cushion, you may also need to measure the individual length and width of each cushion.
  • Sofa/chair width: Determine the width of the entire sofa or chair by measuring from the front corner of one arm to the back corner of the same arm. Then, measure along the back of the sofa or chair. Finally, measure from the back to the front end of the other arm.
  • Cushion height: Start with the tape measure on the floor and measure to the top of the seat cushions.
  • Full height: Measure from the floor to the top of the highest point on the back of the sofa or chair.

Tips for Buying and Using the Best Slipcovers

After purchasing a slipcover, follow the manufacturer’s care directions to keep it looking new for as long as possible. As a general rule, wash a slipcover about every three to six months to freshen it up and remove any dirt. Many can safely go in the washing machine or dryer, while others may require hand-washing or air-drying.

Consider having more than one slipcover in different colors or designs for each furniture item. With multiple slipcovers, there is flexibility to change the look of a living space from time to time or for different seasons. Backup slipcovers are also helpful when you need to wash one and may save the day if a spill happens right before guests arrive for a party.

Finally, think about purchasing a new set of throw pillows or pillow covers to coordinate with a new slipcover. Throw pillows can help further freshen up the look of existing furniture and can help tie the decor in the room together.

  • Wash slipcovers every three to six months.
  • Purchase two or more slipcovers to allow seasonal or special occasion decor updates.
  • Choose new throw pillows to coordinate with a slipcover.

Our Top Picks

Just below are some of the best slipcovers based on quality and availability in a range of styles, fabrics, and colors to complement different decor preferences. Each of these slipcovers offers a fashionable way to restyle furniture and protect it from children, pets, stains, and other potential damage.

Best Overall

H.VERSAILTEX Velvet Plush 4 Piece High Stretch Sofa

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This four-piece, tightly-woven velvet slipcover from H.VERSAILTEX fits three-cushion sofas. It is available in two sizes. The large option fits sofas between 72 inches and 96 inches wide, and the extra large fits sofas between 96 inches and 116 inches wide. Suitable to use with both cloth or leather sofas, the soft and smooth velvet material offers comfortable sitting while also adding a layer of protection to prevent damage to the sofa.

The fabric for this slipcover is very flexible and can easily stretch to cover different sofa styles. The bottom edges of the cover feature elastic straps to keep the cover in place and prevent it from sliding around. When needed, wash the cover in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Eleven attractive color options are available, including brown, navy, jet black, taupe, stone blue, and off-white.

Best Bang For The Buck

Easy-Going 1-Piece Stretch Sofa Slipcover

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The Easy-Going one-piece slipcover is a budget-friendly pick. While inexpensive, this is still an attractive and high-quality slipcover. It features a stretchy design to accommodate sofas of different sizes. The 20 percent spandex and 80 percent polyester fabric blend is soft for comfortable sitting. Three sizes are available. Large fits sofas between 60 inches and 81 inches wide, extra large fits sofas between 78 inches and 101 inches wide, and extra extra large fits sofas between 82 inches and 108 inches wide.

This slipcover is designed to be easy to use so that one person can cover a sofa without assistance in 10 minutes or less. The slipcover can be cleaned in the washing machine using a mild detergent and cold water. The 32 available color options offer the ability to match nearly any decor or style preferences. Some of the choices include dark gray, camel, coffee, light blue, ash rose, golden, navy, silver gray, snow white, and Christmas red.

Best For Pet Owners

Ameritex 100% Waterproof Quilted Sofa Slipcover

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This slipcover from Ameritex is designed to offer protection against pet messes and other potential issues that stain or damage a sofa. The slipcover features a quilted design with five layers of fabric to deliver optimal protection. An odor preventer and protective finish over the top layer of the slipcover provide additional protection for homes with pets. The fabric is also 100 percent waterproof to repel spills, keeping them from seeping through to the sofa cushions.

This anti-skid slipcover is designed with silicone rubber puppy paws on the underside to keep it in place. It also has side pockets to keep books, remotes, and other necessities organized and within easy reach. The slipcover is available in 68- and 78-inch widths and comes in nine colors: beige, blue, burgundy, chocolate, green, light gray, pink, sand, and stone blue. When needed, wash this slipcover in the washing machine.

Best For Dining Chairs

NORTHERN BROTHERS Dining Room Chair Slipcovers

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These dining room chair slipcovers from Northern Brothers feature a two-way stretch fabric blend of 85 percent polyester and 15 percent spandex that can protect furniture from stains, damage from pets, or other harm. The polyester/spandex jacquard knitted fabric is very soft and comfortable. These slipcovers are designed for armless, high-back Parsons chairs with a chair-back height between 19 inches and 23 inches, a chair-back width between 15.5 inches and 18 inches, a chair seat width between 15.5 inches and 18 inches, and a chair seat length between 14 inches and 18 inches.

These slipcovers are sold in packs of two, four, six, or eight. Ten color choices to coordinate with different dining spaces are available: black, chocolate, dark cyan, dark gray, khaki, light gray, navy blue, taupe, teal, and wine red. To clean the slipcovers, hand-wash using a mild laundry detergent or choose a cold-water wash cycle on a washing machine.

Best For Sectionals

OstepDecor Couch Cover, Quilted Sectional, Velvet

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The OstepDecor couch covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the different components of a sectional. Nine rectangular pieces are available for sofas or sectionals between 36 and 43 inches deep and 63 and 94 inches wide. Both 28- and 36-inch square pieces also are available. Each piece is sold separately to allow users to customize coverage for the unique shape and size of their sectional. After taking measurements, purchase multiple pieces to adequately cover an entire sectional. Each piece is made from a luxurious quilted velvet material that is both soft and protective.

The slipcovers have a nonslip blacking with a silicone paw print design to prevent them from sliding around on a sofa. They are suitable to use on fabric or leather sofas. Wash the slipcovers on a cold setting in the washing machine and dry them on a low heat setting. There are five different color choices, including beige, brown, gray, light gray, and white.

The Advantages of Owning Slipcovers

There are many benefits associated with using slipcovers for dining chairs, sofas, or other furniture pieces. First, slipcovers help protect furniture. As the name suggests, slipcovers cover a piece of furniture and shield it from spills, pets, children, or other possible damage. Many slipcovers are waterproof, which can add an additional layer of protection. If a slipcover gets dirty, it can be removed and refreshed.

Slipcovers come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. This makes it possible to change the decor in a room without purchasing a new sofa or chair. Rather, a slipcover can coordinate with the new look of the space. With slipcovers, it is possible to make mismatched pieces of furniture look like they belong together.

Finally, the best slipcovers are easy to use. Many are designed to easily and quickly cover a piece of furniture.

  • Slipcovers protect furniture from damage.
  • They are available in many different patterns and colors to coordinate with different decor styles.
  • Slipcovers make it possible to change the decor in a room without purchasing new furniture.
  • Slipcovers can be easy to use.

FAQs About Slipcovers

If you still have a few unanswered questions about choosing from the best slipcovers for your space, the answers to some frequently asked questions below may help. If there are more concerns, you might want to consider reaching out to one of the product manufacturers for more specific information.

Q. How do you find slipcovers that fit your furniture?

To find slipcovers that fit your furniture, take measurements of the length, width, and height of each piece of furniture. Then, compare the different slipcovers available, looking for information about what furniture sizes each option is designed to fit. Depending on the style of the slipcover, check for compatibility with different furniture styles. For example, some slipcovers may be better suited for sofas with very wide or very tall armrests.

Q. Are slipcovers cheaper than reupholstery?

Yes, slipcovers can be significantly cheaper than reupholstering a piece of furniture. There are numerous slipcover options that cost less than $50 and even more that cost between $50 and $100. The cost to reupholster furniture can vary based on the size and style of the furniture and the fabric and padding. In general though, expect to spend between $600 and $4,000 to reupholster a couch and between $50 and $2,000 to reupholster a chair.

Q: How long do slipcovers last?

The exact amount of time a slipcover will last can vary based on the quality and materials used to make the slipcover as well as how well you care for it. With proper care, a slipcover can last between three and 10 years. To extend the life of your slipcover, wash it every three to six months.


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