The Best Towels on Amazon, According to Reviews

Add a touch of luxury to your shower or bath routine with some of the best towels on Amazon. Premium towels are soft and absorbent, and their fibers dry quickly.

By Jasmine Harding | Updated Aug 2, 2021 7:41 PM

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Best Towels on Amazon Options


Stepping out of the shower to envelop yourself in a fresh, plush towel is a small daily pleasure. Don’t skimp with a shabby towel. Thin, dingy, or threadbare towels not only feel rough against your skin, but they also often absorb less water. For a post-shower routine that’s both luxurious and efficient, reach for a high-quality absorbent towel.

The best towels are soft and durable. They are pleasant to touch but also sturdy enough to withstand daily use and frequent washing. Read on to find the features to look for in a quality bath towel and for recommendations for the best towels on Amazon.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Qute Home 4-Piece Bath Towels Set
  2. RUNNER-UP: White Classic Luxury White Bath Towels
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Utopia Towels Plum Towel Set
  4. BEST TURKISH COTTON: Classic Turkish Towels Luxury Ribbed Bath Towels
  5. BEST EGYPTIAN COTTON: Calla Angel Superior Egyptian Cotton Oversize Towels
  6. BEST MICROFIBER: Jml Microfiber Bath Towels, Bath Towel 2 Pack
  7. BEST WAFFLE WEAVE: Great Bay Home Quick-Dry Bath Towel Set
  8. BEST EXTRA-LARGE: Cotton Paradise 40×80 Inches Jumbo Cotton Bath Sheet
  9. BEST SET: Welhome Franklin Premium 100% Cotton 6 Piece Set
  10. ALSO CONSIDER: Everplush Diamond Jacquard Quick Dry Bath Towel
Best Towels on Amazon Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Towels on Amazon

Towels are listed on Amazon in a wide variety of materials, sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Choosing the best towels for the home may feel like an overwhelming task, but keep the following factors in mind to make a smart choice. Consider the material, texture, size, weight, absorbency, and quality when choosing a new set of towels.

Material and Texture

A towel’s material and texture affect its absorbency and feel. Common materials include cotton, Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, cotton blends, bamboo, microfiber, and waffle weaves.

  • Cotton, one of the most popular materials for linens, including blankets, sheets, and, of course, towels, is soft, absorbent, and affordable. Cotton blends, a mix of cotton and bamboo or synthetic fibers, can enhance certain qualities, including absorption.
  • Egyptian or Turkish cotton has longer, finer fibers that create a plush, luxurious feel. Egyptian cotton often is more absorbent than Turkish cotton, while Turkish cotton usually dries faster.
  • Bamboo towels are both absorbent and soft. Since bamboo grows faster than cotton, these towels may be a more eco-friendly pick. But, if sustainability is a key concern, look into the complete components of the towel. Many bamboo towels are a blend of bamboo and other fabrics that may not be as eco-conscious.
  • Microfiber is a highly absorbent, synthetic material. The fibers have split ends, which absorb liquid readily and dry quickly. These soft, smooth towels often are thinner than cotton towels.
  • Waffle weave towels are thinner than those with straight or looped fibers. Often made from cotton, waffle weave towels have a flat weave with a square honeycomb pattern. This creates soft, absorbent pockets in the towel that dry quickly.


Standard bath towels measure between 27 to 30 inches wide and 52 to 56 inches long. Oversize towels, also known as bath sheets, are larger and measure 35 to 40 inches wide and 60 to 70 inches long.

Standard bath towels are probably the most versatile. However, towels on the smaller side (27 by 52 inches) may be better suited to children or smaller adults, while larger bath towels provide more coverage.

Those looking for a larger towel and a luxurious feel may want to opt for an oversize bath sheet, which has a large surface area and offers an extra-cozy wrap. But large towels can take longer to dry and take up more storage space.


Fabric weight is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). A lower GSM means a thinner and lighter fabric, while towels made with a higher GSM comprise a denser, heavier fabric. Towels generally range between 300 and 900 GSM. The best towel weight is a matter of personal preference.

Lighter towels, like those with a GSM around 300 to 400, are less dense but dry more quickly, especially in humid climates where denser towels may take some time to dry. They may feel a bit coarse to the touch, like a thin beach or gym towel. Most towels average about 400 to 600 GSM. Towels weighing over 600 GSM have a luxurious, weighty feel and a denser pile. These towels often take longer to dry.


It’s tough to measure absorbency by looking at a towel online. Both material and texture play a part.

And a towel’s thickness isn’t a perfect measure of its absorbency. For example, some waffle weave or microfiber towels absorb water extremely well despite their low pile. However, in many cases, thicker towels with a higher GSM are more absorbent. One downside to thicker towels is that they can take longer to dry, which can pose a challenge in humid climates or cramped bathrooms. Very absorbent towels also can absorb more than just water, mopping up sweat, body oils, and soap, requiring more frequent cleaning.

Thinner, lighter towels may absorb less moisture, but they usually dry more quickly. A faster-drying towel may be more hygienic, because a towel that stays damp for too long can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.


Towels are made in a range of colors and patterns. Opt for classic white or choose bright colors or funky designs. Regardless of color or pattern, fade-resistant towels stay looking fresh and new even after regular washing. While it’s difficult to gauge a towel’s colorfastness, choosing a towel from a reputable brand with favorable reviews should yield longer-lasting colors.

To maintain color, avoid contact with benzoyl peroxide, a common skincare ingredient in acne products. This ingredient can bleach colored towels and leave splotches long before they start to fade. White towels are the best choice for frequent users of benzoyl peroxide.

Our Top Picks

Towels on Amazon come in a wide range of colors, materials, and textures. But regardless of personal tastes, the best towels on Amazon are soft, absorbent, and hold up to many washes. Bring a touch of luxury to your shower routine with one of the best towels on Amazon.

Best Overall

Best Towels on Amazon Options: Qute Home 4-Piece Bath Towels Set

Made from 100 percent Turkish cotton, these plush bath towels from Qute Home add a touch of luxury to a post-shower routine. The 550 GSM weight feels plush to the touch but isn’t too heavy. Long, dense Turkish cotton fibers absorb well and dry quickly. Double-stitched hems ensure these towels stand up to daily use and many washes.

This four-piece set includes four standard bath towels that each measure 27 by 54 inches. The standard size, medium weight, and sturdy design make this towel set a good pick for everyday use. Available in several neutral tones and bright hues, these towels complement various bathroom styles and decors.


Best Towels on Amazon Options: Luxury White Bath Towels Large

White Classic’s elegant four-piece set adds the feel of a spa or resort to a home bathroom. Made of 100 percent cotton, these heavier, 700-GSM towels absorb water into their dense, fluffy pile. Reinforced, double-stitched hems prevent fraying and help withstand heavy use.

Each towel measures the standard 27 by 54 inches. Choose classic white to recreate the clean look of a luxury hotel or spa. The other dozen colors can complement a variety of bathroom decors. The line includes complimentary hand towels and washcloths, which are sold separately.

Best Bang for the Buck

Best Towels on Amazon Options: Utopia Towels Plum Towel Set

With eight towels, washcloths, and hand towels, this set from Utopia Towels is an affordable pick for filling a bathroom linen closet. Utopia’s set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths in rich plum. Each 100 percent cotton towel weighs 600 GSM, which gives it a plush feel. Ring-spun terry-cloth loops sop up water to leave skin feeling fresh and dry.

The bath towels come in a standard 27-by-54-inch size for a comfortable wrap out of the shower. The washcloths measure 12 by 12 and the hand towels 16 by 28.

Best Turkish Cotton

Best Towels on Amazon Options: Classic Turkish Towels Luxury Ribbed Bath Towels

A thick ribbed pattern gives these towels from Classic Turkish Towels a sumptuous feel. The ribs elevate the look of the towel and improve drying and airflow. Premium Turkish cotton feels plush, absorbs well, and dries in a reasonable amount of time.

This set includes two 100 percent Turkish cotton standard bath towels that weigh 620 GSM and measure 27 by 54 inches. Double-stitched hems ensure that these towels stand up to regular washing. Choose from clean white or other neutral and cool tones.

Best Egyptian Cotton

Best Towels on Amazon Options: Calla Angel Superior 1000 Gram Egyptian Cotton

Those looking for a luxurious texture should consider a 100 percent Egyptian cotton oversize towel from Calla Angel. Its long, soft fibers, which are the distinguishing characteristic of Egyptian cotton, feel sumptuous to the touch.

Dense, tightly woven loops create a smooth finish that absorbs water quickly and stands up to heavy use. Keep in mind that this thick towel may take longer to dry. Measuring 31 by 63 inches, the oversize towel comes in classic white with a simple embroidered logo.

Best Microfiber

Best Towels on Amazon Options: Jml Microfiber Bath Towels

Microfiber towels may feel less plush than their cotton counterparts, but that synthetic material can soak up an impressive amount of water and still dry fast. Made from 100 percent microfiber, these JML towels absorb up to seven times their weight in water. They’re not only good for everyday use, but these 400-GSM towels also are a lightweight option for travel, camping or the gym, pool, or beach.

The set includes two towels, measuring 30 by 60 inches, in a wide range of colors.

Best Waffle Weave

Best Towels on Amazon Options: 100% Cotton Quick-Dry Bath Towel Set

With a pretty lattice waffle weave, Great Bay Home’s textured bath towels deliver on both form and function. Made from 100 percent cotton, the detailed pattern with classic pique border brings a clean and modern look to the master or guest bath. The waffle weave texture and looped cotton material absorb well and dry quickly after each use.

This affordable four-piece set includes four standard bath towels that measure 30 by 52 inches and come in a choice of several subdued neutral tones. Great Bay’s line includes complementary hand towels and washcloths, which are sold separately.

Best Extra-Large

Best Towels on Amazon Options: 40x80 Inches Jumbo Size

Measuring 40 by 80 inches, this towel from Cotton Paradise looks more like a blanket than a bath towel. The extra-large bath sheet provides cozy and cushy comfort after a quick shower or a long bath.

Made of 100 percent Turkish cotton, the towel isn’t only large, it’s also fluffy and thick with a weight of 650 GSM. It may take longer to dry than lighter options. Choose from several colors, including white, navy, gray, and sage.

Best Set

Best Towels on Amazon Options: Welhome Franklin Premium 100% Cotton

Welhome’s pretty textured weave combines style and function. These 600-GSM towels come in a contemporary popcorn texture, which resembles a very small, rounded waffle weave. The result is a modern look with the absorbency of 100 percent cotton.

These towels meet “Made in Green” standards. They underwent tests for harmful substances and met sustainable manufacturing requirements for environmentally friendly and socially responsible working conditions.

This six-piece set includes two bath towels that measure 30 by 54 inches, two hand towels measuring 16 by 30 inches, and two washcloths that measure 13 by 13 inches. Choose from 14 different colors.

Also Consider

Best Towels on Amazon Options: Everplush Diamond Jacquard Quick Dry Bath Towel

Made from a blend of soft cotton and microfiber, this towel from Everplush brings together the best of both worlds in a soft diamond jacquard texture. For optimal drying, the towel features a looped cotton-blend fabric, which consists of an inner microfiber loop and outer cotton loop. The smart design provides the soft feel of cotton and the fast drying time of microfiber. Everplush’s towel or bath sheet can soak up eight times its weight in water and still dry fairly quickly.

This large bath towel measures 30 by 56 inches and also comes in a 35-by-66-inch bath sheet size. Choose from 10 bright and neutral colors.

FAQs About Towels From Amazon

Once you’ve chosen the best towels for your needs, proper cleaning and care help keep your towels soft and absorbent for years to come. Keep reading for some frequently asked questions and answers about choosing and maintaining towels.

Q. What is the best type of towel for me?

The best type of towel for your needs depends on your personal preferences and budget. Consider factors like the towel material, texture, size, weight, and design when making a choice.

Q. How do I wash microfiber towels?

Follow the manufacturer’s washing directions. In general, microfiber towels should be washed in cold or warm water (not hot) using a gentle detergent. Wash microfiber towels only with other microfiber towels—other fabric types can make the microfiber fibers less effective. Also avoid using fabric softeners, which can gunk up a towel’s fibers.

Q. How do hotels keep towels fluffy? 

First, they start with high-quality, fluffy towels with a higher GSM measurement (over 600 GSM is ideal). Hotels wash towels only with other towels to prevent lint transfer and use softer water, which usually makes fabric feel softer. They avoid ultra-high temperatures, which can damage fibers. Also, although it sounds counterintuitive, they usually avoid fabric softener, which can cause buildup on towels.