The Best Trash Can Cleaning Services of 2023

Even your trash bin needs a good cleaning every once and a while. Hiring one of the best trash can cleaning services will get yours looking and smelling like new.

By Tony Carrick | Updated Aug 24, 2023 9:26 AM

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The Best Trash Can Cleaning Services


The trash can and recycling bin spend their days up against the side of a home, and they may not be high on a homeowner’s list of priorities for cleaning. But maybe they should be. Since these cans are responsible for holding household kitchen waste and other garbage and recyclables, it doesn’t take long before they become covered in dirt and grime. And if they get funky enough, it’s almost impossible to ignore the odor they produce or the flies they draw, even when empty.

Plus, a dirty trash can is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, making the chore of taking out the trash fraught with danger. While it’s possible for one to clean a trash bin themselves, a trash can cleaning service is a better option. These services will coordinate with a homeowner’s trash day to clean the cans as needed. If taking out the trash feels like more of a chore than it should, it’s time to learn more about the best trash can cleaning services.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Bubbly Bins
  3. BEST IN THE SOUTH: The Can Man
  4. BEST ON THE WEST COAST: Coastal Bin Cleaning
  5. BEST IN NEW ENGLAND: New England Eco Wash
The Best Trash Can Cleaning Services Options


What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Trash Can Cleaning Services

Understanding how a service’s pricing works, how it schedules cleaning, and what neighborhoods it serves are all crucial when vetting the best trash can cleaning service. Ahead, learn more about these and other factors to consider before searching for “trash can cleaning service near me.”

Service Area and Scheduling

Trash can cleaning services vary in the way they schedule cleanings. While some may allow the customer to call and select a specific day for a cleaning, others follow a specific schedule for neighborhoods to maximize efficiency and minimize fuel costs. For example, a company may visit one neighborhood for trash can cleaning during the first week of the month and another on the second week of the month. Most companies will align their garbage cleaning service with the customer’s trash pickup day to ensure the can is empty for cleaning. Customers should call to determine how their home and address fits into the trash can cleaning service’s schedule. As with the service that empties the trash can, customers will rarely interact with the service’s technicians, who will clean the cans at the curb then send a notification to the customer that the job is done.


Pricing is typically based on the number of trash cans to be cleaned and the number of times a year they are cleaned. Most services charge a flat fee for one or two bins with a surcharge for each additional trash can. While many services will do one-time cleanings, most prefer their customers to get on a regular schedule. To incentivize biweekly or monthly plans, most companies will offer cheaper per-cleaning rates for those who choose to commit to regular service. Booking a one-time or once-a-year service will typically be more expensive per visit than regular services.

Licensing and Insurance

While there are no insurance or licensing requirements for trash can cleaning services, customers should check to make sure the cleaning service has the proper local business licenses and carries general liability insurance.

Customer Support

A good trash can cleaning company should have customer support capable of handling issues in the event a service is missed or the cleaning is subpar. While all trash can cleaning services are reachable by phone, some offer text and email customer support as well. A good company should guarantee their work and be willing to reclean the cans if the job is not satisfactory.

Our Top Picks

The list below represents some of the best trash can cleaning services in different parts of the country. Customers won’t want to miss out on these offerings when they’re looking for “trash can cleaners near me.”

Best Overall


Why It Made the Cut: Bubbly Bins thoroughly cleans trash cans and also deodorizes and treats them with bug repellent for ongoing freshness and fewer annoying pests.

Bubbly Bins’ services and special touches make it one of the top choices for Colorado customers looking for trash can cleaning. After cleaning, Bubbly Bins treats each trash can with bug repellent and a deodorizer to ensure cans are kept fresh until the next cleaning. In addition to one-time, bimonthly, and monthly cleanings, Bubbly Bins also offers reduced-rate touch-up cleaning for current customers who have had their bins cleaned by Bubbly Bins within the last 6 months. Bubbly Bins has a no-refund policy for its services if the customer is not satisfied; however, technicians will come out to redo the cleaning. Bubbly Bins offers flexible payment options that include debit or credit cards, Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, or cash.


  • Service area: Colorado
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Pricing: $50 for two bins for one-time service
  • Customer support: Phone, email, text


  • Natural bug repellent and deodorizer used post-cleaning
  • Touch-up cleanings available for existing customers
  • Five payment forms accepted


  • No refunds for billed cleanings

Best in the Midwest

The Best Trash Can Cleaning Services Option: 3A Eco Cans

Why It Made the Cut: 3A Eco Cans sets itself apart as a midwest service provider with its interactive website and convenient pricing.

Customers don’t need to wonder what to expect out of their trash can cleaning service with 3A Eco Cans, which provides service in the greater Toledo, Ohio, metropolitan area. The service’s website has an interactive before-and-after feature and a video of what an actual cleaning looks like. These features show customers exactly how trash can cleaning is performed, so they know what to expect and have more confidence in the service. Customers who sign up for quarterly or monthly plans must commit to at least three service appointments. However, a bonus is that 3A Eco Cans charges its customers using a flat rate that covers two cans, which is useful considering that most people have a trash can and a recycling can.


  • Service area: Ohio
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Pricing: $55 for one-time cleaning for two bins
  • Customer support: Phone, email


  • Additional trash can cleaning free of charge
  • Interactive online before-and-after feature


  • Customers on monthly or quarterly plans must commit to at least three service appointments

Best in the South

The Best Trash Can Cleaning Services Option: The Can Man

Why It Made the Cut: The Can Man requires no contracts and offers affordable prices for its regular service plans.

The Can Man provides affordable regular service plans for trash can cleaning, making it an ideal choice for those who live in the greater San Antonio, Texas, area. The company offers bimonthly, monthly, and quarterly options for up to two cans along with one-time cleaning visits. Monthly cleanings cost just $21.99 per visit. The Can Man also doesn’t require any contracts or advance payments: Customers aren’t charged until after the cleaning is completed, and they can cancel service at any time. While the website’s automatic scrolling feature can be somewhat challenging to navigate, customers can opt to schedule service online or over the phone.


  • Service area: Texas
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Pricing: $55 for one-time cleaning for two bins
  • Customer support: Phone, email


  • No contracts or advance payments required
  • Relatively affordable monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly plans


  • Website is somewhat user-unfriendly

Best on the West Coast

The Best Trash Can Cleaning Services Option: Coastal Bin Cleaning

Why It Made the Cut: Coastal Bin Cleaning offers streamlined online scheduling and sends reminders so customers remember to put out their cans.

Coastal Bin Cleaning, which provides trash can cleaning services in California, offers a convenient, intuitive online scheduling platform that makes it a breeze to obtain ongoing or one-time cleaning. Customers should note, however, that some web pages are missing and links are broken, so the website may be a little challenging to navigate. Coastal Bin Cleaning’s service plans include monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly options. One standout feature is that customers receive automated notifications the day before and the day of the trash cleaning service, reminding them to put out their cans and ensuring that they never miss a service.


  • Service area: California
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Pricing: $50 for two bins for one-time service
  • Customer support: Phone


  • Automated reminders on the days before and of service
  • Convenient, streamlined online scheduling


  • Some website pages are missing

Best in New England

The Best Trash Can Cleaning Services Option: New England Eco Wash

Why It Made the Cut: New England Eco Wash uses EPA-certified cleaning technology to clean and decontaminate trash cans.

Given that the company also specializes in commercial decontamination, it’s little wonder that New England Eco Wash, serving Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, offers some of the best cleaning technology in the Northeast. Its trucks use OMRI-listed organic cleaning agents that minimize impact on the environment, along with SteraMist technology to effectively eliminate pathogens. Wastewater goes back into the truck to ensure nothing harmful enters the local water supply. New England Eco Wash does not offer one-time service; frequency options are annually, monthly, or quarterly. The online booking platform can be tricky to use, but customers can also schedule service via phone.


  • Service area: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Pricing: $79.99 for two bins for annual service
  • Customer support: Phone, email, live chat


  • SteraMist technology eliminates contaminants quickly and efficiently
  • Cleaning products are OMRI listed for organic use


  • Online booking form can be somewhat user-unfriendly
  • One-time services not available

Our Verdict

Bubbly Bins offers standout services and flexible payment options, making it one of the best trash can cleaning services on the market. Those in the Midwest can take advantage of 3A Eco Cans and its two-for-one pricing.

How We Chose the Best Trash Can Cleaning Services

The trash can cleaning services we selected for our list only serve smaller regions or metropolitan areas. Therefore, our selection represents some of the best services for their respective parts of the country, including some of the results customers might find when searching online for “trash bin cleaning near me.” We used a variety of criteria to narrow our list of the top trash can cleaning services in each region. Scheduling and rate options are crucial when making a selection, so we chose services with competitive rates and options to suit different customers’ needs, including monthly, quarterly, and annual cleanings. Since trash can cleaning is a service many customers may not be familiar with, we chose companies that provide transparency and information to benefit consumers.

Before You Use One of the Best Trash Can Cleaning Services

Since trash can cleaning services aren’t particularly well known among consumers, it’s important to consider a few factors before hiring one. One of the most crucial factors is coordinating the cleaning service with the customer’s trash pickup day. A trash can cleaning company won’t be able to provide service if a customer’s cans are full, so cleaning services should happen as soon as possible after trash is collected. Customers will also want to check online reviews to determine if the company’s cleaning services are satisfactory. Since these companies have varying payment policies, customers should read through that policy prior to hiring a service. Some companies only accept specific forms of payment, and some companies require the payment is made in full before service is provided.

Cost of Using One of the Best Trash Can Cleaning Services

Since trash can cleaning services are offered regionally or in certain metropolitan areas according to the frequency of visits, rates can vary based on the market. That said, customers can expect to pay between $50 and $80 for a one-time service to clean two bins. Trash can cleaning services that offer monthly cleanings typically charge between $22 and $35 a month, while quarterly services typically run between $37 and $65 per quarter. While one can choose to clean their own trash cans, a DIY cleaning likely won’t match the quality of a professional one. Trash can cleaning services use specialized machines with hot, pressurized water that are able to clean, disinfect, and deodorize more thoroughly and efficiently than a homeowner can using a garden hose or even a power washer. These professional cleaners take roughly 30 seconds, and they also collect and properly dispose of the wastewater to ensure it’s not entering local waterways.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Trash Can Cleaning Services

Using a good trash can cleaning service has several advantages. By keeping one’s trash can clean, there’s less chance of bacteria forming around the trash can lid, posing a hazard to anyone who takes out the trash. Trash cans are also often in close proximity to outdoor living spaces and even windows, and an unclean trash can creates foul odors that can make their way into the home and attract insects to the area. While one can clean a trash can on their own, the process is not easy. A simple garden hose typically doesn’t have enough pressure to thoroughly clean a trash can, requiring the homeowner to either scrub it manually or use a pressure washer, which can potentially damage the trash can without effectively removing all the germs or odors.

  • Professional trash can cleaning kills bacteria that residents would otherwise come into contact with.
  • Trash can cleaning eliminates foul odors that invade a home’s indoor and outdoor living spaces.
  • Trash can cleaning services save customers time and hassle.


Still some lingering questions on trash can cleaning? Read on for answers to some of the most common queries.

Q. What is the best way to clean a trash can?

The best way to clean a trash can is to hire a service to do it. Professional trash can cleaning is the most thorough and time-effective way to handle trash can cleaning.

However, for a budget-friendly method, you can create a solution of vinegar, dish soap and water. Apply this solution to the trash can’s interior and scrub the can with a toilet brush to loosen any dirt or grime. Spray the interior with a disinfectant, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then rinse the can out with a garden hose and sprayer attachment.

Q. How often should garbage containers be cleaned?

To prevent grime and dirt from building up on the trash can’s interior, it’s a good idea to clean

the trash can at least twice a year in the spring and the fall. More frequent cleanings mean fewer odors and less dirt and grime buildup.

Q. How long does it take to clean a trash can?

How long it takes to clean a trash can depends on how big the trash can is and the cleaning method. Professional trash can cleaning takes less than a minute. Cleaning one of the best kitchen trash cans or one of the best touchless trash cans yourself may take a few minutes.