The Best Wind Chimes

Wind chimes bring a magical sound and whimsical touch to patios, gardens, and other outdoor spaces.

Best Overall

The Best Wind Chimes Option: Woodstock Chimes Amazing Grace Medium Chime

Woodstock Chimes Amazing Grace Medium Chime

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Wind Chimes Option: SuninYo Memorial Wind Chimes

SuninYo Memorial Wind Chimes

Most Colorful

The Best Wind Chimes Option: Blue Handworks Santa Fe Glass Chime

Blue Handworks Santa Fe Glass Chime

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Wind chimes aren’t just decorations; they elevate an outdoor space. The best wind chimes are part artwork and part percussive instrument, but they don’t all sound alike. Their melodies can be tranquil and calm, or playful and lively. Either way, wind chimes add a mood-lifting touch to a patio, garden, balcony, or porch.

The best wind chimes have a pleasant sound, an appealing design, and can stand up to the elements. Start the search for this outdoor accessory with the following shopping advice and recommendations as well as some of the top picks currently on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Woodstock Chimes Amazing Grace Medium Chime
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: SuninYo Memorial Wind Chimes
  3. MOST COLORFUL: Blue Handworks Santa Fe Glass Chime
  4. BEST SOLAR: DesGully Sun Solar Wind Chime
  5. BEST SMALL: Arlmont & Co. Jamarion Solar Mobile Wind Chime
  6. BEST LARGE: Astarin Deep Tuned Series Wind Chimes
  7. BEST DECORATIVE: Kooalo Agate Slices Wind Chime
  8. BEST WOODEN: Nalulu Classic Bamboo Wind Chime
  9. BEST SEASHELL: Bellaa Capiz Shell Wind Chimes
  10. BEST MELODY: Epartswide Wind Chimes
  11. BEST DUAL-USE: Woodmusic Birdhouse Bamboo Wood Chimes
The best wind chimes option in the foreground with a woman sitting on an outdoor patio playing a guitar in the background

How We Chose the Best Wind Chimes

Adding a soft tune to your front porch, lawn space, or porch can provide calm and ambience, day or night. Many of the wind chimes in our top picks are made with different sound preferences in mind with the added benefit of strong construction, different aesthetic styles, and weather-resistant capabilities.

Some of the above options are made with aluminum or wood construction that can withstand high winds, rain, and light abrasions with ease while also creating soothing sounds or tunes. Some of these picks also have light seashell construction or are made with sustainable bamboo for the eco-conscious consumer. Regardless of material, we chose aesthetically pleasing picks. We also kept affordability in mind, choosing several budget-friendly picks that still look expensive.

Finally, some of the above options come with all of the hanging hardware included or additional attachments like birdhouses. However, please be conscious of the length and weight that some of these chimes achieve when hung, as some reach up to 48 inches long and over 6 pounds in weight.

Our Top Picks

Wind chimes can transform an outdoor living space with their lovely melody. They contribute both a design and sound element to the decor. The best wind chimes ahead are aesthetically pleasing, lovely to listen to, and durable enough to withstand inclement weather.

Best Overall

Woodstock Chimes Amazing Grace Medium Chime

Woodstock Chimes creates high-quality, musically tuned wind chimes. This wind chime has a classic look. The top is made of ash wood with a cherry finish. The six silver aluminum tubes are hand tuned to the opening notes of “Amazing Grace.” This wind chime produces a clear and light sound that is uplifting and pleasant.

Woodstock Chimes are made from weather- and rust-resistant materials. These Woodstock chimes hang at 24 inches. A unique feature is the wooden sail, which can be removed to engrave or customize.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Tubular
  • Chime tone: Metal
  • Weather resistance: Heavy


  • Musically tuned to the notes of “Amazing Grace”
  • Made with durable ash wood and rust-resistant aluminum tubes
  • Wooden sail is removable for easier customization


  • Does not include a hook for hanging

Get the Woodstock Chimes wind chimes at Amazon, The Home Depot (bronze), Woodstock Chimes, or Wayfair (bronze).

Best Bang for the Buck

SuninYo Memorial Wind Chimes

The SuninYo Memorial wind chimes feature a substantial size, decorative look, and durable materials for a very budget-friendly price. This wind chime is a classic tubular pick, with a wood construction and metal chimes. It’s made of pine, which is weather- and wear-resistant, strung together with sturdy nylon rope and with rust-resistant aluminum alloy tubes.

Thes chimes measure 26 inches long from top to bottom. Since its tubes are different sizes, it creates a multinote metallic chime tone when the wind blows through. An S-hook is included for hanging, so this chime can be set up right out of the box. Since it’s lightweight, this chime is very responsive to even light winds and can be hung from most surfaces like a porch awning or a tree branch.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Tubular
  • Chime tone: Metal
  • Weather resistance: Heavy


  • Quality weather-resistant materials for a budget-friendly price
  • Easy to hang and responsive to wind because of its lightweight build
  • Includes an S-hook for hanging


  • Some reviewers find the chime sound tinny

Get the SuninYo wind chimes at Amazon.

Most Colorful

Blue Handworks Santa Fe Glass Chime

A colorful wind chime can add a burst of color to a garden without the need to plant flowers. The Blue Handworks Santa Fe glass chime comes in a variety of color options, ranging from rainbow to various cool or warm tones. We love the muted but colorful Santa Fe design, which has a mix of warm-toned colors interrupted by pops of blue.

This wind chime measures 16 inches in height and is handcrafted using sandblasted glass, which is powder coated to protect its finish. The leaf-shaped glass pieces are strung using thin string on a piece of driftwood. The glass pieces make a pleasant, light twinkling sound when a gust blows through. The materials give this wind chime its pretty and delicate look but also make it less durable than some other picks on our list. Period application of a sealer (such as polyurethane) is recommended to keep the chime’s colorful finish.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Decorative
  • Chime tone: Glass
  • Weather resistance: Moderate


  • Bright and cheerful color options
  • Handcrafted out of sandblasted glass and collected driftwood
  • Makes a delicate and pleasant twinkling noise due to high number of glass pieces


  • Occasional sealer application is recommended to maintain the glass finish
  • Color can fade over time, especially in harsh weather conditions

Get the Blue Handworks wind chimes at Amazon.

Best Solar

DesGully Sun Solar Wind Chime

Beautiful in the day and night, the DesGully Sun Solar wind chime is a gorgeous wind chime pick for homes that use their outdoor spaces well into the evening. This sun-inspired option just looks like a regular wind chime. It features a sun decoration (which holds the LED light) and a metal tubular chime section.

During the day, this chime uses a solar panel to harness the power of the sun. DesGully recommends 6 hours of charge time in direct sunlight. At night, the LED crackle glass ball inside the sun lights up automatically. Creating a light pattern through the metal sun decoration, it casts a warm glow for a cozy garden or patio ambience into the night. This wind chime is large: It measures 42 inches from top to bottom, so it will need sufficient space to hang.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Tubular
  • Chime tone: Metal
  • Weather resistance: Heavy


  • Sun-inspired design is charming and atmospheric
  • Casts a warm patterned LED light that is ideal for setting a relaxed mood
  • Built-in light sensor automatically turns on the light as night falls


  • Requires direct sunlight for the battery to charge

Get the DesGully wind chimes at Amazon.

Best Small

Arlmont u0026 Co. Jamarion Solar Mobile Wind Chime

If you have a small porch or space to put a wind chime on, it can be hard to find a petite option to fit these outdoor areas. The Jamarion solar mobile wind chime can satisfy that need as it is just small enough to fit above a ledge on a balcony or porch at 26.5 inches in height.

These beautiful wind chimes come in the shape of adorable hummingbirds made out of a durable plastic material. They look beautiful and make a slight sound every time the wind blows. Plus, the hummingbird-shaped pendants have solar-powered LED illumination to glow throughout the night, providing a subtle green-and-red glow to an outdoor space.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Decorative
  • Chime tone: Acrylic
  • Weather resistance: Moderate


  • Distinctive and charming design, with hummingbird-shaped chimes
  • Durable plastic construction is water-resistant
  • Solar-powered LED illumination brightens up the chime into the night


  • Makes a very muted sound due to plastic chimes

Get the Arlmont & Co. wind chimes at Wayfair.

Best Large

Astarin Deep Tuned Series Wind Chimes

At 48 inches long, these larger chimes sound deeper, richer, and more resonant than shorter chimes. This chime is tuned to the E pentatonic scale for a gentle melodic sound. The weather-resistant finish will stand up to very windy weather in an outdoor space.

The metal five-tube design makes this wind chime an option for cultivating good feng shui: You can use the wind chimes for feng shui adjustments to shift energy and bring the metal element into the home. Five-tube wind chimes can represent the five elements that are important to feng shui: earth, metal, wood, fire, and water.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Tubular
  • Chime tone: Metal
  • Weather resistance: Heavy


  • Strong aluminum tubes and 2 beechwood sails
  • Made with a weather-resistant finish for long-term use
  • Tuned to the E pentatonic scale for calming sounds
  • Comes with all hanging hardware for ease of installation


  • Extra care needs to be taken for installation due to large size and heavy weight

Get the Astarin wind chimes at Amazon or Astarin Chimes.

Best Decorative

Kooalo Agate Slices Wind Chime

This wind chime is made in Brazil from handcrafted slices of blue agate stone. Even a gentle breeze will get these lightweight chimes moving. They make a soft, tinkling sound.

The stone pieces, suspended with durable semitransparent fishing lines, appear to float. Because the inside of an agate stone has a unique pattern, each wind chime is a one-of-a-kind piece that brings a beautiful slice of nature to the home. These chimes hang 26 inches long in total.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Decorative
  • Chime tone: Stone
  • Weather resistance: Moderate


  • Robust design; handcrafted blue agate stone and fishline construction
  • Soft, twinkling sounds due to thin agate slices
  • Versatile construction; suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Some reviewers note the chime arrived with broken or tangled strings

Get the Kooalo wind chimes at Amazon.

Best Wooden

Nalulu Classic Bamboo Wind Chime

Nalulu’s classic wind chime is handcrafted from sustainable bamboo. Sales help support local artisans in Indonesia. The classic wind chime shape and dark wood color make this a subtle choice that will fit in with many different types of decor. This chime has a soothing and gentle tone that is ideal for relaxing.

Each wind chime has six bamboo tubes, and the entire chime hangs 42 inches. The nylon string and varnished bamboo can withstand even heavy outdoor conditions. Bamboo is an easy-to-produce renewable resource, and Nalulu sources sustainable bamboo to create these eco-friendly chimes.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Tubular
  • Chime tone: Wooden
  • Weather resistance: Heavy


  • Made with sustainable, biodegradable bamboo and durable nylon string
  • Includes a sturdy stainless steel hook for hanging
  • Hollow bamboo chimes create a deep and rich sound


  • Needs a fairly heavy wind to move the chimes and create sound

Get the Nalulu wind chimes at Amazon.

Best Seashell

Bellaa Capiz Shell Wind Chimes

The rainbow-coloured capiz seashells in this chime sound as delicate as they look. Each Bellaa wind chime is handmade with eco-friendly seashells and a bamboo base. This chime creates a light, tinkling sound that is quieter than most metal or bamboo chimes. The tone is relaxing and airy. Each seashell is held with a thin string to create the illusion that it’s floating.

The rainbow colors and subtle look make it a pretty decoration for indoor and outdoor spaces. It hangs 26.96 inches long.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Decorative
  • Chime tone: Seashells
  • Weather resistance: Moderate


  • Made out of natural and eco-friendly shells and bamboo
  • Quieter than many other chimes; ideal for those who are sensitive to noise
  • Comes in multiple bright colorways to suit home decor


  • May not be suitable for particularly windy weather conditions

Get the Bellaa wind chimes at Amazon.

Best Melody

Epartswide Wind Chimes

Constructed like a winding staircase, the Epartswide wind chimes are beautiful to look at and hear as they are expertly tuned and their metal chime tone is light and airy. Made with 18 aluminum-alloy tubes of varying sizes, sturdy string, and a weather-resistant wood top plate, this option is 36 inches in length, making it perfect for most indoor and outdoor spaces.

For ease of use, this pick also comes with 3 stainless steel multiuse hooks of various sizes to position this chime at just the right height. Plus, the hooks provide this unit with 360-degree rotation.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Tubular
  • Chime tone: Metal
  • Weather resistance: Moderate


  • Expertly tuned construction, with 18 aluminum tube chimes in various sizes
  • Elegant design; made to look like a winding staircase
  • Includes 3 stainless steel hanging hook sizes for flexible positioning


  • Thinner string construction may only supply moderate weather resistance

Get the Epartswide wind chimes at Amazon.

Best Dual-Use

Woodmusic Birdhouse Bamboo Wood Chimes

Very few wind chimes on the market offer dual functionality, but the Woodmusic wood chimes offer two big essentials that every yard should have: a birdhouse and a wind chime. Due to its lightweight construction, it can be hung from a porch or even from a tree and measures 35 inches long.

Unlike some other wind chimes, this model is made with naturally weather- and insect-resistant bamboo; provides a light, soothing chime when the wind blows; and has a small wooden-frame birdhouse on top. It also comes with a hanging hook and nylon strings for ample durability.

Product Specs 

  • Type: Tubular
  • Chime tone: Wood
  • Weather resistance: Heavy


  • Includes a birdhouse and wind chime in 1 charming unit
  • Lightweight build means it can be hung almost anywhere
  • Bamboo chime sound is soft and soothing, so it shouldn’t frighten birds


  • Birdhouse is too small for many bird species—it’s designed for hummingbirds

Get the Woodmusic wind chimes at Amazon.

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What to Consider When Choosing Wind Chimes

Wind chimes add a great finishing touch to the perfect outdoor space. They produce a soothing sound and come in a variety of styles, sizes, designs, and materials. Whether you are looking for a soothing baritone sound or you want to hear “Amazing Grace” on your porch each morning, the best wind chimes for you will be durable, sound pleasant to your ear, look attractive, and suit your style.


The type of wind chime and the materials that go into it affect the way it looks and sounds. Some popular wind chime types include:

  • Tubular chimes: These are the most common type of wind chimes. The chimes themselves are shaped like tubes or rods and come in a range of materials, including metal and bamboo.
  • Bell chimes: As the name suggests, they include bells in their design. Some bell chimes incorporate a mix of chimes and bells. Others are exclusively composed of bells. Either way, they make a lovely, light tinkling sound.
  • Decorative chimes: These are as much about decoration as they are about sound. Examples include glass and seashell chimes, which both reflect light and sound pleasant.
  • Celebration and memorial chimes: This type often includes personalized engraving options and provides a meaningful way to honor a loved one or commemorate an important day.
  • Gong chimes: These are distinct in both their look and sound. They feature a metal (often brass) gong with a wooden clapper. When struck, they sound like a gong.

Chime Tone

The design, shape, size, and material of high-quality wind chimes contribute to their tone. The material is the main factor that affects a wind chime’s sound.

Common materials include metal, wood, bamboo, glass, earthenware, seashells, stone, and porcelain. Each wind chime material has a unique tone.

  • Metal: Metal wind chimes make a clear, piercing sound. A unique feature of tubular metal chimes is that they can be tuned to musical notes. These metal tubes can run the range from low and calming notes to bright higher notes.
  • Wood and bamboo: Wood and bamboo wind chimes make a hollow, clunky sound. Their mellow tone sounds more like an echo than a chime.
  • Glass, seashells, and stone: Glass, seashell, or stone chimes make a light tinkling sound. Their tone is more delicate and does not carry as far as that of metal chimes.

Volume and Clarity

A wind chime’s material and size can also affect its sound clarity and volume. Metal produces a sharp, crisp tone. Some metal wind chimes may also play specific musical notes. Wood, bamboo, and glass, on the other hand, create subtler tones. Bamboo and wood, in particular, make a dull sound.

Hollow chimes produce a sound that carries further than that of solid chimes. That’s because hollow tubing allows for more vibration, which emits a louder and longer sound. Metal or bamboo tubes are often louder than styles that use flat shapes.

Chime Duration

Chime duration depends on both the material and design of the wind chimes. The longer the material vibrates, the longer the sound will last. Wooden and bamboo wind chimes often make a brief noise. Metal chimes, especially hollow metal chimes, vibrate easily and create a longer sound.

The weight of the sail—the piece that hangs from the chime’s center cord—can also affect chime duration. Sensitive wind chimes with a light sail will jingle in the slightest breeze. It only takes a little movement in the air to get these chimes going…and going. A heavier sail makes for less sensitive wind chimes. Because these wind chimes take more wind to get moving, they will be quieter on calm days.

Note Variety

Metal wind chimes can produce specific musical notes. Some are tuned to play known songs.

The more tubes on a wind chime, the more notes it can play. More tubes also provide more spots for the clapper (the piece that hits the chimes) to strike. That results in greater variation in sounds. Tube size also affects the note and the tone of the wind chimes. Longer tubes have a lower pitch and fuller tones. Shorter tubes have a higher pitch and sharper tones.

Extra Features

Wind chimes are decorative. A variety of creative and unique designs can be found to match a garden and patio decor. Chimes can also be found that are made from recycled materials like wine bottles, which have a unique look and sound. Glass and crystal chimes are popular decorations because they reflect sunlight.

Wind chimes can also have additional decorative or functional elements, like an attached wind catcher, birdhouse, or solar lights to light up the chime at night. Celebration and memorial wind chimes can often be customized with engravings. This adds a meaningful, personal touch to a wind chime.


Wind chimes are made to withstand the weather. Of course, they will still deteriorate over time, so it’s important to choose durable materials. Some are available in rust- and rotproof metal and wood. Monofilament, nylon, and braided strings can withstand some heavy weather too.

Placement is also key to protecting wind chimes from the elements. A covered porch will offer protection from rain or possible color fading from direct sunlight, but it’s best to take chimes inside during heavy storms and below-freezing winters.

Properly treated metal, bamboo, and wooden chimes can last a long time. Chimes made from glass or seashells may be more fragile; they can break in extreme winds but won’t rust or rot.


The best wind chimes are a simple and unique decoration that are easy to install and use. They make a lovely addition to your garden or as a gift for garden lovers in your life. The most difficult part may be choosing one. Below are some questions to consider when choosing a wind chime.

Q. How do I choose a wind chime?

The most important factor to consider when choosing wind chimes is that they sound pleasant to you. Next, consider the style and durability. While most shoppers want to place their wind chimes outside, indoor or indoor/outdoor options are also available.

Q. Do wind chimes scare birds?

Wind chimes can scare birds away. But over time, birds may become used to the chimes and return to your garden. It depends on the sound that your wind chimes make and the birds in your area.

Q. How many chimes should a wind chime have?

The number of chimes can vary from model to model. Fewer chimes can result in a simple melody, while more chimes create a more complex sound. However, the average wind chime will have between 6 and 9 chimes on its construction.

Q. Where should you hang wind chimes?

Hang wind chimes wherever a gentle breeze can provide a light twinkling effect. Experiment with different areas to find a spot that’s not too still but not too windy.

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