Bob Vila Radio: Container Gardens

There’s nothing quite as fresh as food that you grow in your own backyard. You may think your soil is too poor for a kitchen garden, or that you don’t have enough room for one. But almost anyone can grow herbs and vegetables in a kitchen container garden. All you really need is sunshine—at least five to six hours a day. If you have a nice sunny spot outside your house, you can start planning your container garden.

container gardening



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Make a list of the vegetables and herbs your family likes to eat, then research the space each one needs. Pay attention to both the root depth and spacing requirements of the fully grown plants. Some large vegetables and trailing plants just won’t work in containers.

Next, select containers that are big enough for the plants you’d like to grow. You don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy raised beds. Almost any container will do – even repurposed coffee cans will work, as long as they’re the right size for the plants and have holes poked at the bottom for drainage. Be sure to choose a container that’s deep enough. A containter that’s too shallow will result in stunted plants.

You’ll really need to keep up on the watering, since containers dry out quickly. All that watering leaches nutrients from the soil, so you’ll need to fertilize frequently.

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